Am i going MAD???

Discussion in 'Free Thoughts' started by taylan007, Oct 14, 2005.

  1. wesmorris Nerd Overlord - we(s):1 of N Valued Senior Member

    My best advice is to consult your sages. In my life when weirdness has arisen, I speak to every wise older person about my scenario that will listen and provide council. Eventually, I push my brain hard enough to arrive at an epiphany about what I have to do. Basically I push it to collapse and in the recovery stage my required action becomes clear.

    I joined the army in that manner.

    I did college post army in that manner.

    I got married in that manner.

    All of which have been great experiences.


    BTW, the stupid picture is supposed to be funny. Ha.

    LOL, you should have been here for the few days there was a cult surrounding that avatar. It was awesome. Dancing Wesheads flooded sciforums for like a weekish. That's actually the explanation for the little wierd thing 1 of N in my title. There were many of me(we) at one time.
    Last edited: Oct 25, 2005
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  3. tablariddim forexU2 Valued Senior Member

    GodlessEvil sounds like he's been hitting the bong a bit too hard or that he may be developing into a paranoid schizophrenic; I think GodlessEvil should see a specialist and talk about his problem before it gets worse, I mean seriously!
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  5. GodlessEvil God is dead Registered Senior Member

    I think you just want me locked up because i don't share the same viewpoint as you.

    I buy things online, anybody could hack my computer, as soon as i joined this site i knew i had to get my debit card changed because someone on this website would probably follow where i go on the internet and then steal my money.
    For extra caution i no longer shop online, if i have to i'll do double checks on things, like security and firewall, antivirus etc
    or i'll start a fresh and format my computer or switch to my other computer.

    I'm also involved in far right politics, so i may have enemies of the left trying to track down where i live.
    Thats why i have a crossbow under my bed.
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  7. tablariddim forexU2 Valued Senior Member

    You're probably being watched on cctv as well.
  8. Darkman Registered Senior Member

    Apparently if you were truly insane you wouldn't know you were insane, you would just think you were normal.
  9. LVPhysics Registered Member

    Who's normal anyways? You know what the number one sickness is? Poor mental health.
  10. taylan007 Madman Registered Senior Member

    Remind me what far right politics is????
  11. tablariddim forexU2 Valued Senior Member

    Far right could only mean some sort of fascism, neo nazism; that sort of thing. No wonder you think you're going mad; anyway, plenty of nutcases on this board obviously, so you're in the right company.
  12. GodlessEvil God is dead Registered Senior Member

    Well specifically i'd not say i am a neo-nazi, the far-right is actually a derogatory term.
    My core belief system has elements of fascism and usual democratic socialist, but is anti-immigration and supports a reintroduction of national service.
    And the right to bare arms after national service, you'll have a rifle at home.
    And reintroduction of the death penalty and stricter on criminals and corporal punishment.

    Of course the UK being what it is today this is considered extremism, even though it is what we had once ANYWAY, we are out to fix the 60 years of political damage by the marxists who pretty much run the show today.

    Now broadband is a bad thing, i have it due to speed, speed is increasingly important today, but the trouble is it is not as sucure as dial-up because the address stays the same, you can hide more easily on the internet with dial-up.

    I'm a little over cautious but maybe that is a good thing, considering how many people are out to get you even though it's not personal.
    I'm only paranoid when it comes to the internet really, and that is not a mental illness, it is a reality.
  13. GodlessEvil God is dead Registered Senior Member

    Also in addition we are not a proscribed party as we democratically get votes within the general election.

    Well we could be proscribed but this would be un-democratic, instead the 3 main partys group together to form a psuedo banishment, or use bully boy tactics to prevent us having the right to speak, they might for instance use the "incitement to racial hatred" bullshit.

    Lets say i send leaflets or have written a newsletter and 800 people recieve it, now 1 person might read it and go outside and beat up a black guy because he is enraged.
    Due to this the person who wrote or compiled the letter or even put leaflets door to door could be arrested and get 3 years in jail max.

    However they completely ignore the fact that the 799 other people who got the leaflet/newsletter did nothing except agree/disagree.

    Thats the kind of crap that we face.

    Like horror films, 1 million people could watch a particular horror film, one person commits a crime based on that horror film and suddenly it is banned, ignoring the fact 999,999 people just watched it and did nothing.

    It's crazy, that is insanity for you right there.
  14. taylan007 Madman Registered Senior Member

    You know your tactics are extremest and judging with a name like yours i would say you consider yourself to be........ evil.

    If you have no good beliefs of your self and for your self, how could you expect others to trust or follow you????

    By the way you talk about how the rules are a little bias, consider that you get power, whats the main thing you would want to do with that?? it should be you want to keep it. Taking that into mind it would explain how some of these laws/legislations get created.
  15. dagr8n8 Registered Senior Member

    its weird actually last night i thot about that same idea. but i actually thot i was going insaine, liek thoes weird movies it was like i understood why they did what they did and it was liek i was almost scared of every thing, at the ti i was really depressed mad sad and jsutt mentaly fucked
  16. GodlessEvil God is dead Registered Senior Member

    No i consider the world to be evil, godless and evil are two names to describe the world, rather than describe myself.

    If you take that opinion then one must also think i am godless???
    so what, what the hell would that mean anyway?

