Arguments for and against the existence of God

Discussion in 'Religion Archives' started by Alan McDougall, Jul 10, 2010.

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    The ancient philosophers of the Graeco-Roman world (many of whom eventually became Christians) probed this issue of God's perfection.

    Neo-Platonic philosophy tried to figure out ways to express the paradox of a perfect self-sufficient God who nevertheless created.

    If God from eternity is perfect, then He is self-sufficient, then he has no need to create.

    What would be the motive for an eternally perfect, self-sufficient God to create at a certain "moment"?

    The neo-Platonic philosopher wrestled with this question, and basically said it's a mystery, and offered only poetic images to express that mystery -- that the event of God creating was like a cauldron "bubbling over" from being too full of itself. He developed many other poetic images to express the same paradox.

    The point is, Creation is a paradox; and no amount of logic will dissolve that wonder into something manageably comprehensible.
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