Alternative explanation of the doppler effect????

Discussion in 'Pseudoscience' started by globali, Mar 20, 2019.

  1. globali Registered Senior Member

    I want to share an idea i just had, while i was thinking about river's ideas. I am not an expert so don't blast me if its naive. Just want the opinion of people with more knowledge in the field.

    Imagine you have a flask filled with a gas. You initially add some external energy (you heat it), and then you remove the energy source. All the molecules of the gas will have some initial kinetic energy. However, as time goes by and no external energy is added, then the entropy of the system will tend to increase, and the molecules will slowly approach an equillibrium state and the kinetic energy of the molecules will universally decrease over time. I think we all agree so far.
    Now i will make a metaphor.
    Lets say that this is the universe after the bing bang or after another massive event. Galaxies or cluster of galaxies are represented by the individual molecules. We ourselves reside in one of these molecules. Our galaxy, together with entire system of galaxies are losing energy over time, without realizing it from our perspective.

    Can this universal decrease in kinetic energy explain the red shift of light (doppler effect)? I mean, light that comes from a distant galaxy will radiate lower energy light waves over time, manifested as a shift towards the red, because of the lowering energy it contains?. But also all the distance between those two molecules will contain other molecules with decreasing energy. So the farther away, the more the shift in wave length of the light theoretically.

    can this be an alternative explanation for the doppler effect?
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  3. Janus58 Valued Senior Member

    This essentially no different than the "tired light" hypothesis. It fails because it is not consistent with other observations other than just the reddening of light.
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  5. river

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  7. river


    The source of light energy , at any frequency , is matter based .

    As long as the matter that has that frequency , as part of its energy out put , it will continue to push light energy outward . Light energy is relentless .

    Inotherwords as long as the source of the origin of light continues to exist , in terms of energy frequency out put , then the light will never actually tire . Because the source hasn't .
  8. river

    It is the source of light that matters .

    The source supports the light energy . Through consistent frequency electromagnetic out-put .

    Only changes when the energy of the source diminishes , as a whole .
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