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Discussion in 'Intelligence & Machines' started by Rick, Oct 12, 2001.

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  1. Rick Valued Senior Member

    carl sagan says that at the time of death,several hallucinogins are
    released so as to produce hallucination ...thereby escaping the
    pain and trauma experienced during death,perhaps that
    would explain near death experiences.several hallucinogins are responsible for producing out of body experiences...any comments?KM?
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  3. kmguru Staff Member

    First of all, when you are dead - you are dead and not coming back (the definition).

    If you are close to being dead, that is a whole different story. When the heart stops, the brain needs oxygen and wants the heart to pump, the heart needs its own oxygen to survive. The brain wins but when the heart loses, the brain dies. During these times, all kinds of stuff happens depending on trauma and repair process in the body. The NO synthesis plays a vital part of that activity. Until we have a better measurement tool such as MRI, EEG, EKG all hooked up and deciphered, it is hard to tell what exactly causes the out of body experience. All the explanation are speculations rather than scientific conclusions.

    So, one more speculation from Carl Sagan...I will take it. I am a fan of him anyway....
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  5. kmguru Staff Member

    It could also be that your subconsious mind is asking your consious mind if you want to live in the physical body or go away as a quantum matrix (whatever that means...).

    Imagine if our body is composed of a subconsious mind that never lies, cheats etc and is a quantum matrix or spirit that resides in a quantum universe with its own laws and rules.

    (Note, the subconsious mind does not lie - it is more like a computer logic system where free will resides only at a conscious level)
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  7. Stryder Keeper of "good" ideas. Valued Senior Member

    I have noted a few coincidental points that might shed some light on the subject:

    This is the name for a person that has Forgotten information like who they are, This can be either Short Term memory being wiped from a bump on the head, or Long term due to internal damage.

    I noted that a Bump on the head can issue a jolt of energy, since you have to understand that the magnetic effervescent field of molecules are similar to a fractal picture.

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    The idea is that all mass has these magnetic fields.
    When an impact occurs, the molecules of the brain are jolted sharply at high speed. These means that the molecules cross into each others field, and this causes a magnetic purge which makes the memory wipe out.

    Admittedly the brain's memory works on the process of using magnetic effervescent fields to store information, these occur everytime a neuron is stimulated, so it too can be wiped just as easily through an impact, or a neural pathway from a different direction re-polarising that neuron to a different energy signiture.

    Although the blackouts that occur at G are a mixture of bloodflow being stopped and depriving of oxygen, there is also the fact that the speed of the movement of an individual will be like that of the impact, but with no abrupt stops(jolts).

    This means the brain could be polarised, wiped out or Blacked out, which isn't good since our entire physiology needs the processes of the brain to remain intact or we would stop breathing or our heart would stop beating.

    In Conclusion
    What I place here is speculation. When we die, our body decomposes... this of course takes a little bit of time, but our body stops producing chemicals to deal with enzymes.

    The very nature of our whole substance is of course Acid. Our stomachs are filled with Hydrochloric Acid (about Ph 2), and our very DNA strands are acid. (DeoxyribonNuclei Acid) This means that while we are alive our bodies are constantly battling to keep our acid levels down.

    When we die, that fight also dies, which is why we start to break down and stagnate.

    The understanding here is that on a near death experience, the brain stops producing chemicals and running processes. When the brain stops running the processes (Namely pumping blood, breathing) the energy that would be used to signal those tasks, is now routed into the brain.

    This signals might possibly have a rythmic pattern, and will act a bit like lightening striking, it will find the easiest and most conductive route to disperse, namely a neural Pathway forged during the period of living. (Of course this also means dreamstate)

    I have a theory on OBE's but unfortunately it's difficult to put in words, So I appologise for not explaining my thoughts on that.
  8. Yang´s_Matrix Registered Senior Member

    There was an article about this in Sciene Magazine and I don´t quite remember how they explained it, atleast one thing I remember is that it isn´t always a tunnel of light what people see when they have a near death experince. For example a man living in New York saw that he was travelling in a taxi and an indian saw that he was riding with a horse... so the near death experience is quite subjective.
  9. kmguru Staff Member

    After reading the quantum entanglement where photons do not have to be sent in normal space to send the information. What if the part of our quantum mind moves to another universe in the same way?
  10. Rick Valued Senior Member

    i have heard that sub concious mind is active during hypnosis.during this period what hypnotherapist says can affect the target"s perception of other words affecting to a degree what is true for a sub-concious mind and thus making it to lie???
    Frankly speaking,i am not much clear about sub-concious mind,i mean the physical existence part.where is it,and most of all where is the CONCIOUS mind??and by the way can you suggest me any GOOD BOOK on the subject...i am dying to know!

