Army Captain: Us Engages In Extra Judicial Killings Using Nanotechnology

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  1. monadnock Registered Senior Member


    The United States Government is engaged in Extra Judicial Killings within the domestic United States, according to a former U.S. Army Reserve Captain and military instructor at Fort Dix.

    Captain Marjorie Lorsbach says the government has developed the ability to excite (cause a reaction) and cavitate (implode) surfactant nanoparticles over extended distances which, when inhaled, destroy the arteries and capillaries of the heart through repeated exposure.
    The particles enter through the sinuses, the naso-pharynx and into the circulatory system or directly through the lungs into the coronary arteries and heart muscle, damaging and destroying the tissues.

    The inhalations of these nanovapors also result in fatal heat arrhythmias, Lorsbach said. The capillaries of the blood-brain barrier, which usually protects the brain, are also neutralized negating its natural protection.
    These particles are now found in thousands of products ranging from building materials such as glass, plastics, and even wood surfaces to metals and other manmade substances and have been incorporated as part of the manufacturing process.

    Lorsbach, the first transsexual army officer, said she had been subjected to attacks in her own home as well as cars in which she has driven and became familiar with the technology as a result.
    “These agents have literally exploded in my face and are part of a heinous and covert program of EJK’s (Extra Judicial Killings) within the United States,” said Lorsbach, a former secondary school teacher, who hold a master’s in business administration.
    She continued, “ these killings are going undetected as there is no routine testing for nanosized particles (NSP’s) in medical examinations and Nanotoxicology is a nascent science.
    “ It requires very specific tests such as Atomic Force Measurement, Scanning Electronic Microscopy or other highly sophisticated tests and only a few laboratories within the country have that ability,” she said. “That is exactly why the technology has been developed.”
    These particles have the capability of attacking specific organs within the human body, said Lorsbach.

    Not only are they inducing heart attacks but they are also damaging other organs since nano-sized particles have the ability to enter human cells and repeated exposure damages the vascular system, liver and other organs, according to Lorsbach.
    “This has also happened to several friends in my home,” she said. “It is painful and shocking experience after the particles are inhaled and penetrate into the sinuses, blood vessels and into the arteries and tissues of the heart. It is virtually indescribable as these events occur.”

    Thousands of products already contain nanodots, said Lorsbach, who believes they have been introduced primarily, to induce disease.
    With medicine advancing and most infectious diseases under control in the industrialized world, life style has become the new umbrella for the cause of heart disease, cancers and other illness, Lorsbach said.

    “This serves as a cover for this type of operation,” she said. “ We have seen what the government has done in the past using its own troops as well as average citizens for radiation, chemical and drug experiments. This is what they are doing now.
    “Who better to experiment on, in their minds, than a member of an unpopular minority who has held their feet to the fire on this issue,” she said.
    Mechanochemistry, she said, is the science of the implosion of nanodots causing them to release the chemical vapors.

    The implosion, she explained, releases these particles into the environment of homes and is responsible for a significant portion of the polluted air found there.
    Nano-particles, she said, are less than 100 nanometers. To giver perspective, Lorsbach noted a nanometer is one billionth of a meter, and a human hair is 80,000 nanometers in width.
    These particles are site specific in the body, she said, and can accumulate in the arteries, heart, liver and other organs resulting in premature aging, organ failure and death.
    Even bed sheets and clothes, she said, are covered with these billionths of a meter bomblets waiting to go off.

    Sleeping people, according to Lorsbach, are even more susceptible because they are immobile and breathing air in a closed environment.
    She said that chemicals had exploded repeatedly in her bedroom and that she had felt chemical reactions within her body.
    As a result, she said, her health had declined significantly and that she hasn’t slept in her bedroom now in months.
    “Rarely do I spend time in my house, or even sleep there and most of my time is spent outdoors,” the former officer said. “On multiple occasions, these nano-chemicals have exploded in my face while in my bed followed by vehicles peeling out and speeding away,” the she said.

    Further, she continued, companies under the guise of “confidential business information” have dumped nanotechnology onto the market and information withheld from oversight agencies, the public and the media.

    After undergoing transsexual surgery she forced her reinstatement at a Pentagon hearing after receiving a falsified, predated discharge from the Army Reserve.
    Originally an infantry officer before the surgery, she became a Civil Affairs Officer after undergoing sex reassignment.