    I have started early in politics, i'm a new starter having only been a member of a political party for 2 years and i'm 25.
    Everyone has to start somewhere and i learned early what needs a radical shift.
    I originally was going to enter the police force when i was younger, then i decided against it because the company i kept at the time would not have liked it and i started going downhill, later i ended up following art and i did well with art and worked in a tattoo studio for a year while continuing my other night job, i was going to join the army, but decided that current politics seems only to want you to fight for someone else.
    So if i was really to do something and make up new social friends i decided that with my current night job i'll do all i can with politics in the day and that i knew would be a lifetime effort and struggle.

    Britain is in trouble, the 3 main partys are no good, i feel i am of the new blood in politics that people need.
  17. taylan007 Madman Registered Senior Member

    Do you actualy belive in god???

    Are you with the BNP or summin???
  18. wesmorris Nerd Overlord - we(s):1 of N Valued Senior Member

    Actually I went through a similar period of border-line insanity at 16. I couldn't find the point and was all whacked out about it. I figured it out after a while, still 16 I think.
  19. tablariddim forexU2 Valued Senior Member


    The BNP and affiliated Nationalistic groups are beyond accepted norms of politics. Their ideologies are extreme and are based on fear, paranoia and skewed thinking and this is also what they like to promote.. fear and paranoia based on misinformation gathered from a skewed perspective, which creates hate and loathing.

    They will recruit their members from an underclass of disaffected youth who are actually quite lost or even despondent and will brainwash them with very logical sounding crap, welcoming them into a 'family' of people who supposedly 'love their country and race'. Their tactics of recruitment are similar in form to tactics used by all cults. They will offer a sense of belonging and a sense of reason.. they will make you feel that you are doing 'the right thing' and that ultimately it is 'for the good of all', they will make sure that you are not left alone too long in case you form a different opinion to theirs and they will have a senior member of the cult 'on your case' all the time.

    Over time, they will use you to run their errands, write their propaganda or distribute it, they will goad you into participating in demonstrations and acts of insurgence and the more willing you become, the more they will use you. They will ask you to do things you wouldn't normally do, they will ask you to commit criminal acts of violence and anarchy as a way of moving up in the ranks. If you are intelligent or are in a position of power in your ordinary life, they will use your gift against you, goading you into more devious and covert acts and you will get sucked down into an abyss that will seem impossible to escape from and then you will belong to them completely.

    And ALL the time, you are led to believe quite sincerely that what you and your cronies are doing is for the good of one and all.

    You are led to believe that the whole world is Godless and Evil. But wait for a moment, have you ever been anywhere in the world, on your own, of your own choosing? Have you ever met and befriended people in the world, in foreign lands? Yes? Really? How many people, how many places? And they're ALL evil and even Godless? Can you honestly think that with a straight face?

    Have you EVER considered what would happen to the infrastructure and services that maintain your beloved country if EVERYONE of foreign descent was removed from it, or would you keep the foreign whites? What about yellows?

    Who would you keep in your country? Would you kick out the blacks? Do you consider people of African origin to be a different race, an inferior race?

    Would you kick out brown people of Asian origin? Do you consider Asians to be a different race, an inferior race?

    What about Mediterranean people? French? Germans? Fat people, Short people, gypsies, cripples, drug users, alcoholics, homosexuals, Mormons, Catholics? What about all them, would you keep any of them?

    Seriously WHO would you keep and WHY?

    I mean, what EXACTLY is the problem you have with people that are NOT like the people in your cult, sorry, political party?

    HOW would it benefit your country if you got rid of the people that you hate so much?
  20. GodlessEvil God is dead Registered Senior Member

    British born people stay, immigrants illegal or otherwise go, everyone else considered a guest or given money to go back.

    Though i am not interested in their adgenda, i have my own, i swing to the right wing anyway, i enter it so i can learn.

    I am not going to learn much by joining the main partys, i'd rather stick with the fringe party thanks, you're appreciated more.

    And i don't get the impression of a cult, i'd hardly call leafleting every now and again with other members, or doing the odd news letter and door knocking a cult.
    Most of the other members i know are ex conservatives, middle aged or retired, i'm the youngest in the group.
  21. GodlessEvil God is dead Registered Senior Member

    And no i do not consider any race inferior to other races, i simply believe in single culture single race.

    In other words i'm a nationalist, i believe india is for indians, china is for chinese, france is for french.

    I'm in principle anti-globalisation and anti capitalist, i want us to go green somewhat aswell so we do not over use natural resources, and clean up the enviroment, no more building on greenbelt, no more supermarket bullshit, get it back to the old days when people grew their own food, more farming, and local shops.
    I want to see a return of tradition, no more political correctness, no more split culture bullshit.

    Look at some of the altered cultures we have made, like your chavs, i mean they look like eminem or something, they have adopted afro-american gang and hiphop culture, dont bother to vote just smoke weed and drink, my brother is one of them he will jokingly go "whats up nigger?" when answering friends phone calls.

    Although you could blame TV for that i suppose.
  22. duendy Registered Senior Member

    look....when you look t creativity, you see its fruits always involve the mixing of cultures.....get me? this English for the anglais, Frecnh for the french is impossible. they we etc etc re already mixed anyhow. it is very racist that idea. it is like Germany for te 'pure' fukin geeeermans. and look whathappened....?
  23. wesmorris Nerd Overlord - we(s):1 of N Valued Senior Member

    the only way to get to where you want to go is to exterminate about oh... 5 and a half billion people.

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