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  11. scifred Registered Member

    meessa answerin? meessa wonderin what a youssa is a sayin? say in a undestanible english!
  12. Rick Valued Senior Member

    Well,a man living in N.Y has his preception of death,as for Indian having that experience with horse.i"ll tell you something ....Indians believe that after death they are taken on horses(SACRED ANIMALS FOR TAKING THEM TO HEAVEN OR HELL) Just like our christianity believes...towards does this mean that the Indian may be going to THAT place?WELL,I really dont know.But what i can make out is that since the sub-concious brain is fed continously with the idea of death and our meeting with GOD,the mind gradually responds to death in that way or rather produces the desired hallucinations so we experience such a thing.
  13. kmguru Staff Member

    Hi Zion:

    Please do a search on the net, you may find more info on consious mind. Also college text books in psychology can help. I did my experiments (non-destructive) on my students with their permission and came to the same conclusion that subconscious mind only stores raw data. When the conscious mind lies, a lie detector can pick it up because the subconscious which also controls the nervous system knows the truth. The latest technology is to monitor the brain waves as a lie detector and the claim is it is over 99% accurate than galvanic skin and motor responses.

    Because it is raw data, you can not ask subjective questions. The conscious mind interpretes those raw data into emotions. Otherwise you get garbage results.
  14. Rick Valued Senior Member

    Just a thought:The" TUNNEL"that YANG was reffering to,if we indeed consider that we live inside a computer system(A natural computer as KM calls it) and blackholes are our connection to the real world,i mean the "hardware"connection to the real world,as i mention in some other thread,then is it possible that the tunnel is nothing but a hardware line or a black hole through which we travel and cross the horizon(of the black hole) and reach real world where we have another role to play????
  15. Rick Valued Senior Member

    Just a thought:The" TUNNEL"that YANG was reffering to,if we indeed consider that we live inside a computer system(A natural computer as KM calls it) and blackholes are our connection to the real world,i mean the "hardware"connection to the real world,as i mention in some other thread,then is it possible that the tunnel is nothing but a hardware line or a black hole through which we travel and cross the horizon(of the black hole) by traveling faster than the velocity of light.(since we are out in another world,after death,a dream state or halucination may be, so we are not bound up by rule that we cannot exceed the velocity of light)and reach real world where we have another role to play????
  16. Yang´s_Matrix Registered Senior Member

    wow, zion that perhaps the craziest answer yet... so it has to be the right one

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    I just can´t wait to see what´s it like to go faster than light

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    Well, this is kinda hard subject. Guess one has to die to find out if these experiences have something to do with religion, or are they just the products of our dying brains.
  17. Stryder Keeper of "good" ideas. Valued Senior Member

    I think Yang's_Matrix managed to get nearer to the outcome:

    Why do I get the sense of a "Science experiment", everybody wants to know what occurs at death... so they do an experiment involving them dieing. (No not flatliners)

    But what of people that are dieing naturally... why let an opportunity pass up if you have the expertise to include them in such a study... So you turn your system on, intercept them in a matrix of frequencies on the hush so no one knows.....

    Hang on a minute.. they are experiencing you hooking to them, Why not give them something to remember if they come out of their Near death experience... or at least something to ease them as they clamber towards the void of death itself.

    I think everybody should consider MRI studies, and how certain Hospitals have for years been doing studies on how the mind operates with such people as those that suffer heart attacks (they scan the brain to see where that energy surge is within the brain)... funny thing is the hosptials where people have NDE (Near death experiences) probably have an MRI department.
  18. Benji Registered Senior Member

    When i was young i used to have preminitions, this might sound whacky but i aint a nuttah, i would have dreams that were really hard to remember just bits and pices of things yet usually within 2 or 3 days my memeory would return in perfect order just as the event i had dreamed was about to happen.
    The event would then unfold as i watched in amasment, weiredly the last preminition i ever had i changed it, i wanted to see if i could change what i had seen in my dreams and alter the future as it were.
    I did.
    The perminition itself was rater boring just a converstaion with my brother while we were out in the woods close to home exploring, i cant remember the exact wording i just remember at the end my brother was supposed to say somthing like "ok im going im going" but i changed that, i stoped him mid sentance and to this day iv never had another preminition.
    As to how many i actually had between the ages of 6-12 i couldent say, lots, most were less then a half a converstaion but still in perfect order to how i had dreamed it.
    Id like to know was i actually looking into the future or perhaps was my sub contious mind just putting events that were plausable into my dreams and they were being remembered after i woke up?
    Has anyone else had experiences like this?
    i was never abducted by aliens (to my knowledge anyway)
    I have never seen fairys
    I have never seen ghosts
    Like i said im not crazy just curious as to what could explain these strange event in the early part of my life.
  19. Stryder Keeper of "good" ideas. Valued Senior Member

    I think of these sorts of Phenomona being engineered not just occuring naturally.

