Another reason why Metallica sucks balls...

Discussion in 'Art & Culture' started by theonlyguyever, Jul 26, 2003.

  1. theonlyguyever omg met's lake out!!1 Registered Senior Member

    ~ from ~

    So far on the tour, Metallica have only played two songs from their new album, St. Anger, the title track and Frantic. There's a reason for that. The musical passages were recorded in segments during jam sessions and were later cut and pasted to form complete songs. Recreating many of them live will require time and practice.

    "Everybody's like, 'Why don't you play more than two songs from the album?' " Ulrich said. "It's like, 'Uh, as soon as we learn them we will.' "

    I mean, really, what the fuck? Metallica can't actually play anything but the singles from their god-awful new album yet? I have NEVER heard of a band not being capable of playing their own material before.

    On second thought, it would probably be best if Metallica never learned to play their own new songs, for the good of music fans' ears across the globe. Please, stick to the halfway tolerable older material, guys.

    Any thoughts?
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  3. kazakhan Registered Abuser Registered Senior Member

    WTF? Have you seen them live they suck! I seen them in 88 and they stuffed at least half a dozen songs, not including the stupid stops to say "bout time for a beer", yeah ha friggin haha..........
    Since they released"One" they've been corporate whores.
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  5. BloodSuckingGerbile Master of Puppets Registered Senior Member

    Wow, I didn't hear about that. Damn they suck.
    Since they started playing their stuff on MTV I've been gradually losing respect for them, but this is a new peak.
    Sorry Metallica, you've just lost a fan.
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  7. HonkyDick Registered Member

    All the talent in this band died with Cliff.
    Metallica are sell-outs.
    I remember Lars taking the piss out of all the bands that made film clips, assuring the fans 'One' would be the only one for them.
    Unforgiven made them so much money they released a sequel(remake).:bugeye:
  8. Marigny Registered Senior Member

    damn, i can't believe it.

    that's too bad. they really had one of the best albums of all time in The Unforgiven, enter the sandman, etc. oh well, i still like a couple of their songs in st. anger.
  9. Christian Sodomy Registered Senior Member

    Has anyone here mentioned the obvious?

    Metallica always sucked. Without Cliff Burton and Dave Mustaine, they were just rockers who stole the better part of their riffs from the NWOBHM movement.

    You want old Metallica? Motorhead. Venom. Holocaust. Budgie. Diamond Head.
  10. Guyute Senior Member Registered Senior Member

    Exit metallica......enter crap........were off to mtv land.

    Sorry Metallica(P.S. MTV sucks real bad, not a wise choice)

  11. Bachus Registered Senior Member

    fans are stupid I'd rather have the play pre-black album stuff
  12. Bachus Registered Senior Member

    Re: damn, i can't believe it.

    That would prolly be the songs the used to sell out, they are METALlica not a freaking pop band (although now I think they are)

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