AIDS: The Strecker Memorandum

Discussion in 'Biology & Genetics' started by zechaeriah, Jan 28, 2003.

  1. zechaeriah Registered Senior Member

    alright, fine, let's forget the 5-guy scenario cuz i really am just being a devil's advocate here. i originally pulled that number up, if you read back, as a suggestion, not as my true assertion. (take note, i do this a lot for argument's sake).

    my point lays more in the fact that a biotech factory has a minimum requirement of hands. what that is, maybe you could enlighten me. the other point i made is that people could be on a need-to-know basis, doing what they are told without asking questions for fear of losing their jobs, perhaps? i explained how this can happen easily with my previous post regarding friends of mine at MIT who got sucked into doing the gov't's dirty work.

    well then, why aren't you discussing it here?? this is the first i've heard of this and you're not going over all the points that are supposedly crap, and that is precisely what this thread is for!

    this is what i mean about the laziness.. you wanna call me crazy or strecker crazy, but you won't go over all the points he made in his dissertation.

    i only see two real references here. one being the THEORY presented by Dr. Anne-Mieke Vandamme of the Riga Institute in Leuven, Belgium. she's using a theory to claim a natural origin of HIV is a fact. strecker on the other hand is doing the same thing but claiming HIV is manmade. (hopefully you'll see how i don't completely agree with strecker here, i again am just playing devil's advocate).

    the other reference is weebee's post from january about the 1959 blood sample.

    all your other references are blurbs about chimps and various diseases.

    becauase only's weebee's reference is based on hard material fact (blood samples) that is the only real evidence for anything i am finding here.

    where?? wtf?? this is simply a lie. you have yet to provide me with ANYTHING regarding lack of technology. maybe i missed the post?? please point me in the right direction here...
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  3. habit_forming Registered Member

    I still have (somewhere) the pre-Disney Discover magazine from 1981? or 1982? that covered this issue. It was WAY ahead of its time. The problem I have with it is that the number of new HIV infections in heterosexuals today is very close to the number of new HIV infections in homosexuals today.

    Granted, there are ten to fifty times more heterosexuals than homosexuals. So, the "rate" of new infections in heterosexuals is still far below the rate in homosexuals. I don't doubt that this can be explained by anal v. vaginal sex.

    What I can't explain is what accounts for the change in the rates of new infections in homo v. hetero over the past twenty five years.

    Did homosexual population centers become saturated with HIV, at a time when "gay activists" were (falsely) claiming that community based "safer sex" campaigns were lowering the rate of new HIV infections? I'm saying that whenever a population center becomes saturated that the rate of new infections must slow or stop all by itself - regardless of any intervention. If the homosexual population centers became saturated, while heterosexual populations remained unsaturated, the rate of new infections in heterosexual populations was free to increase.

    I'm not saying that I know why these two rates changed. I'm just wondering out loud. And I doubt the "gay activist" hype.
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  5. ElectricFetus Sanity going, going, gone Valued Senior Member


    ...wait a minute before I continue I want you to tell me where I called you "crazy"?
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  7. weebee Registered Senior Member

    Libya Postpones Verdict in HIV Trial
    Thu Apr 15, 7:34 AM ET

    By KHALED EL-DEEB, Associated Press Writer

    BENGHAZI, Libya - A Libyan court on Thursday postponed a verdict in the high-profile trial of six Bulgarian medics accused of willfully infecting more than 400 children with HIV (news - web sites), the virus that causes AIDS (news - web sites).

    Presiding Judge Fadlallah Sherif said the verdict was delayed until May 6 because one of the five judges on the panel was ill.

    The Bulgarians, five nurses and a doctor, are charged with infecting the children with HIV through tainted blood. Twenty-three of the children reportedly have died of AIDS.

    Prosecutors have demanded death sentences, insisting the medics intentionally infected the children with HIV-contaminated blood. All six have pleaded innocent.

    Nine Libyan medics also are being tried for negligence, and international observers have been monitoring the trial.

    Libyan police arrested the six in February 1999. They were in prison until September 2002, when a high tribunal in the Libyan capital, Tripoli, acquitted them of conspiracy charges and handed the case over to an ordinary criminal court. They were then placed under house arrest in Tripoli until being detained again when their trial recommenced in Benghazi in September, according to Bulgarian media reports.

    Dr. Luc Montagnier, the French co-discoverer of the AIDS virus, said poor hygiene at the Benghazi hospital likely led to the contamination, and estimated it happened in 1997 — more than a year before the Bulgarians were hired to work there.

    But a commission of court-appointed Libyan doctors rejected the Western expert's testimony and said the Bulgarians willfully infected the children with the virus through blood transfusions.

    Libyan authorities have backed away from initial allegations that the infections were part of a conspiracy by the CIA (news - web sites) and Israeli intelligence. They now say the six were experimenting with a cure when they infected the youngsters.

    The Bulgarians have claimed they were tortured during police interrogation, saying they were jolted with electricity, beaten and jumped on. Two of the women said they were raped.
  8. RicD Registered Member

    AIDS is not a conspiracy it is an agenda to control populations and hey presto, the truth is covered up, AIDS controls the population of Africa (50% are infected) and the satanists all sleep soundly.

    A satanic agenda rules us - why else are pentagrams everywhere and references to the sun, cosmos, FreeMasons ruling NASA and so on? Like a bunch of semi retired men are at the cutting edge of space exploration! They are a SMOKESCREEN for that, real exploration that we have no clue about.

    White humans were introduced to earth as a slave race to mine gold. Since their introduction, they have been slaves. In 2004 we pay 70% tax instead of mining gold - same thing, there is no time, just because we measure it or have the perception of measuring it does not mean it is reality.

    The present is a gift.

    We seem to have evolved and yet ancient cultures were many times more advanced than us, building pyramids etc but its the FreeMasons again that! Their square and compass is due to the geometry of the pyramid complex from an ariel view.

    This is all provable. Next people will be saying the pyramids are a conspiracy or that they are made of cheese or something.

    Like one man points out - the egyptians would have needed more stone to build ramps to make the pyramids than they needed to build the pyramids themselves.

    As Jim Morrison once said "You're all a bunch of f**cking idiots". Me included it seems but I am re-discovering something at least, people should open their minds.

    The CIA apparently is the biggest drugs dealer - they had 12 planes with a billion dollars worth of cocaine once, you wont see that on CNN!!! But the thing is, this is true, according to former narcotics agent (for the CIA) Michael Ruppert (Beyond The Wilderness video)

    I cannot fit it all here but believe me, AIDS is an illusionary thing like most things are turning out to be in this world, the Federal Reserve and so forth, a total scam and it is totally provable that it is a scam, yet 'patriots' call it a conspiracy theory. Well how the F88K is a FACT a conspiracy? Hmmmm, am I going mad here, getting provable evidence mixed up with 'conspiracy theories'?.

    Surely 'they' wouldnt scam us would they? Get a grip and wake up of course they have been since 1913 with the "Federal Reserve".

    Please visit my site, it lists my crazy sounding opinions on the whole big picture, not just AIDS.
  9. RicD Registered Member

    Click the link and scroll down for these three:

    flowchart.gif 26-Jun-2004 15:29 58k
    flowchart72.GIF 26-Jun-2004 15:29 78k
    flowchart72.tif 26-Jun-2004 15:29 178k

    Any of those three images, they are all of the flowchart.

    Hope this helps

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