Anyone interested in my hypothesis?

Discussion in 'Earth Science' started by iaee, Dec 16, 2008.

  1. iaee Registered Member

    I have currently finished a five-year (unfunded) project developing what was to become a very controversial hypothesis.

    On the face of it, even I admit that it beggars belief...

    BUT once broken down and considered alongside very powerful visual evidence, the hypothesis holds its own.

    I have entitled my hypothesis The Impact And Exit Event and as the name suggests I believe I have uncovered strong evidence which indicates that a huge piece of space-bound debris not only impacted with Earth - it hurtled through its mantle and burst out of the other side (i.e. 'The Impact And Exit Event').

    Following on from this I then found myself making further discoveries on a similar scale elsewhere on Earth and across the Solar System...

    This is extremely far-reaching stuff, so you will need to be patient, lock away preconceived ideas and postpone your final judgment until learning further, hopefully via this thread and elsewhere on the Internet.

    Anyone interested in further discussion?
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  3. Sciencelovah Registered Senior Member


    That can't be. It is interesting, though, I am interested to read further. Btw, what is the "uncovered strong evidence"?
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  5. iaee Registered Member

    Hi inzomnia.
    Sounds silly, I know.
    Yet the strong evidence is literally everywhere on Earth ...and elsewhere.
    I suppose that given the title of my hypothesis the strongest evidence should be at the site of impact (which is surprisingly familiar) and the exit site (which, unbelievably has not been recognised as such).
    I loved your initial comment: 'That can't be.' What I am proposing has never been put forward before so your response is a natural one.
    I'm certain that once I reveal several of the key elements of my hypothesis you will reconsider your comment and post 'That MUST be'!!
    Try googling ' The Impact And Exit Event ' for starters...
    ..and don't forget to park any preconceived notions from this point forward (you will need to focus, focus, focus!).
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  7. Sciencelovah Registered Senior Member


    I did googling before I post my first comment and I came accross to this:

    and this:

    but I haven't read them yet

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    I am thinking to read your post first without being influenced with any other sources, so that I won't make up initial judgment prior to reading your post. Is that ok??

    Ok, please start with the evidence...

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    If I am not responding today, I might look up tomorrow as here is already midnight. Cheers.

    Btw, if this will be some kind of non-mainstream topic, don't be surprised if your thread is moved into pseudoscience (by moderator, not by me). However, we can still continue there. And oh, welcome to the site!

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  8. MacGyver1968 Fixin' Shit that Ain't Broke Valued Senior Member

    Geez ..Inz...your even sweet to the woo still want to marry me?
  9. Sciencelovah Registered Senior Member

    Marrying MacGyver? American passport? Greencard? :scratchin:

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    Well at the beginning I thought iaee is a kind of spammer because of the username (common spammers name: aaa1111, abcxxx, etc), but I guess it's an acronym for "impact and exit event", so why not welcoming new member?

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    I gotta go now btw, it's nearly 1 AM here, happy posting, Mac!
  10. iaee Registered Member

    Its good to see that MacGyver1968 has got involved.
    Mac - this is not rocket science, and you would be foolish to ignore this thread. Why? Because you appear to be quick to rubbish what I am proposing even before you actually understand what it is, which is very, very strange behaviour.
    Try to resist the impulse to post nonsensical comments and just view from a distance. See what unfolds. You might even be surprised at your response in due course.
    Try and be a bit more positive, otherwise please take your childish pessimism elsehwere.
    Future positive contribution from you is welcomed - childlike comments will be totally ignored. Get it?
    Inzomnia: I guess this is clearly not mainstream, so yeah, I expect it'll be moved elsewhere...
    The first piece of evidence can be found north, and north west of the impact site: the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea. Look for yourself to see if there is evidence of uplift and raised sea floor...
    I don't know if you are familiar with the following website, but it is an excellent source of info (especially bathymetric info) and will help locate huge areas of uplifted sections of Earths crust: geoplayer dot com
  11. iaee Registered Member

    BTW: For someone called inzomnia you don't half go to bed early!!

