Any people with real psychic/paraphysical abilities here?

Discussion in 'Pseudoscience Archive' started by Crunchy Cat, Oct 13, 2002.

  1. Crunchy Cat F-in' *meow* baby!!! Valued Senior Member

    Mind reading, Telekenesis,... you get the point. If you do,
    would you be able to prove it to me? I am not trying to bait you
    for a flame and I am genuinely serious about the request.

    Thanks folks,

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  3. Crunchy Cat F-in' *meow* baby!!! Valued Senior Member

    And BTW, I did see the thread 'Learning Psychic Powers *free-4-all*'... but I am looking for something a little more focused and
    to the point here.
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  5. LordRavenHawk Registered Member

    Out of curiosity what would you consider to be proof? Would you require someone with perfect clarity that can find information as clearly as if someone were speaking and so forth or would less precise but still unknownable (btw the person with psi) be accetable?
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  7. Crunchy Cat F-in' *meow* baby!!! Valued Senior Member

    Well, perfect clarity of course would be a +. Less-precise (but
    unknownable) may or may not work. It depends on the level
    of ambiguity. I find that meeting someone, seeing what they
    look like, hearing what they sound like, can lead to a quick
    construction of something somewhat accurate described in
    ambiguity and probability... (of course it would apply to alot
    of others of similar traits). So, if you could give me an example
    of the degree of 'less accurate but unknowable', it would help me
    guage whether I could accept it as proof.
  8. Frieda Registered Senior Member

    does knowing what's going to happen count?

    example: you're applying for a job, and you know it's not going to work out in advance? or knowing that it is going to be your next job..

    knowing i would pass my exams in high school. during an exam i suddenly was somewhere else, doing another exam. i read what was on the paper, and it was something about the different sections of the brain. red chairs, people around me.. different tables.. and then, half a year later, i recognized the place.. while doing a psychology exam.

    you mean things like that? i have this all the time..
  9. Crunchy Cat F-in' *meow* baby!!! Valued Senior Member

    Regarding the job example, if you could predict that you were
    not going to get the job, who your interviewer looked like,
    and what questions he was going to asked before the event
    actually took place then that would be something good.

    Regarding your classroom experiences, that sounds really neat
    but how could you prove it to me? If you know of a good method
    I am all ears.

  10. Frieda Registered Senior Member

    it's not about knowing what my interviewer looks like, it's a feeling that builds up when i'm on my way to the interviews. it's like someone shouting NO or YES in my ear!

    of course there's no way of proving this to you. currently there's no device that can convert brain waves & what i see in my head into real images. well, as far as i know. if there is something like that, i'd be happy to try!

    but still, these "knowing things" and "images" come randomly.. usually there's a situation that i worry about, but sometimes it's just all weird and sudden.

    another example: 2 years ago, i was working for a company, and suddenly i got a "flash" about some guy from Belgium that i would drive to work with. i immediately told my coworker what i saw, because it was so weird.. she wrote it all down, but didn't tell me that she did. a Belgian guy, while the company was in The Netherlands. about 6 months later, there was the Belgian guy. who happened to live in my area. and yes, he offered to drive me to and from work. now 2 months after this Belgian guy came to work with us, my coworker showed me the note..

    of course, i don't have the note. and i don't work for that company anymore, so i have no idea where she is now. again, no way to check..
  11. Crunchy Cat F-in' *meow* baby!!! Valued Senior Member

    Maybe the phenomenon you experience can be coaxed into
    being reproducable. Have you noticed any patterns on what
    triggers your precognition? Smells, fatigue, temperature, etc?
    If you have then it may be artificially induced and the results
    verified at a later date? Heck if you can assert some control
    over this you might pick up some winning lotto #s

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  12. Frieda Registered Senior Member

    no, it's nothing like smell or fatigue or something.. as i said, i usually start to "know" things when i have doubts about a situation: if i'd make it through high school, if i'm getting this job, if a boyfriend's right for me.. things like that. it's more like a feeling that induces this weirdness.

    and i totally agree, it would be absolutely cool to win lotteries like this!

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    i wouldn't know how to gain control over this though. maybe if some device could create this particular feeling of doubt.. in brainwaves or something..
  13. Crunchy Cat F-in' *meow* baby!!! Valued Senior Member

    Well if it's only feelings of doubt that bring it on, thats going to
    be near impossible to reproduce (unless you have no ego

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    The only device I could think that may be able to alter your brain
    is a direct electrical current (electrode)... but I don't think you
    would want to invest in the pain/surgery/risk associated with

    Thanks for trying though, I appreciate it.

    To all: Anybody have any controllable, reproducable, and verifiable
    abilities? Don't be shy. Like I said, I am not baiting you...
    this is on the level.

  14. Frieda Registered Senior Member

    hmmm.. interesting dilemma..

