Anyone know about Floyd Sweet's free energy device.

Discussion in 'General Science & Technology' started by desi, Mar 18, 2008.

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  1. desi

    desi Valued Senior Member

    I'm looking for info on this. Is it legit? Is it really dangerous to people near the device when it is running?
  2. Nasor

    Nasor Valued Senior Member

    If it's really a free energy device, I'm going to go ahead and answer "no".
  3. phlogistician

    phlogistician Banned

    A quick google (you can use Google, right?) showed a schematic with a label that said '500 Gauss Magnetic Field.' . That is a huge magnetic field, so yes, it would be dangerous. It would also take a shitload of energy to create, and induce current in any conductor that so much as wobbled, rendering nearby instruments prone to false readings.

    Oh, and the over unity stuff is bullshit.
  4. kevinalm

    kevinalm Registered Senior Member

    500 gauss isn't a particularly strong magnetic field intensity. 10000 gauss = 1 weber/m^2 = 1 tesla. An NIB magnet can easily be 2000 gauss.

    The Sweet VTA should probably be considered hazardous though. Basically it's a magnetostriction rf power oscillator capable of kilowatt output levels. Not something the inexperienced should be fooling around with.
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