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Discussion in 'Science & Society' started by taichitarot, Jan 15, 2013.

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    That guy apartheid!
    John Minto is such a goof.
    All that work ending apartheid in SA.

    Who's seen that movie "District 9".
    All time best movie from Peter Jackson by far.

    Anyway. John Minto is such a poof.
    New Zealand has so much apartheid nowadays
    it's coming out all orifices.
    People choose apartheid.
    They walk around with ipods and iphones,
    ears all plugged up, listening to their private media,
    deluded into thinking their sound is the sound.
    Apartheid fell off the back of a truck, grew wings,
    and took over the world.

    Interesting to see the "Griffin + Maikuku" 'video'
    released on stuff. It's a bit of a wuwuwu situation.

    Officer Griffin is depicted holding his yellow toy
    (harmless we're told), but ready to shoot its electric
    payload (50,000 volts).

    Maikuku (arms raised practicing passive resistence)
    returns the apparent threat of the Taser
    with a threat, "don't you touch me, or I'll hit you"
    and refusing to expose his rear end to Griffin when
    the good Officer orders him to turn round. - stuff artical, Griffin + Maikuku

    Meanwhile the public has their phones, a techno baby maybe,
    nobody ever on 1, and everybody over 2, what?

    - what? what? what?
    "Macklemore" for 'Honorary All Black'.
    GITs more entertaining than professional rugby.

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