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Do you hate the Microsoft?

Poll closed Apr 21, 2001.
  1. Yes, I hate Microsoft and try to avoid using their products as much as possible

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  2. No, I love Microsoft. Their great!

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  1. Lynx Registered Senior Member

    Do you hate microsoft?
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  3. Rop Registered Member

    My main OS is Linux. But i use Win2k as well. The main reason for this is cause of games. And since i do consider myself a gammer i must use some sort of winblows and win2k is my choice.

    I did not vote on your pole cause you should add a third option. You use MS products cause you HAVE 2.

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  5. Paul Rayment Registered Member

    I use Microsoft products, however they are all far from perfect for example Windows Me wants to throw a tantrum now and again.

    The only problem is there is no suitable product that can beat Microsoft Windows on ease of use.

    Linux is good, however I have never used it therefore I can't make an assumption that Linux is better than Microsoft Windows.

    One way for Microsoft to create an OS that was truely reliable is get rid of the 16 bit coding that is used in Windows 95, 98 and ME.

    Windows NT 4 is good but lacks backward compatibility with previous hardware.

    Setting up Windows NT 4 is sometimetimes a mean feat and can often be a pain in the butt.

    I have a copy of Windows 3.1, 3.11, 95, NT 4, 98 and now ME.

    I have used all of the above mentioned operating systems at some stage or another but they all have their own share of problems.

    I have a copy of Forsaken, Windows ME hates it, it just won't load the game.

    Symantec Norton Internet Security 2000 is another program that Windows ME won't run.

    If you try to install it and run it, the program locks your computer up.

    There is always the subject of computer hardware that enters the discussion on Microsoft software.

    So, in our discussion here is there a reliable alternative to Microsoft software....... just a thought.
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  7. Turbine Registered Senior Member

    I use MS products. It makes life difficult when I go out of my way NOT to use them. I find that it better to wait until the product has been out awhile before buying it. Anyone who buys anything MS as soon as it is released is a fool.They (MS) put their products on the shelves, knowing damn well it is full of holes and bugs. Almost as though they let the general public do their Bata testing. I still use Win98 2nd ed. because it's had time for full time users in the real world to find everything that was wrong with it. This won't happen to WinMe or 2000 for at least another year. Microsoft Corp. has quality control issues that need to be addressed.
  8. Paul Rayment Registered Member

    Turbine, I know what you mean, I was caught when Windows 95 came out, I went out and bought it straight away.... 6 months later Microsoft released Windows 95B and so forth.

    Same happened when I bought Windows 98, shortly after they released Windows 98 Second Edition..... one things for sure at least you can purchase the updates required to bring the original release of Windows 98 up to Second Edition standard.

    So far Microsoft haven't released a second version of ME yet, this is soon to be superceeded by Windows XP.

    My understanding with Windows XP is that Microsoft have got rid of the 16 bit coding that was used in Windows 3.1, 3.11, 95, 98 and ME...... Does this mean a more stable operating system...... we can only hope so.
  9. Turbine Registered Senior Member

    Yeah But...

    Remember, awhile back, someone hacked Microsoft and viewed their new source code? I wonder if that was the code that was going to replace the 16 bit.I'll bet is was!
    Think they had enough time to re-do everything?Wouldn't it be funny if after the release of the new stuff, a counterfeit version shows up, that works even better and is more reliable than the original? Did they ever find who was able to get in to do this?
  10. Paul Rayment Registered Member

    Re: Yeah But...

    I'm not 100% sure but I think they did catch the hacker who broke into Microsoft's computers.

    What I heard was Microsoft knew the hacker was in the system the instant the hacker gained access.

    Microsoft wanted to see how far a person could hack into their computers before being caught.

    As for the source codes, I wonder if the hacker got the source codes to Windows ME..... I sometimes have my hard drive start up when I am online and the cd-rom drive.

    Just a thought here Turbine..... What if Microsoft were to make an operating system that was artificially intelligent and could counteract a hackers attempt to gain access to a computer system.