    Here is an understanding that I percieve for an MRI experiment involving the usuage of someones mind (The ability to percieve its actions).

    Equipment & Rules of Engagement:
    A RF antenna array that can cover a majority of the spectrum, an area that you intend to map, an individual that you intend to do this experiment on and around, a couple of years in a university to get the right qualifications to understand the implications of your study and something to pay them with at the end of it.

    The person admittedly is "Unsuspecting" of their involvement within such and experiment, as you wouldn't want them knowing what they are involved in it might upset your measurements.

    The poor individual will find himself slung at first into what will be a "Wigner's assistant", using frequency, you split his world into parallels and have a computer "Nudge him" in the right direction.
    [This could be done by having a repetative message, that you turn off at a different interval in comparison to the time previous]

    The reason you are doing is, is to move the individual into create a parallel. Namely terminating a repetative message in a different time interval to the one previous is going to shift the time that he interacts with his environment.

    [There is the problem that the individual will end up incapacitated during this study]

    Multiple worlds interaction
    Okay you know have two worlds (or more), one where the individual stands in a location within Space at a particular time, while in the other world the individual could exist elsewhere at that very same time. Meaning that one world is space while the other is filled with his mass.

    This gives an idea that zero-point energy is like the measuring energy of what is on the otherside of one of these parallel. Of course you can't just reach out and touch it.

    With the use of your RF array, and a couple of seriously quick computers, you can use the computers to communicate the location of the individual, and actually matrix frequencies at the location that the individuals head is, but to the parallel where his head isn't (namely his head isn't shot with frequency but the parallel is).

    At first instance this might upset certain physiological systems with an increase in frequency (Namely the person might suffer Nitrogen Neurosis on a small localised scale within their head)
    Overtime the human body and mind can adjust to these reconditions. Of course it might be noticable that their electromagnetic output is higher, and their very environment might suffer from higher electromagnetic fields than normal.

    What could be a representation of your experiment
    The interaction of these frequencies can be cleverly maintained, in one world will be the interaction that creates "Voices" within the individuals head, while on the other side a voice might be outputted at low levels if anyone becomes too interested in the "Ghostly goings on" just to cover the encode frequency of the guys thoughts on the other side.

    The encoded signals of the mind are then placed through a computer to filter out the data (like conversations) and the necessity of using programming that involves Fractal Recognition.
    [I could explain what I mean by Fractal Recognition but that in itself is a patented technology.]

    There are small problems about this sort of equipment though:
    1: Abuse (Civil and Human rights, possibly the abuse of postion by individuals using the equipment)
    2: Radiation (Possibly could increase ailments such as Cancer)
    3: An individual could be driven mad if kept on a system "For a lifetime".

    Possible Benefits
    There are benefit's from this technology being developed. Imagine treating genetic ailments (cancers etc) using this technology you can penetrate right to the very depths of a limb or body without using dopplers from your worldstate.
    (this means your treatment can treat the right spots without damaging other tissue since it doesn't need to travel through tissue to get there.)

    Waking people from comma's. climb into there head and wake them up. (while also repairing any damage)

    surveillance. It's possible to follow a person be they crook or agent, without need for microphones or batteries at their end. The people back at HQ would be able to see everything that person can see and help them do anything that's necessary. (e.g. Hq views a password to a door through a person that enters it, it's then relayed to their agent.)

    Many differing uses for neurological treatments.

    Possibly useful for Blind and deaf people, but I'm still concerned with long term usage.

    As for Benji,

    well lets say someone was messing with your mind, feeding you the conversations while you slept from your future. And when you changed your future ending, it knocked their Parallel out of alignment. which is why it stopped.

    Can you remember if you felt anything when you changed the way the conversation ended? any pains? like a small cramp or anything?
    Last edited: Oct 30, 2001
  20. Reign_of_Error Registered Senior Member

    Hi Yang´s_Matrix

    Nice to see you here man!!

    I hope you enjoy your stay..
  21. Bebelina Feminazi Messiah Valued Senior Member


    Yes, thanks for the mindrides of this conversation.

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    But it´s like this, when we die the brain releaes these endorfines and other substances to make the transition to the non-physical reality as comfortable as possible.

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  22. Yang´s_Matrix Registered Senior Member

    Reign_of_Error LOOOONG time no see

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    Good to see you again.
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