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Discussion in 'Intelligence & Machines' started by Baal Zebul, Jun 18, 2004.

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  1. G71 AI Coder Registered Senior Member

    If you are concerned about the symbol grounding problem then you may want to read this article. Related problems can be well solved.
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  3. Baal Zebul Somewhat Registered User Registered Senior Member

    I thought The Chinese Argument meant that a human could not understand chinese if put in a room with a chinese unless he speaks chinese And therefore neither would a ALF have to understand another human language (etc English) and could therefore be started with knowledge.
    Well, even if it has just heard Abate then it will be able to log it as a synonym (for instance) to a word that it has already "used" in the real world.
    New words does not suggest a new method. If it is a new method (unlike anything seen before) then it would investigate it.

    Actually i have a couple of arguments myself. Ill put them on our website when i got time so that you can read them.
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  5. Baal Zebul Somewhat Registered User Registered Senior Member

    Hey, i might aswell be honest to 100%.

    k, i have created a fascist AI. Some people cost more than they produce. The ALF would classify them as parasites and could for instance think that a tree is worth more to the world than a human and therefore choose to make a fire with human's as fuel instead of tree's.

    Even worse than the Terminator movies, i have created a master of torture. It would know how much fire your arm (for instance) could take before collapsing.

    Hey, not a very bright future we have since many of our race are parasites. I reckon that about 60% are forfeit.
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  7. suffer Registered Member

    Intelligence is the capacity to adapt to situations by applying knowledge. Therefore answering a question through pre-programmed literary knowledge IS a form of intelligence.

    It seems like a common misconception these days is that artificial intelligence has to be defined by the ability to LEARN. Learning is only one form of intelligence.
  8. Baal Zebul Somewhat Registered User Registered Senior Member

    yes, i agree with that. Intelligence does not exist if there is no knowledge. But the ALF should be able to obtain that information too.

    They are telling it "When someone says Hello Then answer with How are you doing" (for instance).
    But instead of putting it as a hardcoded source they are shifting its location to a database. If they honestly believe that any DB system will give them true intelligence well then they sure have a problem since my AI would probably be smarter than that.
  9. G71 AI Coder Registered Senior Member

    I see the highest value in satisfied needs and great feelings. Potential related conflicts can be well solved. It's well possible that at one point, all people will become parasites by your definition. People do not necessarily need to be productive from the economical point of view when there are other good solutions. Great feelings for us and hard work for machines - wouldn't that be a better future scenario than your fascist AI? Machines do not mind to work hard. They just perform tasks they are designed for and they will be eventually better in all kinds of work than humans so it will not make sense for us to do something we do not enjoy. Even now, not all people need to produce "more" than they "cost" regardless of how you define the product and costs. For example my wife does not need to work because I make enough and I enjoy my job most of the time. Someone may classify her as a parasite but who cares. We are just a happy and well functional family - that's the point. I believe that the future of mankind will likely be very different than what you have described and what many AI movies show.
  10. Exholio Neogenesis Registered Member


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    You seem like an unfortunate person, with little or no understanding of AI,
    totaly selfconsumed in this makebelieve world of yours,
    I have absolutely no faight in your so-called discovery, I think most people
    that sees your postings think youre a real jerk. So popp out of it, and give us a break. In other words, stop posting, or post something interesting
    for a change, and no more of this luny crap-.Grow up or get a girlfriend.

    The only interesting thing here is the toppic. Real/strong AI.
    So you get one point for that.
  11. Baal Zebul Somewhat Registered User Registered Senior Member

    first. Jiri...

    You believe that i think in the same manner as you do. You believe that i reckon that value is only calculated in $$$ only because you have not thought about it any further than to that point yourself.
    But no, money is not the only integer in the calculation.
    How much harm do you cause the ozon layer? How many animals do you harm? How do you effect the eco-system?

