Any comments, if you can actually sit to read, because i understand it's long.

Discussion in 'Free Thoughts' started by moses207, Dec 1, 2006.

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    Macrocosm 1

    I found something; a sacrosanct, something unforgettable. People often ask me where my mind came from, how I believe what I say. The truth is I don’t, I can only trust what has been given to me.

    With N.A.S.A trying to colonize mars, by somehow melting away the permafrost, (perhaps with mirrors) and letting the rivers flow, to acquire adequate design for human consumption: I have to be ready, to discover God. I am going to destroy the world. If my theory is correct, everything will come back; everything will stay still.

    I’m not sure how this all happened. I was never a “quirky” child per say. It was more of my desire to create heads to spin then any actual philosophy I might have come across. But at age 16 I began to see something I felt like no one else had seen. Everyone desires to be special; everyone desires to be one with the supernatural, to feel more than a person, to feel more than a space created by years of evolution, with nothing more to look forward to. People living for an after life rather then life its self. This was my mysticism, but I never saw it as a crutch at the time. Maybe I was searching for truth or maybe love and maybe just for the sake of originality. But I have come to realize, that this is more than my philosophy for living, it is my fact.
    The world topples everyday; there are news reports everyday of violence and suffering. People think religion is the bellwether, but it is actually the opposite. People are naturally a**holes, and there’s not a reason for this. Neither science nor nature walks will help it.

    “God creates us as gods; whichever religious abstraction we believe in comes true within our minds psychologically and in the after life exists. He is self limiting and is all powerful within what we as humans can conceive. His entity exists with time and space, expanding and contracting. But nothing ever dies, only changes. The universe is his eternal mind, planets are the impulses of his creativity, and not to be anthropomorphic, but he is like us in everyway.”
    My teacher stopped and looked at me in a peculiar way, which of course is to be expected.
    “Go on.”
    My professor looked confused, but he was not as shaken up as I thought he would be. When you deny everything they have taught you and start to come to weird axioms within your own brain, they tend to not take it very well: especially a theology teacher.

    “He creates us without complete knowledge of how or what we will do. Our minds consist of numbers. Certain probabilities and variations in our chemical make up choose our actions. God lives within himself; his technology is a larger picture of ours. Meaning that he creates as we do, our probabilities help him create better variations. Once we die, we are reborn into his universal mind. It builds and builds, learning from his mistakes, growing with ours, like evolution.”

    This is where he tells me I am insane.

    “What have you been smoking, Mr. Leonard. Are you implying that God is not all knowing, that our world is done by chance, but also by God?”

    “In a sense yes, besides Mr. Bruno, humans don’t want answers, just possibilities that fit to their liking, and comfort them when the world is against them.”

    A long pause now persisted in the remnants of his front desk.

    “The world rotates every 24 hours, but we see time can go longer and shorter according to N.A.S.A scientists. By clouds in the sky, and motions in the earths crust, the earth can slow down or speed up. But time does not stop when the earth stops rotating, it’s relative, always there, God was created with time, by another God.”

    “I see, and this is what your paper was on. You do realize this is Theology class, not Mr.Leornard’s imaginations class.”

    “I thought religion was imagination sir.”

    Microcosm 1

    “No, you don’t understand, philosophy can be figured out, the same way math can be. Math is there waiting for us to decide which rational way figures out the facts of the physical earth, but we can do the same with metaphysics. It is not so abstract if it lives within our mind. But perfection exists more than in our perceptions of judging reality.”

    Mr. Leonard, I’m not sure I understand you, any perception of perfection is within this world. We can only judge things based on reality. For instance, I wish people could fly; Birds are able to fly. I wish I could shoot fire-balls; Volcano’s exist, so do balls.”

    “All imagination does not come from reality sir. I can perceive a more perfect world than this. For instance how would you reply to this?
    I took my paper of thoughts out and began to recite. I hoped this wouldn’t obfuscate our little progress.

    “How is a creator whom is called loving and benevolent, kill thousands upon thousands of people in earthquakes and other natural evils? Some say that by creating evils, it brings many closer to God (i.e. with suffering becomes a bigger awareness of where he is.) But how can he choose some to kill, and others to stay behind? One could argue that the people being destroyed would be rewarded with "Heaven", but without using that term, or the excuse of Adam and Eve's original sin, how can you defend the theist position. God can create a world that is imperfect you say, but if he sets the standard for what is morally correct, than how can he contradict himself in the fact of him making an imperfect world where he can create natural evils without sin onto himself, where we as humans are punished under his standards of morality, because that would be a contradiction of his compassionate and just persona. In my opinion, in the argument for the logical inconsistency of evil, I would award the point to the Atheist. Theologians have provided possible arguments, but not probable. The fact that God could have created a world, in which this wasn't the case, and where moral evil still occurred due to our free will; in my opinion weakens the argument for the Theist.”

