Any aliens out there?

Discussion in 'Astronomy, Exobiology, & Cosmology' started by John J. Bannan, Jun 27, 2007.

  1. halo07guy Registered Senior Member

    Basically, because the chance of something happening is infinite, it is always going to happen. Right now, two stars are colliding. Right now, galaxies are colliding. Every second, an infinitely large amount of stars are being created. Basically, the chances of something happening is 99999999999999999999....99999999/1. I think thats right anyway. All those 9s represent infinity.
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  3. orcot Valued Senior Member

    It sure as hell proves the existence and the possiblities of black beans even in a enviroment dominated by chicken.
    Where there is one there can be more,
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  5. Star_Kindler Registered Member

    Can be, but not necessarily proves it, is all I'm saying.
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  7. DwayneD.L.Rabon Registered Senior Member

    Here is a list of Stars that have solar systems harboring only virus, But in age of the solar system would develope over time species such as the nematode and other species of a simular genome size as the nematode (Shrimp,Crab, Beetles ect...) as seen in the previous listed star solar systems for nematode.)
    For the virus systems the majority of evoultion would be from virus to bacteria having a short end stage of evoultion in the development of nematode size genomes.

    Stars of Virus in the Local Group of 159 Stars
    1.) SCR 1845-6357 (A)
    2.) DEN 1048-3956
    3.) GJ1245 (G 208-044)
    4.) LP 944-020
    5.) DEN 2055-4700
    6.) 2MA 1835+3259 (Reid)
    7.) GJ752 (Van Biesbroeck)

    These system have have one(1) to two (2)Planets and about 17 Moons(+/-) , with various Planetsimals. (Numerous asteroids)

    These systems have a limited group of atomic elements to form life with, having only
    1.) Hydrogen
    2.) Helium
    3.) Lithium
    4.) Beryllium
    5.) Boron
    6.) Carbon
    7.) Nitrogen
    8.) Oxygen
    9.) Floride
    Atomic elements above Floride are unstable and are radioactive, Phosphours a atomic element used in our system as a binder for the DNA chain would be unstable, causing the DNA chain to break constantly in the virus systems.
    It seems that the componet elements for DNA formation (genetic order) would be
    Hydrogen,Lithium,Boron and Carbon perhaps Nitrogen as well, what is interesting is that life in these systems would require nearly all of the atomic elements with the periodic chart for the systems. it would therefor seem that virus must travel large distances to gain a balanced diet containing bases or the nessacary atomic elements. ( a windy planet prehaps).

    Gene Index: 85 for this group of 7 stars.

    So it seems that virus and bacteria have their own planets, seperate from advanced lifeforms, the search for not so intelligent life in the local group of stars.

  8. Oli Heute der Enteteich... Registered Senior Member

    Fluoride isn't an element. Or did you mean Fluorine?

    That's news.
    Gold, lead, zinc, iron, argon.... etc. etc.
  9. Enmos Valued Senior Member

    No he meant Floride, an obscure element only found in Florida, USA.

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  10. Star_Kindler Registered Member

    Yeah, he seems to think that different star systems have different periodic tables. He even suggests some star systems could have 250 STABLE elements, but in REALITY all elements 139+ would have 1s electrons orbiting at FTL speeds.
  11. Starthane Xyzth returns occasionally... Valued Senior Member

    If such an anti-relativistic element exists and could be isolated, it might be the key component in a time machine or superluminal drive - like the fabulous "verterium" used in Star Trek warp coils...

    Dwayne's capacity for nonsense seems as infinite as the quantum multiverse.
  12. DwayneD.L.Rabon Registered Senior Member

    Well how about this regarding alien life.

    In the assement of the 159 stars that are closest to earth that might have advanced life the stability of chemistry and sub-atomic chemistry for those stars is one of the most Paramount conditions, requiring stable orbits and stable star intereaction.The group stability of our 159 local stars including are star require the control and stability of 21,911 stars, on which those 159 stars intereactions is directly dependant.
    A star such as ours is dependant on the intereaction of 264 to 377 stars which will be the final definition of the number of stars in our local group of stars as they are required to stabilize subatomic chemistry in our solar system. The group of stars on which we depend (377 stars) would require the control of 43,445 stars designating the Exstended Local Group.