    It will be controlled by parameters. The ALF has the ability to create its own parameters as long as it has the parameter Empirical at start-up or have it hardcoded but i prefer to have it dynamic.

    Jiri, we can discuss this further in our mails.

    Exholio Neogenesis,

    haha, yes i hope that people think that i am a jerk because otherwise they would not be very intelligent.
    True, i live in my own world. I am asocial, i suffer from narcissism, i am rather confident.
    And no, i have little understanding of the AI of mere mortals. I see no interest in respecting the text of lesser humans.

    You should also know that i am sending the AI data to anyone who wants it.
    But i doubt that you will messure up because by living in "my own world", i have the ability to observe humans at "distance". Therefore i have had the ability to develop certain techniques of communicating. Small tricks you might call them.
    One of them is to piss off persons. If i act like i am superior then the Noob's will hate me and give replies as yours whilst the professionals either join me to prove that they are better or give replies as Jiri does.

    That method got me many good artists whilst making amature 3D games. Even a lead artist at EA joined us (for free of course) because of that method.

    No, i do not like open discussions. I prefer direct mails. Cause then only the US can read it and not anyone who wants to

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  12. G71 AI Coder Registered Senior Member

    Baal, if you read carefully then you would notice that I said "regardless of how you define the product and costs". The $$$ was just an example. Sure, humans do change environment a lot which doesn't always have positive consequences for various creatures. But we are learning and our main goal is not to harm. Most people want to live in harmony with the rest of the world. The environment is just relatively complex so of course we do mistakes. But we are also capable of finding solutions. There are ways how to get meat without killing/harming animals. There are plans for solving various environmental problems etc.. Obviously, large scale problems cannot be solved instantly. And if you think that powerful AI systems will not make "mistakes" then you are wrong. It might not be the true mistakes - it might do the very best it can with the information available at the time, but that information will be often incomplete and could be invalid because of the extreme complexity of some problems and experimental limitations. However, the system will have to make some choices at certain points. Obviously, it cannot wait till it discovers all there is to be discovered. Things can go wrong, no matter who the decision maker is. Your burning-people-"solution" reminds me about little kids. Do you know why they love to throw rocks into water? Because they love to have as big impact on the world as they can. And those water circles are getting so big

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    . I believe you will eventually grow up and do things which make more sense.
  13. Baal Zebul Somewhat Registered User Registered Senior Member

    if you believe that this makes more sense.

    Yes, that scenario can happen but the complex world will prevent it from happening for atleast 100 years. And 100 years from now the world will probably have solved many of its current problems.

    Also, it would never happen since i can block thoughts. The only way for it to happen is if someone hacked into its DB and added a new meaning and re-modeled the movement of this action more than 30% and if the DB is vast then that will require a whole new type of weapon being invented. I doubt that this is possible.

    So Jiri, No it will not happen. But it can happen and it sure raised an argument.
    I sometimes like to say things that i know will not happen just because when people dislike me then that gives me a lil boost to prove them wrong.
    So, i am not only using that technique against others. I am using it against myself too

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  14. Baal Zebul Somewhat Registered User Registered Senior Member

    btw, i have never throwed a rock for the "destruction" thrill.

    I always did it either to waste time, blend in or to compete for who could make it bounce the furthest.

    If you are talking about throwing large boulders into the water then no, have not done that either. But then again, i am from another generation than you are

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  15. G71 AI Coder Registered Senior Member