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  12. spidergoat Valued Senior Member

    Of course it did. It's now called the Moon.
  13. iaee Registered Member

    Excellent observation, wide eyed spidergoat (or have you gooogled ' The Impact And Exit Event 'too?) - but not in the way existing sceince would have you believe it...
  14. spidergoat Valued Senior Member

    I saw an animation of how the Moon supposedly formed. It was quite a violent event, didn't it contribute to the existence of the Earth's iron core?
  15. iaee Registered Member

    Thanks for your interest, spidergoat (are they your REAL eyes???!!)
    Recent animations suggest that a Mars-sized object collided with Earth, and that materials ejected from the impactor and from Earth were released into near-space which eventually coalesced to form the Moon. This fits neatly with the presently accepted (and somewhat perplexing) scientific conclusion that the composition of the Moon is closely associated with that of the internal composition of Earth - with the Moon having no substantive iron core.
    In my hypothesis I actually go into much further detail about the creation of the Moon, although I do state that I do not agree with the animated 'Mars sized impact with Earth' theory.
    I put forward a much simpler, natural and consistent causation of the Moon; that it was created as the final element of the impact and exit event, flung out from within Earth during the devestating exit event. This would account for the lack of a demonstrative iron core and explains the similarities in internal composition between the two.
    Remember - any animation is the result of what data is input by individuals. I am proposing a perfectly natural outcome.
    Last edited: Dec 17, 2008
  16. D H Some other guy Valued Senior Member

    Tis' the season, and somebody needs to fill OIM's shoes.
  17. iaee Registered Member

    Zzzzzzzzzz another bore.


    Do you have something to contribute?

    Why the silly remark from a Registered Senior User? Where are you coming from? Creationist? Evolutionist? Other? Nowhere?

    Do I have to report your input?

    Again. If you have something mature to add to this discussion board please do so. If you do not yet understand what it is that I am proposing then just take a back seat until you do.

    What I have to offer WILL alter your mindset ...if you give yourself time.
    Last edited: Dec 17, 2008
  18. matthyaouw Registered Senior Member

    I'll bite. Please present your evidence.. Presumably there will be an impact structure and an exit structure. Where are these and why do you identify them as such? There should also be some kind of anomaly in the mantle and core. Show me this please. The timing of the event will also be important. When do you believe it happened and why?
  19. spidergoat Valued Senior Member

    That wouldn't happen, there would be so much heat generated that it would melt and reform, with the heavier elements settling out.
  20. Xelios We're setting you adrift idiot Registered Senior Member

    So do we have to buy your book to see this evidence?
  21. iaee Registered Member

    No! Sorry guys - I'm in the middle of relocating the furniture for the holiday period - I'll check back later...

    Matt - I have answers to all but one of your questions (when?)... I'll get back with the answers later.

    The missus is due back home and I haven't completed my orders. Oh no - the silent treatment is on its way lol
  22. iaee Registered Member

    Right. Thats all done - I made it in time. My reward? A couple of unhindered minutes on my PC before we go shopping. Bliss.

    Before I begin, will someone please click on the following link to see that it works (strangely, I have found that only Internet Explorer displays the interactive screen correctly - on my PC FireFox, for example doesn't):

    geoplayer dot com/gateways/earth.html (I can't post links just yet, hence the wierd 'dot com'. I'm sure you know what to do!!)

    An image of Earth should appear, along with the capability to click on it to rotate, zoom in and out etc.

    Xelios: Regarding my book. I have only just released it and I guess that because of the controversial content of the entire hypothesis a lot of people will need a lot of persuasion even before they might consider buying it, hence my attempts to explain some of my findings here... (I hope visitors to this forum understand where I'm coming from).

    Matt: The content of my book is approx 50-60% visual, using a variety of imagery throughout. The reason I provided the above link is to help clarify some of my responses as this thread (hopefully) grows using Geoplayer dot com and other online resources.