    In a galaxtic empire, it would be the focus of achievement to control all stars supporting atomic chemistry of a central solar system, this may be as few as 377 stars for a star such as ours. Under the event of rigid or direct control (constant monitoring). As a order of events each of the 377 stars requires support as the atomic chemistry for a given star of such a group (377) changes with the change of its intereaction support group of stars, causeing a chain reaction; in end causing changes to the central solar system of which a galaxtic empire would protect. Therefore the number of stars nessacary to control and to protect the central solar system increases. In our case, our single star requires 377 stars for stability, which in turn would require the control of 43,445 stars.

    Cleary a interstellar traveling alien of a galaxtic empire has only one official scientific reason for traveling Interstellar distance and that is for the control of stars and their motion to secure Atomic Chemistry in their solar system.

    The monopoly over random events in the galaxy that periodically change atomic chemistry requires the control of approximitly 43,445 stars, and in minimum order for Control approximitly 377 stars( the exercise of a small galaxtic empire).
    When looking for alien life of advanced intelligence it is in the actions of control of these bodies that is the most probable condition for recognizing and locating their existence. To find a galaxtic empire In our local group the observation distance would be approximitly 250 light years radius from earth to 500 light years from earth in our local group and Exstened Group of Stars. Where under the adjoining exstention as far as 500 light years radius from earth.

    The actions of a galaxtic empire in our local group would not include the destruction of planets as the events of exspermintation. However the creation of a planet is highly probable as a occurring event. The actions of a Galaxtic empire would also appear to include the Monitoring of magnetic pole reversals, and so the sighting of alien craft near the time period of a magnetic pole reversal on a planet such as earth that appears to be at the point of Magnetic pole reversal would be a expected event; with greater exspectation than for other solar systems in the local group as our solar system is ranked number 7 out of 159 stars for intelligence. The actions of destructive behavior of planetary bodies and such scaled actions of Disruption, would be the actions of a alien group that exist outside of our support group of stars, of which the planetary bodies destroyed have no effect on the stability of subatomic chemistry in their region of interstellar space.

    Of the 159 stars that are closest to Earth, Sirius and Altair are the stars that bind the Greatest number of stars. If humans were to attempt to gain control of their stars. These Two(2) stars would be the focus of such a action,that occurrs after exspermintation outside of our Exstended Local Group of Stars (43,445). At a estimated distance for, exspermintation
    occurring 250 lightyears away from earth (if lucky a distance of 60 light years).

    In the conditions of Sirius and Altair its is a likely event of circumstance that both Sirius and Altair have life with advanced intelligence greater than earths, about 6 times the mental Capacity of humans. Other complications would also exist as well for humans, such as for human Devices as nuclear weapons which appear useless as tools, as uranium and higher unstable atomic elements become stable in solar systems such as those of Sirius and Altair making nuclear detonation non-active as well nuclear engines appear to fail as well.(which may also occur in our solar system on Jupiter). Furthur more nuclear concepts of human military adventure are useless as a offense in such solar systems, having only design for use in earths solar system.

    Traveling to either solar system of Altair and Sirius may eventually be of biological Benefit, it is possible that humans may migrate to evolve over time living on small tracks(Plots of land) on certain planetary bodies? Interesting to the events of the evolution of human. Humans still have a great deal of evolution to experience and under go in the progressive development of our own solar system. So there is no need to rush to a more advanced solar system such as Sirius and Altairs,except for the gain of knowledge and the control of stars determining our atomic chemistry.

    Last edited: Aug 19, 2007
  13. Avatar smoking revolver Valued Senior Member

  14. DwayneD.L.Rabon Registered Senior Member

    Well, yes actually i mean fluorine.

    And well yes the atoms decay, if you sent Lead(Pb) to one of the virus systems the atom would decay rapidly, it is however possible than within the star itself it might remain as a stable atomic element, being ionized.

  15. Oli Heute der Enteteich... Registered Senior Member

    More fictional, unverifiable rubbish.
  16. orcot Valued Senior Member


    It's strange that their so little mission towards comets altough some of them require less energy to reach then the moon.
    But al together I have little faith in it, theirs simple to little to known abouth comets to give 1000000000000000000000000 changes to 1 that life originated life on a comet in stead of earth.
    Well hopefully this sort of news will get it more mission and funding altough it will generally be a waste of money. It might open up talks abouth nuclear energy in space the russians developed nuclear generators producing 6 kw in the 1980's for instance ESA's smart 1 used less then 1.2kw... going nuclear could speed things up in space
  17. DwayneD.L.Rabon Registered Senior Member

    Well it definitly appears that it is a cheap means of energy, The nuclear engine in intersetllar space does not need to be fueled by uranium, silicon would seem to be just a fine fuel as uranium.