    Lorsbach said she resigned her commission after 16 years because of human rights violations by the military, which she claims to have experience and observed firsthand.
    She was told she was, “the subject of DIA matters by an officer at the Pentagon.” The DIA is the Defense Intelligence Agency and, she said, is comparable to the CIA.
    She said the military was aware of the condition when she joined the Army as they provided information to her Republican opponents when she was a Democratic candidate for municipal council in Pine Hill, Camden County.

    Although she was never gay, she said that the gender dichotomy extended back to earliest childhood.
    She said that the confusion disappeared for a period of time but again resurfaced later in life. Medical testing revealed an unusual male and female chromosomal genetic pattern and unusually high estrogen levels.
    Lorsbach said the discrimination she faced was from the command level rather than from regular soldiers, who she maintains were unconcerned about her transsexual surgery.

    “I encountered the Asst Secretary of the Army for Manpower outside my condo on Rittenhouse Square recognized him and heard him say to his aide, ‘Where is this person?’ as we passed on the street while his aide stared and smiled. Absolutely amazing that he would come here from Washington to eyeball me,” she said.
    Lorsbach said she recognized that most people would find it difficult to accept that the United States Government is engaged in this type of outrageous behavior and that it was difficult for her to accept as well. Nevertheless, the facts are incontrovertible,” she said.

    “Once, when meeting a friend at a Cherry Hill nightspot a man came out, held a camera in my face, snapped the flash and said to me ‘Candid Camera.’
    “When I went out to my car and put the key in the ignition chemicals exploded in my face from the steering wheel,” she continued. “I regained consciousness on the pavement, vomiting, my new car smashed up. Good thing I was drinking bottled water” she said.

    Chemicals, she said, were also exploded around her in the school in which she taught and that students had smelled an unusual odor. This was also responsible for an incident in which she was involved in Berlin, NJ, she said.
    She believes she was targeted because of the precedent-setting nature of her case, her continued support of litigation, her appearances in national television interviews and the fact that the military was forced to pay retroactive salary.
    “That is tangential however, as these particles have been incorporated into every conceivable product. That is the real threat to the general population,” she said.

    “When I was stationed at the JFK Special Warfare Center at Ft. Bragg, NC it was common knowledge that the largest domestic Covert Operations Center commanded by a Four Star General was located there and there was also a Covert Operations Center at Lakehurst Naval Air Station, New Jersey,” the former captain said.
    She said that when she was discussing how the chemicals interacted with things in daily environment like caffeine, alcohol or cigarette smoke with a superior officer, she was ordered to remain silent and not to discuss classified information outside secure areas.
    “As far as I’m concerned,” Lorsbach said, “ the deliberate murder of Americans and the means to do it is not a classified subject. It is a criminal enterprise which should be thoroughly investigated.

    “Is this their solution to the Social Security crisis and the retirement of the baby boomers, or population control?” she said “I feel it is population management and demographic redistribution.
    “There are High Tech Death Squads operating in the United States not with guns, that’s too obvious, but with chemicals and New Technology.
    “This is the kind of thing that happens when there is too much money and too little oversight as well as a complacent population with an ingrained false sense of security,” Lorsbach said. “A constitution and a law is only as good as the people charged with enforcing it,” she said.

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  3. Buffalo Roam Registered Senior Member


    Transsexual teacher alleges tiny torture
    The dirty tricks the CIA acknowledges committing in the so-called “Family Jewels” papers represent the tip of a sinister iceberg, according to a former Fort Dix military instructor.

    Former U.S. Army Reserve Capt. Marjorie Lorsbach says secret government operatives are using weaponized nanotechnology to punish her for the transsexual surgery she underwent in the 1980s.

    Lorsbach said secret enclaves of the federal government are using nano-poisons to harass and even assassinate members of unpopular minority groups and other political nonconformists.

    “These nano-devices have literally exploded in my face and are part of a heinous and covert program of extra judicial killings within the United States,” said Lorsbach, a retired teacher.
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  5. spidergoat Venued Serial Membership Valued Senior Member

    No link? She sounds crazy.
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  7. S.A.M. uniquely dreadful Valued Senior Member

    Nanodots are used in cancer therapy and are in the developmental stage. But biological warfare is an interesting twist.
    Last edited: Jul 11, 2007
  8. Read-Only Valued Senior Member

    She is crazy! Paranoid to the nth degree. (Along with anyone else who buys into this.)
  9. Buffalo Roam Registered Senior Member


    Here check the edit.
  10. Ganymede Valued Senior Member

    Eventhough I don't belive her story it's totally possible. Google "US Department of Defense-Smart Dust". And you'll be amazed as to what the pentagon already has.
  11. S.A.M. uniquely dreadful Valued Senior Member

  12. darksidZz Valued Senior Member

    Aliens will come for you tonite @ midnight, beware!
  13. monadnock Registered Senior Member

    You have obviously never served in the military and more particularly at Bragg which is Covert Capitol of the country.

