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Discussion in 'Free Thoughts' started by Mitch, Sep 3, 2003.

  1. Mitch Registered Member

    Say if you wanted to hide from a bunch of people who want you dead, or wanted to escape the possibility of a nuclear fallout and decided to live underground, how would do you think someone could go about it?

    Camouflage? Water? Hygiene? Toilets? Air? Escape routes? Materials? Etc.....
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  3. dinokg Registered Senior Member

    On history channel theres a bunch of shows about underground hideouts and bunchers.

    One government employ back in the 60's made one that was larger than the house above it, had secret entrances, had a fake level one entrance, had enough food and water for years, and even had nerve gas for an added defence!
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  5. Mitch Registered Member


    The above shows tunnels dug by the viet cong in Vietnam. - A homemade underground shelter. - nuclear fallout shelter plans - some blokes underground 'bunker'



    Secret Passages
    Concealed Entrances
    Fake Entrances
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  7. cthulhus slave evil servant Registered Senior Member

    the esentials basicly... haha pun.. get it? no? then stfu!


    im kinda twitchy right now and not typing well and il try to stay on track ok?!

    ritght... um...

    waterproofing is an important one with subteranian architecture. i used a big word! w00t! oh yah.. on track... sry

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    done build it next to a lake, river, pond, creek, etsetera etsetera etsetera... if theirs obvius power lines, pipe, watever going into the ground for no reason ppl might get suspicius... id recamend makinf it self suficiant. but thats good for any structure realy.

    you could go for any level of decensy with this.

    from digging a big hole in the ground and puting a plank of wood over it and covering it back up with a hole and a latter to get in.

    or a well thought out, planned, and profesianely built structure capable of withstanding nuclear assualt.

    niether is better, just depends o what u intend it for.

    if its a house then it wouldnt be too hard. id assume youd just dig oout a huge hole and line the sides and coat it in cement and plastic then build the house underground esentialy.

    or if its a temporary place to hide for a lil while it wouldnt need to be much more than a coverd hole with dirt thrown ontop...

    and if u dont intend to go in yourself but rather to use it as a sort of prison then it doesnt even have to be as safe as that as u dont care if the lil kidnapped girl your throw down there lives.


  8. Clarentavious Person Registered Senior Member

    The best thing to do is head out to the biggest local wilderness area you can find (if it is not very big, you can use it temporarily until you can find a bigger one - i.e. the Amazon Rain Forest).

    Let's say the mob or the government gets on to you one day, you're not going to have 14 years to build a subterranean fortress, they may want you dead within 24 hours. An undergroud bunker like that would be incredibly expensive, and take a ton of effort; that type of stuff is for paranoid conspiracy theorist

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    The guy who built that will probably die of cancer or in a car wreck before he has a chance to use it LOL While I can admire his enguinity, and his project almost seems like a work of art in a way, I think all of the time he put into it will turn out to be a waste.

    To live out in the wilderness you need some survival training. They are absolute masters that offer this training, you may want to search online for one. If you were ever a boy scout and remember anything, that's a start.

    Eric Rudolph managed to survive for over 5 years before he was caught digging through a garbage dumpster by a police officer (that was a very foolish thing to do - garbage dumpsters contain garbage, used condoms, old newspapers, food wrappers, and all kinds of crap that people throw away - you are much more likely to get a disease than anything useful from that, god that was a stupid move - he should have broken into a store or house that he knew would have what he wanted).

    So heading into the wilderness would be my suggestion. It might not be a pleasant life (no electricity for a TV, and spider crawling about the trees all around you), but it is your alternative to death.

    "Being on the run" is another option (like wanted criminal), but for starters you'll need a very convincing fake ID, which will be hard to find or make. But you won't be able to turn towards anyone you know or trust (as the people looking for you will catch you within no time). Also if the public knows what your face looks like, and you are wanted for some terrible crime you didn't commit, that is going to make things much more hard. You'll need to change your appearance, heck maybe even get plastic surgery (but then you'll never be able to go into a doctor's office without them knowing who you are).

    If you really are in trouble, good luck..... If you're not, quit worrying so much. If you think a nuke is going to hit your city, simply move to an area with a low populatation that has no other targets that an enemy would benefit from destroying.
  9. 420Joey SF's Incontestable Pimp Valued Senior Member

    Getting buried is your best bet man.

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