    I think the more you understand internet protocals, the more of a chance you have to stop a hacker's attempt to gain access.

    I also think the Linux operating system has a lot of potential, mainly because the source codes are readily available for users to tweak their OS for better performance and security.

    Maybe this is the approach Microsoft should be taking in the approach of creating a better operating system.

    I know very little about programming, when I was learning the basic language I had trouble understanding the concepts.

    I guess now I could learn, back then I was 18 years old and really didn't have a clue about computer systems.

    Now I can build computers myself and set them up, I don't believe in overclocking as the risk are too high in damaging the component you are overclocking.

    A few weeks ago I bought an Intel Celeron 533MHz processor in the hopes of building a faster system but that will be in future sometime.

    My current computer system I am using is an AMD K6/2 500MHz system with 64MB of SDRAM, great business computer though for games it is quite dismal at playing them.

    As for Microsoft software what real choice do we have in alternatives, Microsoft is definately a monopoly as they try to hinder competition from other possible venders.

    Oh well......thems the brakes my friends.
  11. Turbine Registered Senior Member

    You could get rid of the 64MB chips and put in 128. I did that and there was a dramatic improvement in all performance.The HD doesn't even click at all now.The most noticable improvement is going from 64 to 128MB.If you add even more RAM above128MB,The increase in performance is not as great,nor is it as noticable.
    I was just thinking of my first computer which is a Packard Bell made in '93.That thing is sad.It has 4 MB RAM, a 130MB Hard Drive, and a 486SX Processor, capable of a bone wrenching 25 megahertz.
    The machine that I'm typing this on can take everything that is on the other ones Hard Drive, and RUN IT ALL AT ONCE! I still have the old one. It too is a MS Machine.The OS is MS DOS 5.something. I asked for a DOS manual one time in a computer store and they looked at me like I was from another plannet.It has a skeleton version of Win3.1 in there but I don't use it much, mainly because I stripped it down so much hardly anything works.[I did this to preserve precious drive space.]I use the DOS though.It's my guinea pig machine.I'll put a suspected virus in there, or if I make up something that I'm not shure what it's going to do I'll put it in there, or if someone sends me something that I don't know what it is, it goes in there first.I'm not a computer programmer but I do CNC programming for a living.I'm lucky to only have to deal with text files mainly.
    But I sometimes have to wander into a more complex world and help with a post processor.
    I like having a computer that I don't care if it self destructs.I glad Microsoft gave me the option of turning off Java and Active X scripting.There ARE some nasty diseases that can be had just by reading (previewing)text with malicous code embeded in the text itself.

    Make it idiot proof and a better idiot will come along.
  12. Paul Rayment Registered Member

    I was thinking of replacing the two 32MB SDRAM modules for a 128MB SDRAM Module but having the money is another thing.

    One of my 32MB SDRAM modules is double sided, whilst the other is single sided (Hyundai PC100 SDRAM), the doubled sided module is also rated at 100MHz.

    I was thinking that there might be an incompatability with the two SDRAM modules which could be invariable slowing down my system.

    The AMD K6/2 500MHz processor is on a Gigabyte Ga-5aa motherboard, the graphics card is a S3 Virge DX with 4MB onboard memory.

    I do however have a Magic TNT2 graphics card with 32MB of SDRAM onboard but it tends to make a lot of noise when it is installed on my computer, like a really bad whirring sound.

    The heatsink and fan have been cleaned and fresh thermal paste has been covered on the GPU but the noise is still there, I don't know if that is normal for this card.

    My hard drive is a Quantum Fireball 10.2GB LCT, which I have found Quantum to be good brand.

    I installed a Western Digital 20GB hard disk drive into a friend's computer which ran rather quietly.

    I have had 10 years experience with computers as I wasn't going to pay someone $30+ an hour to do something I could most probably do myself so I taught myself.

