anybody played life is strange?

Discussion in 'SciFi & Fantasy' started by orcot, Oct 21, 2015.

  1. orcot Valued Senior Member

    Hey did anybody play life is strange?

    I tought it was a great game for anybody who likes interactive movies with a nice twin peaks feel.
    But I'm conflicted by the last episode.

    On the one hand it was to dark, in the most literal way, travelling trough the landscape towards the lighthouse made me bump into every invisible wall and made me look towards my feet and towards the lighthouse breaking the immersion and missing part of the cutscenes.

    I also apparently chose the wrong ending saving cloe and dooming the city. The reason I did that was in max's mind the storm was caused by all her timetraveling. I rejected that idea Max first encounters the storm daydreaming in class before she ever time travelled. Even if letting Chloe die would dissapte the storm, the time travel is magic and neather myself nor Max would consider this a option to even try as it is not logical. In fact letting chloe die means traveling back in time.Witch would degrade time further then it already was making matters worse (in a logical case).

    Saving chloe or arcadia bay means giving up on one of the 2. Max believes everything is here fault. But saving Chloe ad this point means doing nothing whilst saving Arcadia bay would make matters worse. All things considerd doing nothing if you think your responsible would be the safest option.

    The endings was purily abouth max and chloe. My mr jefferson didn't die and in the final version he's still tied up in the basement, theirs no closure on him. Victoria with all her faults is mentioned to be death but because of the time changes that's not 100% certain.
    Kate's fate is also left unclear many people died in arcadia bay if you safe chloe, letting chloe get killed would have depressesd max enough at the time of Kate's suicide that the outcome could have changed drasticly.

    In all Having only 2 endings feels to few and the fact that it's purely focussed on the 2 main characters makes it cheap.

    Also for all that Chloe will still probably die no mather what in episode 1 She's get shot in the gut by nathan and dies, episode 2 she get's run over by a train, in episode 3 she never existed in her current form in episode 4 she begs the get euthanised afther been paraplegic for years and got shot in the head. In episode 5 she dies to many times to remember. The point being She's likely to die anyway by getting murdered or a accident.
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  3. Kristoffer Giant Hyrax Valued Senior Member

    If you want that interactive movie feel and lots of different endings then you might want to look into Until Dawn or any of the recent telltale games titles.

    Haven't played life is strange yet, so I can't answer your questions, if there were questions (didn't want spoilers, so didn't read those portions of your post that seemed to deal with plot points).
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  5. orcot Valued Senior Member

    Theirs quit a few story driven games right now. Your best depends on what you like.
    -I think heavy rain was the best story choice driven game because of the amound of endings. It's funny I want to include this one and not for example mass effect or the -last of us. Despite their great story I consider them to linear to fit this cathegorie.
    -Tales of the borderlands (telltale) is probably the most funny one I played
    -The walking dead season 1 (telltale) also left a deep inpression had a good story and the gameplay didn't piss me off once.
    -Life is strange (DONTNOD) is also very good and gives of that twin peaks/lost vibe without going completly crazy. Theirs magic and unexplained phenomena but they keep their story straight. The detective paret is nice and the character arc of all the characters is also great. My only dislike is that the ending focused soly on the 2 main characters.
    -Game of thrones on the other hand plays like a snuff story and has little redeaming qualities. All telltale games have a tendency to give false choises to keep the story simple But the story plays of a like slowmo car crash end is very depressing.

    That's my expertience with these type of games I will probably play until dawn. But need to finish up with the witcher 3 (I'm slow I knw) and afther that comes fallout 4
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