    “If things were always terrible you would not know how to scope out the good, the reason you can is because you’re aware of the outside forces differing from your own.
    And what are you saying? Do you not believe in God? You just said you did?”

    “I do, but he is not the Christina Judea God.”

    “Perhaps God creates natural disasters, so we as humans can be more creative. Without any threat of death, life would not be as fulfilling. If there is no rein of natural disasters or diseases, there’s less creativity among humans, and furthermore there is no problems or situations for us to figure out on our own. A life without questions to answer is no life at all, and perhaps like you said before, the people who die unjustly become integrated into the universal mind again, nothing is inherently connected. He doesn’t have control over us, because it’s a dream or whatever you were proposing before, ha ha.”
    After his semi mocking joke, I uttered four words.

    “Let’s wake him up”

    Macrocosm 2

    { God creates people imperfect
    He knows how to create them perfect (omnipotent)
    He does not because: He doesn’t want to create “robotic life”
    But he does create us like robots in a way
    Self limiting Robots, He knows what we can do and what we can not do.
    God creates the problems for us to figure out and endure, but he created us as well, and if all powerful, must have known what we were capable of. Therefore we are lab rats. We don’t technically have “free will”. He knows the tests we are capable and not capable of completing. He could not have created us without knowledge of what we were to become, as humans we are limited in this. But perhaps as individuals, he creates problems that he knows we are capable of and in doing so; we choose which ever is the most logical. But the logic comes from God. No matter what, this theory doesn’t work. Unless he creates a problem he can not answer. Fate is the predestined outcome God has deemed to the world. This falls under many scrutinizes, mainly if God were so benevolent and loving, why would he create Ethiopians to suffer, or hurricanes to wipe out millions of people, or if you believe in Heaven and hell, how can he choose your actions for you, and then create you to pay the repercussions?

    Who determines what is good?

    God- creator, rewards in the end
    Humanity- Survival, what’s good for the groups happiness, society needs groups in order to function, needs leadership as well, leadership causes rules and regulations to govern people, and instill what is right.
    When creating a robot, do you impose what is good?
    Yes because it gives them a way of coping with people,
    And their selves.
    Does anyone create without the desire to create?
    Can something less intelligent create something more intelligent?
    A father and a mother can create a son smarter in an area that they never where.
    Can a man create a machine better then he?
    Calculators. (We must have had knowledge of the math to give it to in the first place though, it’s just more efficient)
    What’s good for the human person is determined by humanity not God. Or does he bestow us that sense to begin with.
    If God created us, he could create us without any moral code, or he could have a form of obedience.
    Or no God.
    Atoms are God.
    People argue that all the patterns of the world and signs of a supernatural creator in designing such a complex world prove that he is real. But people forget how small we are compared to the universe, and at the same time that boosts their argument as well.
    Man was created with voice box
    Realized how to speak
    Made noises to symbolize things
    Abstract became substance
    Language, a prior and prior come from the human mind
    The human mind comes from
    Tiny atom, exploding, reacting
    An all mighty creator (Can something less intelligent create something more intelligent.)

    “God can not create God's, God is self limiting” }

    My notes were all over the place, my theology teacher was obviously upset with me and school was getting worse. I was fading farther and farther away from my social life and their perception of reality. I faded back. I used to write to impress people, using odd terminology and obscure metaphors that only made a pseudo intellectual say “Wow dude that’s deep.” But now I was writing not to show anyone else, but only me. Although my only concern was how creative I could get, there is still some argument about how intelligent I actually am. But one thing I do know is that the less a society uses a word, the more intelligent it becomes.

    In the process of the ontological argument I came across something interesting. Our notion or belief of God and desire to be one with the supernatural could be imposed because God has instilled this within us. Or there is no God and the probabilities of nature coincide with helping humans achieving cognative thought and not animals. Perhaps when they grow onto the evolutionary ladder they will also become intelligent. But not everything has evolved at the same rate. For instance, if everything was mechanically created by atoms and random radioactive explosions and if evolution is correct, then everything should have evolved relatively the same, unless one was bound to be better, either by nature, or act of God. We are the only ones out of all the ecological and psychological finding’s and studies of existence on earth to have these notions, and that’s the strongest argument for the believer. Everything else is instinctual, and animals don’t seek to be individuals. If God was all powerful and divine, could he not have created us to begin with, like this now, instead of evolving? The answer is no, because he grows with us. The chain of sacred to unsacred is a circle, not a line from earth to heaven.