    Most of my problems with using Microsoft software on my computer could of been through low quality components being installed on my computer and software not installing properly.

    I am having a bit of trouble getting Word 97 to edit my website, it doesn't seem to have installed itself properly.

    I guess I will have to uninstall it and edit the registry to get rid of any information about Word 97 and then reinstall it.

    First time I have had this problem though, it usually installs correctly when I install it.
  13. Rick Valued Senior Member

    I dont understand why the poll was closed,may enough people had disembogued their hatred for Microsoft and the Moderators were tired of giving admonishments again and again

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    or may be they wanted the poll to show the results,the way it just does now.I dont understand these policies however.Excuse me for my ignorance and Candour.

  14. Porfiry Nomad Registered Senior Member

    You are excused. The poll is closed because polls are given a timeout by the person who created them and, if I am reading those dates correctly, that poll was created 3 years ago.
  15. Wrong Robot Registered Senior Member

    I'm not a gamer by any sense of the word, and I use OS X. It works great for me, does everything I need and then some(little things like system wide spell check constantly make me appreciate this OS)

    With all these latest viruses and security flaws with windows, it makes me really wonder how people can be so blinded into thinking it's a good OS. It's only as good as the applications that are on it, and unfortunately a decade of momentum is hard to fight against.

    There are some nice things in windows that I wouldn't mind having in OS X, but not nearly enough to even make me think twice about using a windows based platform.

    I have never really used linux, but I am considering partitioning my drive to accommodate some PPC linux action to mess around with, it may even allow me to play the one windows game I am interested in(that was recently released on linux).

    edit: phew, old thread, didn't even realize.
  16. cosmictraveler Be kind to yourself always. Valued Senior Member

    Who's digging up these old threads and why? That being said I use Win 98SE and am very happy with it for what I use it for. It crashed on me only because I didn't know what I was doing not because it was a bad system.
  17. curioucity Unbelievable and odd Registered Senior Member

    I actually hate MS, but hell, I'm not good at UNIX anyway, and I'm not interested in buying Mac. (as a side note, isn't Linux part of Unix? Becuase one magazine said that there're three PC OSs which are competing each other: Windows, UNIX and Linux. I'm not sure if Linux's not UNIX tho)
  18. Eggsited Registered Senior Member

    Come on

    they have made so many job positions and they are a stable company so pensions are safe

    the made WMA files, the most goodest compressed sound file

    windows media player, fast reliably and can do near any thing cept streaming, or can it


    made sony and nintendo shit them selfs, though false alarm

    stole so much credit, like from the actual creaters of win-NT

    continue to beet down the superior OS's like the 64 bit UNIX and Linux

    I luve them
  19. curioucity Unbelievable and odd Registered Senior Member

    yeah right....... but considering that the software annoyingly malfunction often........
  20. Eggsited Registered Senior Member

    Ohh no no no no thats ok, thats just an error, we get them all the time its nothing at all, it work's perfectly
  21. Wrong Robot Registered Senior Member

    WMA is not only one of the worst sounding compressed audio, but it's also owned and controlled by MS, and is NOT a standard, MS can do anything they want to it and people just have to deal with it, unlike .mp3 or .aac which are standards approved by a board of companies and are not controlled by any one company.
  22. Redrover Registered Senior Member

    If you are looking for a better audio compression standard than WMA or even mp3, try Ogg Vorbis. And is it just me or does Eggsited speak in hikus?
  23. Mr. Chips Banned Banned

    I'm using HarddiskOgg that records by default into the Ogg Vorbis format. I use the mp3 plug-in so that I can use them on my portable mp3 player (which I hope will be upgradable via firmware to native Ogg handling). I record a late night radio show to listen to during the day,

    Appears to me, from my limited perspective, that Linux is making ever more progress as far as becoming an easy to use desktop alternative to MS. As far as Macs go, well, people love them so they'll stick around for awhile. Myself, I think it is kind of strange and dangerous to love a machine.
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