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    I remember them searching for Noah's Ark back in the 70's. Some old planks but that was about it. Will they ever give up? Here's a brief overview on the "science" of arkeology and a new surprising expedition sponsored by a TV star!

    "An interesting phenomenon that has arisen within twentieth-century conservative American evangelism – the widespread conviction that the ancient Ark of Noah is embedded in ice high atop Mount Ararat, waiting to be found. It is a story that has combined earnest faith with the lure of adventure, questionable evidence with startling claims. The hunt for the ark, like evangelism itself, is a complex blend of the rational and the supernatural, the modern and the premodern. While it acknowledges a debt to pure faith in a literal reading of the Scriptures and centuries of legend, the conviction that the Ark literally lies on Ararat is a recent one, backed by a largely twentieth-century canon of evidence that includes stories of shadowy eyewitnesses, tales of mysterious missing photographs, rumors of atheistic conspiracy, and pieces of questionable "ark wood" from the mountain. (...) Moreover, it skirts the domain of pop pseudoscience and the paranormal, making the attempt to find the ark the evangelical equivalent of the search for Bigfoot or the Loch Ness monster. In all these ways, it reveals much about evangelical's distrust of mainstream science and the motivations and modus operandi of the scientific elite."----'s_Ark

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  3. Michael 345 New year. PRESENT is 69 years old Valued Senior Member

    Not while they can get gullible people (PT Barnumites) to donate funds to send them on holidays


    Not sure any of those belong in the blend

    Got to go

    The Whoop whoop whoop of the Cowpat detector is disturbing my Granny nap time

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