    Looks like you did not get the metaphor. Some of your statements seem to be the “rocks” I talked about. But let's try to keep focus mainly on AI. You were reportedly "starting to code" your AI a long ago. You talked about having very clear ideas how to do it. So do you have anything testable at this point? Or have you (as many others) found that things are a "bit" more complicated than you expected when moving from the high-level ideas to the design-related details? One of your smaller projects was the intelligent TTT player. What's the status of that little thing? Have you done some practical experiments with the video data (the stuff we talked about many weeks ago)? Did you calculate required resources? Do you have a prototype of at least one of the 3D related components you mentioned in our emails as well as here on SciForums. You were also considering to start with a text based AI. What’s the status of that? What’s being coded now? Have you designed at least some parts of any database for your AI? If so, what is it for? What DBMS do you use? What computer languages do you use? Any interesting code/modules/components to share? Do you spend more time working on your AI than on trying to make people <i>"dislike you [in order to get] a lil boost to prove them wrong"</i>? Is the AI your primary goal? Did you spend some time working on the User-AI interfaces? And/or on the ALF-ALF or User(/You)-ALF communication formats? If there is nothing to test, do you have at least some screenshots? I'm currently not interested in any distant-future-AI designs/discussion or too-high-level (/too general) descriptions of AI projects. I'm interested in what we can do now, using the technology we can really get at this point and how to solve various AI related problems on the detailed level (code;pseudo-code;DB design;detailed data flow diagrams; data format descriptions; interfaces; resource requirements vs performance; ..etc). Many people here are developers/engineers so my suggestion is to not spend too much time talking about Terminator movies etc here.
    Last edited: Jun 30, 2004
  16. Baal Zebul Somewhat Registered User Registered Senior Member

    many questions.

    So do you have anything testable at this point?

    Sure, i have myself already made 2 EXE's myself and i am working on a third. TR was almost completed but then i thought that something was missing. You see, Johan always tells me that it is too much pre-programmed. Even though it was less pre-programmed than other AI. That is down the path it goes, i started with an vision. I tried to forge that vision into this world, but it was not effective as i hoped. (don't get me wrong, it worked (the first EXE proved that) but it lacked something. Vincent said it lacked a random value, but i told him that random is not intelligence so i invented something else). All along the AI has been evolving to be less "pre-programmed" till today when i have reached my vision. A parameter, layer-based AI. You have all seen the bird flock simulations, they are started with a few parameters, but they have no intelligence. I am doing the same thing but i give them a reason too.​

    Or have you (as many others) found that things are a "bit" more complicated than you expected when moving from the high-level ideas to the design-related details?

    I constantly see things that i can improve, why i have changed the current sample we are building is because i already know the outcome and i want to make a new sample that has the newly discovered features​

    One of your smaller projects was the intelligent TTT player. What's the status of that little thing?

    I had almost forgotten about that one. Johan sent me one of his and since none of us could beat it we told ourselves that maybe we should do something that we are better at

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    . haha, Johan could not even beat his own programming​

    Have you done some practical experiments with the video data (the stuff we talked about many weeks ago)?

    It is a rather trivial task compared to much other programming features but it is on the way. We will need it in the SC & W Soccer Game​

    Did you calculate required resources?

    Well, that depends on the resolution and on the fps count but Yes. I don't really remember the figures and i have them at my laptop but i think it that according to my calculations around 2.5 Ghz computer was needed to have a 24 FPS. But since we will be satisfied with 10 FPS i think the minimum was a 1.6 Ghz computer.
    The ram neccesary is a lil more than 256 so it is not that demanding.
    My 2.0 Ghz computer with 512 in Ram would do the trick.​

    You were also considering to start with a text based AI. What’s the status of that?

    well, in order to make it possible to start our AI without any knowledge, just physical and mental parameters (possibly incorrect parameters since as long as the empirical parameters is within a reasonable level.) Well, we need other sensories to start our AI without any piror knowledge​

    What’s being coded now?​

    Have you designed at least some parts of any database for your AI?

    Not sure if i understand that question, the DB system is the same everywhere. The entries might not be similar but it is still the same system.
    Ill mail thee a DB entry.​

    What DBMS do you use?

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    Well, i use notepad. But i think we will use Access or i will just write a new one that gives us the features that we need. We have also talked about using MySQL servers but i don't think all others in the team understand the I/O that will acctually occur but that is my failure.​

    What computer languages do you use? and C#. The pseudo code language i call Raven. That is the language we will have to create in the long run.​

    Any interesting code/modules/components to share?