    In circular motion the ball and chain went whizzing by. With the culture of America being divided, people are found more and more jumping in and out of faiths. When you’re brought up with a distinct culture that primarily teaches you that “if you don’t accept Jesus as your savior you will be sent to hell” it’s very clear what you should believe in, and the surroundings encourage you to do so. But with new denominations arising up from the seas and oceans of opportunity, and with different cultures to accept, it’s hard to know what to believe.

    Crash- this is no longer a melting pot, it’s a case of throw up.

    21% of the world is of the Islamic faith, 33% are Christian, 6% are Buddhist, and 16% are agnostic or atheists.500 thousand people are scientologists, and 900 million people are Hindu.
    All different beliefs, all different practices and traditions, and all claim to be right.

    Apparently everyone else has made up all these religions, and only one is correct. But it’s the opposite, almost everyone is right, and God’s different moods and manifestations determine them. Another one of his ways to comfort his people- but with comfort comes great conflict.

    Next stop the frontal lobe.


    “Dreams are the portal to the other side, what you dream is manifesting it’s self in an alternate reality. If you don’t sleep, that universe is destroyed, and so is ours if they stop. Dreams are keeping everything in balance. That’s why we must sleep, the health benefits are only there as an illusion. It’s the time when our physical body is unconscious but the mind is still at work.”

    Everyone stops to stare.

    Arguing the non existence of God would be much easier if there was no God.
    Arguing the existence of God would be much easier if there was a God.

    “Stop, right now, look at your hands, look at your feet, look at the world around you. What’s the beauty you see? What’s the ugly you see? Right now you’re staring at a piece of paper, millions of electron impulses are going through your brain, aiming at trying to make coherent sense of this language, passed down from generation to generation. From day one you were introduced to this, information is being processed into your brain, compacted and stored, every thought you’ve had, every piece of information is stored in your brain. How is the human mind able to create things such as religion and music? Everything was original at one point; culture and society are not everything. If they were, there would be no start to initiate society. People adapt, people come together, people pray, and people have hope. I hope, therefore I create something that I wish to help and guide me through the current situation. That hope I create as God. God is my hope, my hope is God.

    This is an opportunity you see! If I had been born in a least industrialized nation I would not be sitting here, basking in my glory, writing away, on society, philosophy and religion. I am a privileged man, feasting on education like wolves to humans, it’s not my fault you see, but it’s better to be aware then to be ignorant, imagine living in a hut, worried about starving to death instead of writing an unorganized story.”

    People connect with pain, not happiness, sorrow is the connecter of human society, Imagine a society droned on one emotional disposition. Think of the music, think of the art, think of the books.
    “Daddy, how did molecules evolve to create emotions and personalities? Why are their brains triggered to function like that, why do we think like this?”

    “You’d be asking the same question if we didn’t.”

    “Religion makes me feel loved and purposeful! - Believe
    Religion makes me feel like a follower among many– Don’t believe = everyone’s a follower in some degree, that doesn’t mean people are not individuals.”

    The universe is like the ocean, you are swimming in the rapid beautiful ocean, with species that can only survive in the abyss of the salt water, you have every thing working together, a unique ecosystem- until you realize there is something outside the ocean, a whole other biodome, full of its own links and connections. Our space ships are just waiting to find the other universe, waiting for different laws, different scientific rules to be held by.

    I was walking along the beach one morning, collecting thoughts that didn’t matter. I came across a whole dug in the sand, and I decided to lay in the whole. A man came forward, and asked why I was sitting in his hole, in which I replied who said you owned it?

    “I created that hole, therefore it is mine, you put no work effort forward to dig that whole therefore you can not sit in it unless under my permission.”

    “Everyone who walks on the beach creates something with their foot steps; can you not walk on the beach, unless you receive each and everyone of their permission?”

    “They were not in the act of realizing what they were creating. I on the other hand had a conscious thought about creating this hole for a purpose, theirs held no purpose, it was just in the act of walking, and had to have happened for them to transfer.”

    It was a long week, but soon I will regain myself when I get home, and hopefully ill receive more news from my theology teacher/psychologist.


