Are We the Aliens?

Discussion in 'Pseudoscience Archive' started by Starman, Dec 24, 2004.

  1. Starman Starman Registered Senior Member

    Think about it, what if what we know as the present, exists at the same time as the future and the past?

    It is fact, Time travel is possible.

    If the future already exists, then one could believe, one million years in the future, we should have the technology for Time travel.

    So if we have people visiting us, that are from our future, I can understand why.

    Because they can.
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  3. terpinator72 Science = Ecclesisates 1 V 18 Registered Senior Member

    Its interesting.. Diggers have found decomposed "electric batterys" from thousands of years ago... How did these batterys get there?!?

    Time travel is quite possible.. All that is necessary is a machine that which can move at the speed of light.... or the discovery of a wormhole...

    Read Chariots of the sky
    fascinating ideas.... Of how much is true? Not much, but it still is fascinating.

    also interesting to note is the fact that possible high levels of radiation in the future have changed the physcial shape of our bodies similar to that of reported alien sightings.. Or, the fact in the future we dont use physcial means anymore, but thought and intelligence would render our muscles useless.. Similar to that in a dinosaur, like the T-Rex, whom had developled small arms due to nonuse...

    It is shown in ancient civilizations that individuals in that period were "Elongating the heads of childern" they were putting boards and such during a infants development when they have soft tissue in the skull.. This was creating babies with elongated heads... Similar to the visitors they have seen?

    -interesting stuff/
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  5. Starman Starman Registered Senior Member

    Evolution will change our bodies, change is a constant.

    According to Physics time travel it is possible and therefore it is probable. Can you imagine if people from the future are visiting us. This might be a good reason for them to remain unknown for it could cause problems for them in the future,

    If they are from the future, then they would know all the important events that happened in the past. Maybe this explain's the sightings of UFO's by German and American pilots flying bombers during WW II.

    Just think they could go back in time and prevent the mistakes of man.

    Also they only exist if we do not destroy ourselves. Maybe this could explain the UFO's that have been witnessed disarming our Nuclear Warheads.

    The Present, Future and Past exist contemporaneously. Time is only Relative to the observer. If you take a reference of time such as a photograph, that instant and all periods in time will always exist. The only thing that changes is the observer. This is proof that the future is always present yet dynamic. The past is always present yet fixed.
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  7. SkinWalker Archaeology / Anthropology Moderator

    Diggers? You mean archaeologists? No electric batteries of "thousands of years ago" have been discovered. There was an artifact discovered that, when experimental archaeology was applied, produced a very weak electric current. This artifact was most likely used for the process of electroplating gold to other metals or for some "magical" purpose.

    I put "magical" in quotes on purpose, but, because of some of the more gullible types that lurk the pseudoscience forum of a science board, I still feel the need to digress further: "magical" in anthropological/archaeological terms doesn't mean that actual magic was employed, but rather magical thinking.

    Regardless, the so-called Baghdad Battery is nothing to woo over. It has very straightforward, less-complex answers than time travel.

    Time travel occurs every day. Only from this point to the next forward one. Time travel to the past is quite impossible, even if one uses the "parallel universe/multiverse" excuse. In that case, one does not go backward in time, one merely switches to another, parallel (but slightly behind) universe.

    Read some non-fiction. Chariots of the Gods is complete and utter bunk, most of which was directly stolen from HP Lovecraft, specifically his 1926 short story "The Call of Cthulhu." If you want to read fiction, I recomend this one... by the way, all but one of von Daniken's claims are represented in this story, written a bit earlier than "Chariots of the Gods."

    You're suggesting that a culture 4000 years ago began the practice of head-binding (it was thought to have originated in Ecuador at about that time) in order to emulate aliens? Talk about speculation. If they were willing to go to such lengths to please these alleged ETs, then why not leave behind other, more convincing artifacts. I'm sorry, but there are plenty of other more plausible and less complex explanations in the archaological record that suggest that such body modifications were cosmetic and class motivated. The whole speculation would be akin to a futuristic archaeologist saying that evidence of purple, spiked hair and nose rings were to emulate aliens who looked that way naturally.

    What's interesting is what people find believable, I'm afraid.
  8. oldie Registered Senior Member

  9. Rick Valued Senior Member

    While Chariots of Gods, might not be everyone's genre,i wouldnt call it a complete wastage of time,as it presents a different perspective of what is historical in nature.It is upto you to believe it or not.