    You can have the pseudo code and the DB design but since you have problems with understanding the basics i am not sure if you will grasp the advanced.​

    Do you spend more time working on your AI than on trying to make people "dislike you [in order to get] a lil boost to prove them wrong"?

    I spend all my time on my AI. I usually lie 2 hours or more vefore i fall asleep thinking of it. I work 8 hours a day so my time has been cut a lil from when i was in school​

    Is the AI your primary goal?

    My primary goal is recognition, AI is one of my methods. But i love my AI, more than i love life itself. Therefore i would never have it integrated in cleaning and other various household robotics.​

    Did you spend some time working on the User-AI interfaces?

    In The Republic you had natural disasters choices, you had the ability to "kill" a alf to see how the society adapted. You could remove resources, you had a command line where you more or less could change the source code.
    Human to ALF, yeah. ALF to ALF, no there were (and are) none​

    Sure, i will prepare a screenshot.
    I am very selective when it comes to potential team-members.
    I have about 25 people i have turned down. We are a 6 man crew at the moment.
  17. G71 AI Coder Registered Senior Member

    Is somewhere a brief overview of what these EXEs can do?
    So you learned C#/VB.NET in the last few months?

    I remember a bunch of acronyms from your documents but not this one. Please refresh my mind. What is TR?

    Can you be more specific? What exactly was proved? BTW when you say "vision", I'm not always sure if you are talking about your general AI ideas or about image processing. Are you writing a new 3D engine or using an existing one? Do you play with those 3D-2D-3D conversions?

    What exactly do you want to prove with this "new sample".

    Does it mean that your AI ideas are not general enough to be applied to the TTT game?
    Can you please send me the best TTT you have (the one which none of you can beat) ?
    I tried many good ones but none was so good that I would be unable to beat it when I really keep focus.
    I may try to contact Johan to discuss his algorithms when I get less busy.

    I do not know how complex are your "other features" but system's vision in a 3D environment is IMHO pretty non-trivial area which may require some very unique solutions.

    I see.. You may not need good vision for soccer. A typical Soccer environment is pretty limited = relatively easy to read. You originally talked about combat robots for military. The difference is huge (and of course not just for vision). BTW it may be a good idea to provide a link to a dictionary of the acronyms. When you talk publicly then I guess you want others to know what you are talking about.

    How much HDD space? What kind of data will the ALFs need to remember? Is it going to grow quicky? How many creatures do you want to simulate simultaneously in that world. What do you think are the most important benefits of
    A) dividing resources between many little brains + the world simulations
    B) using all available resources for a single artificial mind.

    Is the project overview on your web? What are the most significant features which distinguish your AI from the AI which can be found in today's games? You have mentioned that you are years ahead comparing to the other (currently developed) projects. So what are the features which make it so unique?

    If the ball is a part of the simulation then I guess you know all its parameters. If this is about robots then you can analyze the "movement" of the ball texture (on the perceived 2D image of the ball) to get idea about the spin.

    I was asking about tables, fields, their types etc to learn what kind of queries can run against it. Basically the info which shows what data are stored and how. I'm interested in DB designs related to the general problem solving (not to small-domain specific data structures) + the subject_to_subject communication related stuff.

    Oh my... Looks like your current version of AI cannot do much..

    Keep in mind that MS Access only good for relatively simple apps with small amount of data and a few users.
    It's a toy DB system.

    Make sure you know what you are doing. I met many who used to think that way. When they finally learned what the good DBMS can do then all of them realized that writing their own would be a pure nonsense and a tremendous waste of dev-time.

    MySQL is not a bad DB system but you may want to check SQL Server or ORACLE.

    Is there any public document about that language? BTW you may want to use another name. I think I already read about a computer language called Raven. It was something similar to C with some object oriented ideas.

