Ancient weapons thread(torture devices and surgical utensils also welcome)

Discussion in 'History' started by Dr Lou Natic, Apr 4, 2004.

  1. Nysse God is dead Registered Senior Member

    Does anyone have any more information, or websites, on Greek and Roman torture methods?
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  3. one_raven God is a Chinese Whisper Valued Senior Member

    Here's a fierce weapon...

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    (according to the Department of Homeland Security and the FAA, anyway.)
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  5. Dr Lou Natic Unnecessary Surgeon Registered Senior Member

    I was working on a year 11 history book the other day and saw some cool torture devices from the middle ages. There was this thing like a vice which crushed the victims head from top to bottom, but it was very gradually tightened, first their teeth would start to crack under the pressure, then shatter, then the lower jaw would crush and cave in etc etc untill the head was squished maybe a day later.
    I also never realised exactly what the iron maiden was, you probably know it's a tomb with inward facing spikes, but they were strategically placed to impale the victim non-fatally. There was even one for each eyeball, but they'd only tickle the back of the ball, and not reach the brain.
    So the victim was just kind of annoyingly stuck in the dark, not able to move anything an inch, probably eventually dieing of thirst and discomfort.
    This is what the human mind was being used for before the renaissance, coming up with the most brilliantly horrible ways to torture heretics and old eccentric people. Stupid renaissance.
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  7. Mickmeister Registered Senior Member

    I am impressed by the interrogation chair.

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  8. redarmy11 Registered Senior Member

    That looks quite... comfy.

    My favourite torture method is to suspend people over a fire by tying their hands behind their back, then suspending them from the ceiling. It's not usually too long before their shoulder joints crack. Sometimes I throw chili powder onto the flames to enhance the burning sensation and, occasionally, I like to beat them as they hang there with an electric baton that I imported specially from China for the purpose. Thankyou.
  9. Carcano Valued Senior Member

    The Macedonian Pike.

    The Roman Pilum.

    The English Longbow.

    The Mongol Reflex Bow.

    Four of the most powerful ancient weapons that altered the course of history.

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