    It is a place where anything can happen and often does. I too was stationed there once and my inclination is to believe some aspects of this. A NEW TYPE OF WARFARE FOR A NEW CENTURY.
    Last edited: Jul 11, 2007
  14. monadnock Registered Senior Member

    Tissue studies indicate that nanoparticles, engineered materials about a billionth of a meter in size, could damage DNA and lead to cancer, according to research presented at the 2007 Annual Meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research.

    Nanoparticles are small enough to penetrate cell membranes and defenses, yet they are large enough to cause trouble by interfering with normal cell processes, researchers at the University of Massachusetts say. Such nanoparticles are currently in use in electronics, cosmetics, and chemical manufacturing, among others industries. Because of their extremely small size, they can be difficult to isolate from the larger environment, as they are much too small for removal by conventional filtering techniques.
  15. Read-Only Valued Senior Member

    Bad assumption! I was in the military (Army, specifically) and passed through Bragg (for 19 weeks) on my way elsewhere. And this whole business of 'exploding things in her face' is pure poppycock - most likely a result of her going off her beam following her transgender operation when the horomone follow-up treatment drove her/him/it partially insane.

    The whole story is bunk.
  16. S.A.M. uniquely dreadful Valued Senior Member

    It wouldn't be the first time the army used its troops as guinea pigs.
  17. monadnock Registered Senior Member

    I was in Special Operations and this doesn't surprise me.
  18. Buffalo Roam Registered Senior Member


    And so does the massive doses of hormones involved in hormonal treatments that accompany a sex change operation.
  19. littlemisstwinkie Registered Member

    i rescued your dog....crazy

    Well hello miss marjorie Lorsbach...remember me i rescued your dog the early 90s from a pound in riverside said you would re emburse me for all the vet bills and saving his life..and you never payed me....funny story people....when the goverment tryed to kill her ..she went to the hospital her 2 dogs went to the got put to sleep i rescued the other(monadnock) whom i named elvis..i moved to south st in philadelphia...months later i got a call from the pound ..some crazy man whom is now a lady wants her dog back..I met with her cause the story she told me about being a man.. then woman..her dog sob story ,the government,the insanity was to much and i had to find out for myself...yea too nuts...but i let her see the dog ..and the dog was so excited like he had missed her i gave the dog back to shim... low and behold she never re embursed me like she said she would..years later i google her name and find this site.....crazy!
  20. monadnock Registered Senior Member

    Weaponization and excitation of nanoparticles to induce cardiovascular disease and he

    I googled your name out of interest and would like to thank you for the nanotechnology leaks.

    They are more than just "leaks" for which I have paid a heavy price. 2 friends are dead, a 3rd under attack as well as me.

    all ex military, dead of "heart attacks" including the reporter who wrote one of the stories.

    Quoting a friend:

    "I have been a close friend and associate of Captain Marjorie Lorsbach for 15 years. I have also served as a non commissioned Officer with the 101st Airborne Division as well as the 2nd Infantry division in Korea along the DMZ. I also participated in Operation Just Cause.

    During this time I have seen her reepatedly exposed to chemicals exploding in her face, in the house and car as well s other locations where I have beeen present.

    As a result of my association with her, I too have been targeted making her life and mine nearly unbearable.


    William J.........
    Former NCO, 101st Airborne Division (Ret.)"

    In addition I passed 4 polygraphs administered by the Chief Polygraphist, Phila. POlice Dept. and former DEA Polygraphist.


  21. BusterandHolly Registered Member

    WEaponization of Nanotechnology

    Judging by these responses it is apparent that you know no nothing about what is going on at Special Operations Command, the Intelligence agencies and Domestic Covert Operations.

    Keep deluding yourselves about the weaponization of nanotechnology.

    The Captain is correct.

    Furthermore, articles appeared in The Trentonian and The Plain Dealer in New Jersey.

    Close your 8th Grade Civics Book and face reality!
  22. BusterandHolly Registered Member

    WEaponization of nanotechnology

    Demonstrating your ignorance?

    You obviously know nothing about the weaponization of nanotechnology. Perhaps you should visit the Special Warfare Center or SOC on Lumpkin Rd, at Ft. Bragg but you wouldn't get through the front gate.

    Read Only, here some advice: Keep reading!

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