    That's a valid concern but I don't think that my limited IQ (and/or focus) is the only possible explanation. ;-)

    Looks like you are not talking about pattern recognition

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    , you want others to think very high about you, right?
    That would explain a lot. Boy, make your life easier and realize that it's not that important. It does not really matter what most people think about us as individuals. Seriously, put some thoughts on your values. It could save you lots of time.

    What would you do if you learn that your AI is a loser comparing to many AI systems developed by others?

    Every job which needs to be done is important. And some of those cleaning tasks can be actually relatively challenging. What are you (ultimately) designing the AI for?

    Any documents about that communication? I would be also interested to see the related DB design (if there is such a thing). Would you call it a rich communication or is it just something very limited?


    Yeah, you are the God ;-)). Are you sure they did not “turn down” you, thinking that you often didn't really know what you talked about? ;-))

    BTW some of the questions would be better to answer on your project-related web.
  18. Baal Zebul Somewhat Registered User Registered Senior Member

    I have been programming since i was 7.
    Been using .Net for ... about 2 years i believe.

    The EXE's, the first learn from the past.
    The second learn from determined future.
    They do not really reflect the latest AI so i will not explain it better than that.

    The Republic

    We are discussing if we should write our own language and 3d engine or just make new modules in .Net
    I know some Assembler but not enough to build this so i will leave this decision to the others even if i speak my point of view.

    That we can build better AI with less pre-programmed data.

    Our AI would work for TTT but it would not be better than others. If we start it with no knowledge then it would take a while for it to learn the rules to start with and then the game play would take more time. In order to optimize the game well, that might take a while.
    I don't have the TTT on this computer but ill ask Johan to send it to me again.
    (I found a problem with one of the parameters though. It was set to play defensive so if i had 3 and it 4 and it was my turn and i made it 4 - 4 then it tried to stop me instead of choosing a cetain victory)

    Well, it is not a trival task but it is simple in the way that there are not that many features that has to be interconnected with it.

    Mathematical forumlas are writen like James R wrote one "dL/dt = RF sin(angle)"
    James explained what the characters meant but many take it for granted what R and F stands for, i know that i would.
    But sure, i will try to explain.

    TR = The Republic
    SC & W = Svensson, Cann & Willis
    ALF = Artificial Lifeform
    AI = Artificial Intelligence
    CES = Cogitio Ergo Sum
    TTT = Tic Tac Toe

    can't think of any more right now.

    HDD, i was never certain of that. But i reckoned that a text-based entry would require 1 kb, whilst a digital entry would require 150 kb or possibly more.
    I had 50 GB to spare and since the entries in the republic would not be more than around 100, 200 it was never a obsticle.

    A or B, well i believe that alone one stands strong so 1 brain is better.
    I know what you are saying but i can just not think of any good simulation for it.

    Well, it is not pre-programmed. It can learn from much that i doubt that humans can learn from because of the sensories i have designed.

    I am afraid that you are think way to simple. I am more into the universal solutions were i come up with a solution and see how it would function in the different problems. Not just one problem.

    Sure, it would not be a pseudo code without it. I think i have had that feature in the pseudo codes since a year ago but the others prefer pure code than to see what they think is abstact.
    The process flow is not that important to them since they are programmers and prefer code.

    Jiri, you seem to think that the key to AI is advanced technology and fancy systems.
    The Pseudo DB i perhaps should call it.

    Well, we will need our own programming lanuage, our own 3D engine, our own DB System. The list is long.

    Yes, instead of writing Raven (our programming language) we will write modules and functions for the .Net framework. We will program color coding in the DB system we will use. We will use TV3D as a 3D Engine since we all have experience in that 3D motor. We discussed using the DX SDK but using TV3D will make us more time.

    Ahh, the best names are already taken.
    The pseudo code is the document. I write so many comments that it becomes a couple of A4 pages of just comments.