    Although much of my texts,like some portion in the thread of Kmguru called "past Civilizations" have been mentioned,it might be worthwhile to note that there are some facts that seem strange to western world,but not to east.For more read the thread.
  10. terpinator72 Science = Ecclesisates 1 V 18 Registered Senior Member

    Dude, skywalker is a individual that lacks the ability to think ABSTRACTLY.. Erich Von Daniken's novels cannot be read as non-fiction.. They are clearly looking hypothetically at subjects that are considered "Off-Limits" They challenge all previous thinking and theory. Who would want to work against the whole scientific community, thus being hated throughout?

    The book as well as all of Von Daniken books can be taken for as creative, and thought provoking... AND COMPLETLEY WORTH THE TIME.
  11. terpinator72 Science = Ecclesisates 1 V 18 Registered Senior Member

    You just keep on thinking by the book and "The rules". Let someone more creative make the discovery that changes the world (possibly).

    You debunkers seem to attack the credibility of everyone that believes in something that is unexplained/unverifable... Its okay your a Secularist and/or atheist, just ripping individuals for thinking that something is feasible is just flat out wrong, and annoying for that matter.

    I am not saying these things are true, or untrue.. I think they are interesting, and have some probability... HOWEVER small that probability is...
  12. Ophiolite Valued Senior Member

    Before you break the rules you have to know them.
    Before you discard the book you have to understand it.
    Before you think outside the box you have to demonstrate you can think within it.

    To ignore this shows great ignorance, arrogance, or both. That is why SkinWalker and others attack those who go for the whacky explanation, when a mundane one would do.
  13. Ophiolite Valued Senior Member

    Only once a device has been built. You cannot travel back beyond the construction of the device.

    Since when did possible = probable?
  14. SkinWalker Archaeology / Anthropology Moderator

  15. SkinWalker Archaeology / Anthropology Moderator

    Yeah... much like Santa Clause. The reason why von Daniken is a waste of time is that he marketed his book as non-fiction and as an "alternative" to the archaeological past. His alternatives are not only quite stolen (from Lovecraft) and unoriginal, they are wrong. In many instances, quite demonstrably. And yet, his garbage still seems to entice the minds of the ignorant. Much the same way Graham Hancock peddles his garbage... I'm the guy that pulls his book from the shelf in the science sections of B&N and Borders and drops it off in the occult section. Sometimes the religion section.

    I will concede, however, that much of the best scifi in the cinema and on television today comes, in part, from the wild notions of von Daniken. I'm able to suspend disbelief long enough to enjoy an episode of Stargate or Outer Limits, but that doesn't mean that I'm buying into the premise of either once the show is over.

    Indeed. But ethnocentrism and ettic vs. emic perspectives are double-edged swords.


    Yeah. Whatever, friend. Rest assured, the greatest discoveries of our times came from those who understood that the rules (scientific method, logical positivism, and hypothetico-deductive method) must be adhered to.
  16. Starman Starman Registered Senior Member


    Ok I made this up.

    "If it is possible then it is probable." Quest 2004

    Due to the nature of Science and Experimentation I made this observation.

    If you create a vehicle capable of time travel into the past, it should be able to go back to the origins of the Universe.
  17. Stryder Keeper of "good" ideas. Valued Senior Member

    I believe that is what Hawking suggested, however there is theoretics to suggest it could be possible to have equipment in one universe and emulate it's "Doorway" in another universe, therefore meaning that a doorway could in fact exist before the creation of the equipment.

    [When I eventually get to the point of finding someone to help write up a thesis perhaps people will then understand how I mean]

    As for Possible, well it use to be said "Nothing is Impossible", therefore things are usually only "Improbable". If people succumb to the belief that something can not be achieved, then their would be no research into the possibility of achieving it.

    I know thats out of context with what you were suggesting but it's something that's actually one of those Axioms I follow.

    I didn't read the link about the findings of this, however you could hypothesis that in the early part of last century (And even the century before that) there were alot of "grave robbings", where some archeological sites were disturbed before documented digs by those wanting to loot and sell things on the black market. (Note that artifacts might very well have been sold, but without the credibility of a dig site would have been worth far less. This is why whole sites were not completely looted at that point in time, leaving just enough to create a documented discovery and cause interest in the stolen artifacts.)
  18. Starman Starman Registered Senior Member

    Various researchers have proposed ways in which backward and forward time machines can be built that do not seem to violate any know laws of physics.

    Don't believe anyone who tells you that humans will never have efficient technology for backward and forward time travel.

    So now that it is possible then it is probable.

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