Alignment of the planets

Discussion in 'Astronomy, Exobiology, & Cosmology' started by Caralene, Mar 4, 2000.

  1. Caralene Registered Member

    On May 5, 2000, are the planets still suppose to align? Or did that already happen in February, 2000?????

    As well, what are your predictions???

    - Caralene -
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  3. Peter Dolan Registered Senior Member

    Well, yes all the planets will "line up" more or less on May 4th, 2000 at 3.12am GMT. The planets have been doing this at regular intervals, albeit long ones, since the solar system began. I don't think there is too much to fear from the conjunction of planets scheduled for 5/2000. However, should I be proven wrong by that date, I'll be sure to come back to this reply to delete it and hopefully no one will be the wiser.
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  5. 666 Registered Senior Member

    Peter Dolan,

    I just needed to leave a little evidence.

    Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!

    Will there be any planets that can be seen with a telescope?
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  7. steadystate Registered Member

    There are planets to be seen every night of every day! Nothing new!

    All this "alignment" means is that all the known planets are on the same side of the sun. They do not line up along the same straight line, far from it! Take an orange, cut it in half, all the planets will be in only one of the halves. Take the seeds out of one half. Can you feel the difference? (assuming it's not seedless!)

    Steady State
  8. Oxygen One Hissy Kitty Registered Senior Member

    My prediction? Well, to quote "Cabaret"...

    In brief, nothing will happen out of the ordinary.
  9. Mana Registered Senior Member


    Astrometeorologist Jennifer Lawson predicts we're in for increasingly violent storms, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions over the next two years.

    You refer to Nostradamus's predictions fitting with events for the year 2000. Can you explain how?

    Of all the visionaries throughout the centuries, the French seer Nostradamus, born in 1503, would have to be the most well
    documented and outstanding in his amazing ability to foresee future events. Unfortunately, the fact that he so cleverly concealed
    his visions in quatrains, to protect himself from the Inquisition, has made it difficult for anyone else to understand them fully. Still,
    there are some interesting parallels between several natural disasters which Nostradamus foresaw happening at a time when "the
    great century draws to a close", and events such as great floods and quakes which I have pinpointed to occur, especially in the
    year 2000.

    One of the most interesting quatrains could even pertain to the May 4&endash;5, 2000 planetary alignment, where, in Century
    9:23, Nostradamus describes a massive earthquake to take place when the Sun is at 20 degrees of Taurus:

    The Sun in twenty degrees of Taurus there will be a great earthquake.
    The great theatre, full, will be ruined.
    Darkness and trouble in the air, sky and land
    When they call upon God and the saints.

    Every year around May 10, the Sun passes over this point and has done so for the past 400 years-and so far without incident.
    No earthquake of such cataclysmic proportions as described by Nostradamus has occurred on that date-which means that the
    Sun at 20 degrees of Taurus is not the only factor in the equation.

    On May 10, 2000, with the planets still tightly grouped together after the planetary alignment on May 4&endash;5, the Sun will
    enter the fated degree that Nostradamus foresaw. This time, not only will the Sun be at 20 degrees of Taurus, but it will be
    conjoined by Mercury and the planetary giants Jupiter and Saturn, and all will be forming a 90-degree angle to the planet
    Uranus. This combination alone is explosive enough to trigger violent earthquakes and weather patterns, without additional
    backup from high sunspot activity and a major alignment of the planets.

    Maybe one of Nostradamus's visions will be fulfilled by coming true!

    18. Do you believe that Nostradamus's prediction, that the Earth will be "plunged into the abyss of perpetual
    darkness", will come true in 2000?

    Nostradamus mentions this particular vision in the preface of his epistle to Henry II:

    There will be omens in spring, and extraordinary changes thereafter, reversals of nations and mighty earthquakes... And there
    shall be in the month of October a great movement of the Globe, and it will be such that one will think Earth has lost its natural
    gravitational movement and be plunged into the abyss of perpetual darkness.

    All of Nostradamus's works are open to interpretation, and although October's event sounds very much like an axis tilt, it could
    be more in line with a volcanic eruption. Earthquake swarms often accompany major volcanic eruptions where the ground
    sways around, giving the appearance that the Earth has lost its natural gravitational movement. Also, a thick, choking, ash cloud
    ejected from an explosive volcanic eruption can block out the sunlight for days, as has happened in cases like Mount Pinatubo,
    Mount Pelée and Mount Vesuvius.

    If Nostradamus is indeed referring to a volcanic eruption occurring in the month of October, then it could well be October
    2000, for at that time the planets will be forming powerful aspects to each other which will not only result in violent weather but
    will also heighten volcanic activity to such an extent that we could witness a major volcanic eruption.

    19. How do you respond to those who try to discredit your theories?

    No one can get the weather right 100 per cent of the time; there are just too many variables in the equation. But just because
    meteorologists can't get the weather right at times, doesn't mean that meteorology doesn't work. The same rule of thumb applies
    to what I do. So far, my greatest critics have been meteorologists.

    In September 1989, after successfully predicting the date and location when that fierce hurricane Hugo would slam into the
    South Carolina coast between September 20&endash;22, a spokesperson from the National Hurricane Center in Florida said
    my prediction of Hugo was just "a fluke". The same type of comments came from Queensland meteorologists when I was
    dead-accurate in pinpointing tropical cyclone Pierre-my first cyclone ever!

    Right or wrong, there will always be critics standing on the sidelines, especially if you dare rock the boat of conventional

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