    “Everyone wants to affect the world in some way, Mr. Leonard, and we all do affect it in some way or another, but most people want more, they want to aspire to greatness, they want to affect the world with some thing meaningful- something unforgettable in societies eye, and whether that action is for himself and genuine reasons, or for the acceptance of others, we all strive for it. And some even make it; we all could name thousands of writers, musicians, and artists that have affected the way we perceive things and the way we think. But I believe very few make it, because only the brightest and most creative can, and of course money helps.”

    “So why don’t you think I can make it?”

    “Because you’re insane Mr. Leonard.”

    “So was Van Gogh.”

    “That’s the problem, you’re not insane enough to be great but you’re also too insane to function right in society.”

    “I’m not sure I follow you.”

    “Figures, since you’re insane.”
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  3. Genji Registered Senior Member

    Mother of God! That would take me a year to type. Uhhh, congrats!
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  5. Athelwulf Rest in peace Kurt... Registered Senior Member

    Papa don't preach.
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  7. Genji Registered Senior Member

    ...I'm in trouble deep
  8. Athelwulf Rest in peace Kurt... Registered Senior Member

  9. Genji Registered Senior Member

    Remember the Madonna song?
  10. moses207 Registered Member

    yeah sorry it's long
  11. Prince_James Plutarch (Mickey's Dog) Registered Senior Member

    People that celebrate being "insane" usually produce nothing but claptrap nonsense.
  12. Athelwulf Rest in peace Kurt... Registered Senior Member

    Oh right.

    But I thought it was Kelly Osbourne.
  13. spidergoat Liddle' Dick Tater Valued Senior Member

    Glad you got that out of your system.
  14. Genji Registered Senior Member

    I'm old

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    I only recall the original. Kelly Osbourne sings?! She's so....homely.:bugeye:
  15. Genji Registered Senior Member

    I suspect extra toilet paper was needed.
  16. moses207 Registered Member

    People that celebrate being "insane" usually produce nothing but claptrap nonsense.

    It's a fictional story, youv'e jumped to conclusions, anywho insanity is a very ambigious word, very subjective as well, it refers to someone who can not fit withen society or rather function correctly or at least that is what i would say. Now somethign more for you to look into is, does the insane person know he's insane? reply.
  17. phonetic stroking my banjo Registered Senior Member


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    She does the behind the scenes show of X-factor over here just now. Not that I watch it.
  18. spidergoat Liddle' Dick Tater Valued Senior Member

    Insane people rarely know they are insane.
  19. Theoryofrelativity Banned Banned


    this is not a fictional story IMO

    Regardless, let's pretend it is and that these are NOT in fact your own thoughts

    This person is discussing his own personal philosophy, and thus differs only in that he is developing (what he thinks..........incorrectly) is his own philosophy.
    The contents are not new to me, the thoughts are already out there. Many people speculate about God outside the conventional established bearded omnipotent bloke view.

    Thus the only people likely to conclude a person thinking these thoughts is mad (with zero other facts from which to make an assessment from) is a deeply religious person who is so indoctrinated with their own belief system that they cannot see beyond it, or even comprehend an alternative view. Or a scientist.

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    Open minded people will read it with interest, may or may not think it is plausible etc. But mad no, why mad? When does conjuring up what you think is a new belief system considered mad?

    Tell me about the voices in your head, then I'll tell you if you're mad.
  20. moses207 Registered Member

    Im not sure i understand perhaps you can clarify, what makes a story fictional, everystory comes from someones thoughts. Now if you are sayign that i personnally belive in those ideas, and are putting them through a character i would say no. His teacher thinks he's insane for the very reason you just said. But im not sure what you're trying to say other then, those thought have already been thought?
  21. Chatha big brown was screwed up Registered Senior Member

    I didn't even bother...
  22. sderenzi Banned Banned

    I didn't even bother, this story is way to long and lacks actual content
  23. moses207 Registered Member


    hahahhaha,if you didn't read how would you know of the content?

    now come on guys, i know you guys are science nerds, but lets let our pride aside. Not once have i seen anyone admit to being wrong, in this whole forum(although i could be wrong). It seems to me that this website consists of people expressing theiur intelligence, then others get envius, and try to argue back. theres a difference between a dialectic to come to "truth" which is what im assuming you guys are doing and subliminal prideful arguing. Now in this you could say, hey arnt you being a hypcryte, you posted somehtign and asked for comments? and are now calling us pridefull? well the fact is i put this out there to get criticism, in which i havent seen any in fact, no one read it, and ill be honest i wouldn't either, it looks to long and intimidating at first site, and i would call it off as well. as far as the comment for lack of content, thats a pretty vague statement, exspecially for not reading it. Are you sayign that asfter skiming through it you found it unusefull to your life?

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