    Re: your questions... I'll try to answer them in sequence.

    Presumably there will be an impact structure and an exit structure.

    The impact site is already known, but has not been associated with a subsequent exit event. It is the entire Gulf Of Mexico and Caribbean Sea region (not to be mistaken with the Chixculub impact site).

    The exit site is surprisingly obvious once the potential for an exit event is accepted as a possibility. NASA's World Wind or geoplayer dot com will help. Google 'Takla Makan Desert' ...and hey presto there it is, exactly where it should be in direct linear opposition to the impact site. Also, take a look at the way in which huge amounts of debris from the exit event has been dispersed off in the direction of the exiting mass (westward), and the scale of the entire Impact And Exit Event will become clear (especially when using NASA World Wind).

    Don't easily reject this - what I am discussing IS there.

    Why do you identify them as such?

    There are a number of reasons why this is the site of a far larger impact than has previously been proposed. The geology north, northwest and south of the impact site reveals telltale evidence. For example (here I go - don't forget my earlier appeal to park any preconceived notions in order to allow the 'bigger picture' to emerge - please bear with me for a while yet):

    On geoplayer dot com (!), locate the Gulf Of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea. Then, using the bathymetry facility on geoplayer dot com, take a close look at the northernmost end of the Andes mountain range. You will see that the mountain chains appear to seperate as they approach the coast. Significantly, bathymetry allows you to follow the continuation of these 'mountain chains' as they disappear under the Caribbean Sea eastward, before arcing back west until they reach the centre of the impact site.

    This will require a lot of objectivity in order to grasp what I am saying.

    So, imagine a huge impactor disappearing into Earth. A logical (and natural) immediate after-effect would be the reverse, outward bound ejection of internal magma under pressure from within Earth (similar to a volcanic eruption but on a much, much larger scale). In my book I refer to this (and others) as 'magma columns'.

    Zooming out from the impact site, try to get the whole of South America on screen. You will then see where this huge magma column fell back to Earth, south of the impact site.

    It created the entire north/south Andes mountain range.

    (Again, a quick reminder to park the preconcieved notions, becaus I acknowledge that it will be very easy to criticise at this point. This example is only a tiny part of a very long timeline of interconnected events, as you will discover in due course). Revisit what is actually the base of the magma column as it enters the Caribbean Sea and take another look...

    (this is frustrating because there is so much more supporting evidence to add in this particular case, but this posting is already too long).

    There should also be some kind of anomaly in the mantle and core.

    In my book (page 120) I refer to the findings of a team of researchers at Arizona State University that 'Deep within Earth, halfway to its center in an area where Earth's core meets its mantle, lies a massive folded slab of rock that once was the ocean floor'. The location of this massive folded slab of rock? Directly underneath the impact site of my hypothesis.

    Further evidence of the scale of the impact event lies to the north and north west of the Gulf Of Mexico and can also be seen using geoplayer dot com. It is the nature, direction, composition and geographic footprint of the entire Rocky Mountains up to and including Canada and Alaska.

    The timing of the event will also be important. When do you believe it happened?

    I have no idea! Although I'd really like to know too...

    ...and why?

    Matt. I have no idea if you will eventually buy the book or not, but the impact and exit event element is but the final phase of a whole series of events that originated elsewhere in the Solar System. The rest of the book details how and why Earth became the victim of this event ...and what the geological after-effects were across the globe.

    Consequently, there is a lot more information in the book than I can print here. I will however continue to answer any other questions you might have.

    I hope I haven't exceeded any 'normally accepted' parameters for the length of a posting.
    Last edited: Dec 17, 2008
  23. fedr808 1100101 Valued Senior Member

    This is silly. The asteroid hit the earth and stopped. There is no evidence for your hypothesis. The asteroid hitting the earth and stopping is a theory, your hypothesis is just a hypothesis. A theory will always beat the snot out of a hypothesis.

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