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    Have you played or seen the pc game- 'stalker'. In it there is a storyline of war affected state, where even scientists work in labs, nuclear clouds and mutants are seen. In this particular game the stalker moves through different locations without travelling. This concept if elaboratly thought then there are many societies which work upon to achieve this travel thru time at different locations. Like many newly wed couples dissapear and spend their honeymoon in somewhere at distant planets like jupiter or even neptune! Many mutants living on the other planets do frequent earth. There are even many diverse vegetation on different planets not seen on earth. What the people who could achieve such travel do? They walk across and the surrounding objects,scenario remains same, but the residents dissappear for a while! And new unknown people are seen. Like two specific locations on earth appearing at a single phase of time!
    Even huge objects like military tank travel to-and-fro!

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