AI is being used to brew beer in the UK

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    Brewers have a lot of tools at their disposal when it comes to brewing beer: hops, yeast, grain and loads of equipment. One brewery in the UK is employing AI to perfect its recipes though, and it claims it's the first to do so. IntelligentX Brewing Company is a collaborative effort between machine learning company Intelligent Layer and creative agency 10x. Together the two companies created algorithms that process consumer feedback as a means of helping brewers improve their beers.
    The AI actually takes the form of a Facebook Messenger bot that asks drinkers a series of questions about the beer. Questions take the form of 1 to 10 ratings, yes or no queries and multiple choice responses. Those answers about taste and preferences are then used to find trends that could be used to improve the final product over time. IntelligentX sees the use of AI as a way to put the drinker in the same room with the brewer making the beer, a physical meeting that's nearly impossible to set up in real life. What's more, the system can collect and analyze data much master than a human can with pencil and paper.

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