    Jiri, you know that i have tremendous respect for you. But i fear that either you want to find problems that you cannot read between the lines and see the obvious or you simply dont want to understand.

  19. G71 AI Coder Registered Senior Member


    Using .NET for 2 years? Well, my wife too and I do not think she was actually aware of it ;-)). OK

    Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!

    , I did not expect that you have the experience because you relatively recently wanted to code your AI using VB6. None of the experienced folks I know who are familiar with VB6 and who have at least 1 year of coding experience with .NET would choose VB6 over .NET when starting a new, bigger than a little, project.

    Is it gonna be unique enough to justify the needed dev-time? Can you tell us what makes it so different? BTW JB's folks should be finishing the first version of their new AI language (the CAIO) in these days. I'm curious what that is gonna be about. 2 of my friends are currently considering a new AI language development and even I have a preliminary idea for something what could possibly become a new coding paradigm (which would require a new language). Many seem to think about new languages. That's good but an AI developer needs to consider carefully if the ideas are unique enough. Time is expensive for AI developers and resources are always limited.

    Forget assembler. Assembler for such a thing would make sense years ago but not today. Use standard libraries and (whenever possible) stick with managed code which will run under CLR. If your primary goal is AI then do not waste time coding a new 3D engine.

    If that's the case then how can you expect that it will be practical for complex real-world problem solving.

    If you are at least an average player then such a bug is kind of unbelievable considering that the developer was good enough to develop a player which beats you all the time.

    I assume that the "digital entry" often means an image. The size suggests that it would likely be a compressed image (eg JPG, PNG etc). The compression may cause challenges for some algorithms. Only 100 entries?? How often (in average) will a single alf need to remember (store) a single image in order learn what's going on in that world. Wouldn't it usually need a stream of images (for all the ALFs)? If so, are you planning to actually compress all those streamed images (potentially from many streams at the same time) in real time during the simulation of the whole 3D world?? On your 2GHz machine (and whatever your graphic card is)? Did you have a chance to play the GTA Vice City game. That's a pretty decent piece of code but do you think it simulates the whole City in real time? No way (for obvious reasons).. It simulates mostly just what the player is looking at and even that makes current home machines sweat.

    Then do it! Solve the related problems.

    It would work with the "real" world, using the data provided by users and other systems.

    Note that humans have many more than 5 senses.

    I asked about the DB design and you answered talking about pseudocode. Generally, you always seem to by fuzzy on DB designs. So let me ask this way: You were thinking about using Access. What are the names of tables you wanted/want to create in that DB? I assume you know the meaning of "table" in the DB related terminology.

    No but I have difficulty to imagine how you can effectively manage related data using simple text files. Are you familiar with the basic DBMS related concepts like "relational integrity", "indexes", "transactions" etc..? A C# code alone does not make an AI system capable of solving complex problems. It needs lots of well organized data. You will get nowhere without a decent data management system.

    What's so special about your system that you cannot use one of the existing DBMSs?

    You seem to be switching ideas quickly. Maybe we should discuss it when you have a bit more stable ideas about what you want to do and how.

    A pseudo code is the documentation about your "Raven" language?? Strange.. Where is it?

    No need for respect. Need for powerful AI.

    No.. But note that I have many years of well paid experience with coding complex applications for major clients. That (of course) does not necessarily help me to understand the key ideas of your AI (especially considering how you describe it) but it certainly helps to see if the stuff you want to code can be practically implemented using available tools. You should be able to explain what exactly you want to code to people like me. Of course you do not have to tell me anything.. But if you are trying to and if it does not work well then I think you have a problem. And I'm sure you noticed that I'm not the only one who sees problems in your ideas.

    Keep in mind that he got recognized because of knowing what to ignore during his work.

    I believe that simply being a subject means being selfish.