    As for life on comets and asteroids, if life took a root there it would be periodic, lasting only hours to maybe a day, as the comets and asteroids are with out stable orbits. and have only a nuclear magnetic feild. Which then would place the formation of whatever lifeform living within the rock, as a complete enviroment for the lifeform (I will assume it must be a microbe lifeform).

    A more likly place for the start of early life within a solar system is the moons of of planets. looking for other life within our own solar system the 163 moons are a good place to look. Even greater odds of finding life within our solar system is on moon that exist within the gaseous atmosphere of the gas giants like jupiter, saturn, uranus and neptune.
    All four bodies appear to have internal luinar bodies.

    well Orcort is there another local star that you would like to look at to find intelligent alien life
    Last edited: Aug 19, 2007
  18. DwayneD.L.Rabon Registered Senior Member

    Well whats the matter, with my assesment. it seems your just flapping your chops. Are you perhaps scared to talk about the science of life in outter space.
    There is nothing rubbish about what i have said, in fact where can we even have a conversation with response commentary like rubbish, i mean really such statements are really lacking in conversation.
    If you think i am talking rubbish, then do show the point of your disatifaction under you understanding of the events. That way something can be gained from the conversation and it won't be a complete loss. unless of course it is you who don't understand and are just spouting off at the fingers.

    One thing is for certain i am not fiction, really it seems that word(fiction) is used by people who really dont understand what they are talking about (their escape exscuse)

  19. orcot Valued Senior Member

    Whatever that's reacheble within a human lifetime right now that only leaves one possible candidate: homo sapiens neanderthaler

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    Other then that it's all good... I don't think you can fuel nuclear rockets with silicon tough. This site gives a decend overvieuw
  20. Oli Heute der Enteteich... Registered Senior Member

    Umm, all elements above "floride" are radioactive isn't fiction?
    Lead would decay rapidly?
    Because of...?
  21. DwayneD.L.Rabon Registered Senior Member

    Well Orcort

    It appears in my assessment that silicon as well as other atomic elements of the periodic chart are radioactive in interstellar space, as they become unstable; emitting beta particles, x-rays, and gamma rays. Eventually decaying. At what distance this occurs in interstellar space I have not assessed, certainly asteroids and other bodies are assumed to contain heavy elements such as iridium, nickel and ferrum(iron).

    From the satilites I have read about sent to the region of space known as the Orrt group of asteroids the regional environment is a environment of thermal activity. The reading may be due to the increased emission of x-rays, gamma and beta particles(electrons). It would seem that the asteroid region or just beyond should be visible in x-ray emissions
    Under time exsposure. Evenso the weight of favorable evidence for the radioactive decay
    Outside of the solar system is the great abundance of hydrogen and helium observed in
    The galaxy and universe.

    A reminder of the conditions of alien life/ life. It appears that without the event of alien contact or observation of alien activity in the region of their star and solar system by telescope; that life within the local group of stars is limited to life on the surface of planets in the solar systems of local stars. Where also it is restrained to such dwelling as life on planets within the local group has not been able to develop to a point of order that recognizes and embraces at least planetary travel within their solar systems within a time period of 13,000 years. Where the 13,000 years sets the limit ot time that a given body has before the re-occurance of a magnetic pole reversal. Which causes the destruction of planetary civilization (reformation of the planet in new terrestrial environment).

    A magnetic pole reversal occurs in the local group of 7,454 planets once every 636days or 1.7 years. From this assessment of average occurance of a magnetic pole reversal in the local group we can determine that once every 2 years(approx) life within the local group of stars is altered or destroyed and must be rebuilt from natural environment, including natural social order meaning indigenous life( complete re-order of biological evolution may also be a event).
    This being the barrier to the advancement of aliens or human life achieving interstellar travel. Humans who ranked 7th in the occrance of biological intelligence in the local group of 159 stars and having approximately 10,000 years of evolution still have not developed civilization to a point or order where the human race would survive or can make carriage of its population through such a event as a magnetic pole reversal.

    The occrance of magnetic pole reversals in the local group of 7,454 planets every 1.7 years does give astronomers something else to look for, record and calculate.

  22. Oli Heute der Enteteich... Registered Senior Member

    And they become unstable and radioactive because...?
  23. Klitwo Registered Member


    Right on! Long live the Neanderthals.

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