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    if i really could get a lot of cash..

    hey, no problem. pm me as soon as you've found something to turn my "knowing" into money

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  15. LordRavenHawk Registered Member

    THe bad thing with all psychic phenomenon is that it is vague in most people. Also things like numbers, letters, and words seem to be terribly hard to sense in that way. Think about dreaming when you dream no matter what if there is writing in your dream you can't read it because that part of your brain isn't active during REM. I don't know if something similar takes place with psi or not.

    My abilites are more empathic than anything else. I can sense emotions, a persons physical conditions for example. I can pin point scars people have even sometimes how they might have gotten them. I can find things in peoples memories but all of this shows up to me as impressions blurry images and sensations.

    Imagine if you were given a image similar to a wheres waldo. Now imagine you have never seen one, and you have no idea what waldo looks like and your in a dark room. Then you will have an idea what sensing things in this way can be like.

    Another is to imagine each persons thoughts as being in a slightly different language. You might know a word here and there but you have trouble making sense out of it. Alot of psi is like this which is why it is so hard to prove.

    I am sure others that have psi talents can understand what I am talking aobut here.

    Another things is that have anyone ever noticed that a psychic will ask for your name and birth date? Ever wonder why that is? Simply because a psi mind needs cues, there is alot of information floating in peoples heads and the material of the world without such cues it is like finding a needle in a hay stack the size of a house.
  16. Frieda Registered Senior Member

    indeed, the worst part is interpreting what you see/feel. it's like explaining your dreams.
  17. LordRavenHawk Registered Member

    Yeah I know, you can hit on things in a gneral way but the details get you every time don't they?
  18. Crunchy Cat F-in' *meow* baby!!! Valued Senior Member

    Hmm, so from what I am hearing the bulk of psi abilities simply
    interface with some very raw data and it is difficult for any
    individual to interpret/sort through the data. Oddly enough that
    is understandable. Take computers for example. The data in
    computers is represented by all '0's and '1's. If a human's brain
    were to suddenly be flooded with the contents of someones hard
    drive, I am sure it would be quite difficult to pinpoint the existance
    and location of 'Internet Explorer'.

    Unfortunately that makes a proof very improbable to attain...
    Maybe what I am looking for would reside in someone having
    an ability that could physically affect the immediate enviorment
    (such as Telekensis). Basically something that a 3rd party could
    observe the effects of.
  19. LordRavenHawk Registered Member

    It make proof hard. Telekinesis is very rare as far as I know. While I don't doubt it exists I have never encountered anyone with those talents. You might wish to look up micro pk tests. There was an interesting test i read about. People were tested for psi. only people without professed psi abilities were tested. the people fell into two groups believers, and unbelievers. The interesting thing is that the believers scored higher than propabilty, the real kicker was that the unbelievers scored Below propability.
  20. TreeLyfe Registered Senior Member


    Is being able to see things count as a psi ability? I dont see nothing grand but its gradually getting more 3d'ish i suppose. I use to see flying colored dots, I still do, but it sometimes makes shapes. I can tell someones mood when I see the colors in the shape. I guess u can call it an aura but its not around the person its in front of my eyes. Usually I see a square shape with differ colors, Like the middle part which is biggest is yellow then it gets smaller to red then a thin purple line at outer. Or today I was seeing a green middle and purple lining. I also see colored hazes mostly purple around objects or just floating in the air. Its like looking through a crystal glass and seeing the different colors.
    These colored shapes are new to me, it just started last week and ive been usually seeing colored dots before that.
    I was also hearing people talk one night. I came home around maybe 1 am. The whole house was quiet , and I was just layiing in bed trying to go to sleep and I heard people talking real loud, I thought the tv in the living room was on but it wasnt. And when I tried to listen intently to the voices it stopped. They sounded like old time New Yorkers or something. Other time I heard chinese people talking.
    I dont know how I can prove it though. I just felt like mentioning it.
  21. Crunchy Cat F-in' *meow* baby!!! Valued Senior Member

    Interesting experiences, but unfrotunately localized to your
    own perceptions; however, if you can determine emptional states
    via an aura of some sorts then hypothetically you could see
    the emotinal state of someone if they wore baggy clothes and
    some sort of a mask? That could lead to a proof!
  22. evolove Registered Senior Member

    TreeLyfe, I can see what your mentioning, the little dots, the only other place that I have read or heard about the is from Emanuel Sweddenberg, I'm sure I got his name horribley wrong, but he refered to something called the divine spark, and this can be used to guide a person depending on the colour/intesinty/feeling that "is" the spark, and this is basicaly what I've come to see of it so far, I havent realy noticed it in relation directly to other people, but thats just me and the way my mind works I think,
    Gees, I keep seeming to do this
  23. Crunchy Cat F-in' *meow* baby!!! Valued Senior Member

    EVOLOVE, what color are the dots? Do they move around or are
    they static? Do they form shapes like TreeLyfe's do? Also, do
    you hear any buzzing sound/explosions like Treelyfe does?

    TREELYFE, so... how about my 'proof' idea?

    BOTH, Do either of you have poor/slow circulation or take any
    kind of beta-blocker medication? I'd like to look into some
    hypothesis I have regarding the dots and sounds?

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