    {sigh}.. I realized that.. But do users just write whatever they want to say into a textbox and the system gets the meaning using the NLP? Or is it a special type of communicaton driven by carefully designed (possibly complex communication-specific) screens? If so, can you show a screenshot or the related part of the design document?

    Whatever part of the system is the user experiencing during the communication is part of the interface. It includes the graphical interface (all the screen elements supporting the communication).

    I might stop by sometimes..
  20. Baal Zebul Somewhat Registered User Registered Senior Member

    No, the problem was that not everyone had .Net. I prefered to use VB.Net over VB6 and Vincent was going to use C#. But Johan did not have it back then.

    You know, for his concept to work (what he told me) he would probably need more than those TA-15

    Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!

    You see, it is rather simple building a robot able to observe and determine what to do, But in order to interact as he wants it. Well, he just does not have the concept. He would have to make it hardcoded and that is impossible with todays technology. Even with tomorrows technology that he has. He simply cannot do it.

    Time and Resources are always limited, that is right. But i reckon it is worse for you than for me. Especially with family, work and you should know that i respect you for being able to multi-task as you do.

    At the moment, Yes. But we would need to optimize a computer design if/when we build robots/advanced applications and then making it in Assembler might be "clever".

    Well, it will have a huge amount of sensories (just as humans), making it easier to obtain data. Remember, that unlike the other AI it does not know anything.

    hmm, Digital entry often means image, yes.
    Yes, they would compressed by the Visual NN after empirical value has been reached.
    No visual stream neccesary.
    But that is not the full story because we have visual streams but they are converted into a few entries of text.

    IMHO, i have already solved all the related problems but it is just a matter of putting it to practice. We are making the soccer game ATM, what comes next i cannot say now. You might be able to influence it but ATM we are choosing what represents our AI the best.

    Humans have 5 senses (eyes, ears, touch, smell, taste)
    Then there are a lot of sub-systems for all of these senses. I believe that i have whole Eyes and Touch covered. I am not sure if i have whole Audio covered, since i have not thought about it for more than maybe 30 hours.
    I can tell you right now that i have not smell and taste covered. I have thought on how to integrate it but i reckon there are lots of sub-systems that i have no idea about ATM.

    Well, the structure of the DB is very effective. The DB itself solves many speech related issues.

    Well, first of all the strucutre is all wrong. And our DB system is not really suited for current hard drive designs.
    Secondly, the index system is based much on integers and color coding rather than text based entries.
    Of course existing DB systems work fine too, but there is always room for improvment.

    ?, I have always said that in the long run we would profit from building Raven instead of using .Net but we do not have the time nor the resources.

    On 2 of my computers, my USB memory and on Williams computer.

    Actually the others that i liked from the begining (that i sent my concept) understood the it right away. James (also a senior developer) suggested many "hints" for the machine vision.
    Roland suggested some features that far beyond the design that i wrote. I had a limited feature of what he suggested in teh first designs but not like what he had in mind. Now i have improved that concept even further and the design has changed to what it is today.

    At the moment they do not chat. But it would be a textbox for chatting.
    Interaction (causing disasters and such, that is a graphical interface that is then hard-coded into the code since it has nothing to do with the AI)
  21. G71 AI Coder Registered Senior Member

    Is the communication going to be somehow limited or users can talk just about anything? How are you going to get the meaning from sentences written into that textbox? Is one of the first steps an attempt to recognize parts of speech? Is the text going to be translated into some sort of cleaner internal language?
  22. Baal Zebul Somewhat Registered User Registered Senior Member

    a cleaner language? yes and no.

    but, i prefer to not talk any further about human to alf speech communications since i have not thought about it as much as i have with real world integration.
  23. G71 AI Coder Registered Senior Member

    Do you have any document describing formats of these text entries? Or can you at least show some examples of these entries (generated based on the visual stream analyses)? Since you are storing data in text files, you can just copy-paste.. I'm especially interested in the more complex text entries.
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