Agents Replacing Humans?

Discussion in 'Intelligence & Machines' started by itchy, Mar 28, 2002.

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  1. itchy Registered Senior Member

    The idea that humans will move into a virtual world seems more far out than the idea that intelligent agents will move into ours.

    As agents are becoming ever more intelligent it seems inevitable that they will soon (maybe 40 years?) surpass us humans. What will be the consequences? Will humans allow this to happen?

    Robot technology will most likely be able to provide suitable physical bodies to these agents aswell. So what is to stop them from replacing us humans?

    I guess these agents will be programmed to act nicely upon humans, but to what extent can you program a living entity? It might therefor come to the conclusion that humans are of no importance to its survival. And any intelligent agent will want to survive..

    One of my theories follows:
    Since agents can theoretically live forever it will have a completely different view on the importance of keeping earth inhabitable. Humans are destroying earth at an alarming rate (energy crisis, global warming etc). The agent will see this as a direct threat to its own survival and must therefor stop us humans.

    It seems almost natural that life on earth will continue to evolve and give rise to more intelligent beings. These beings can become almost godlike. They are not limited physically or mentally. If one considers the possibility of quantum computers these beings could become billions and billions of times more intelligent than us. A scary but also beautiful thought.

    So what do you guys think about this threat?
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  3. Adam §Þ@ç€ MØnk€¥ Registered Senior Member

    I doubt we will ever move into a virtual world. We will incorporate data technology into our world. Maybe we'll have data spread across our vision while we're walking down the street, giving us directions or showing us the latest news or something. And I guess full immersion into the net may be done by some for specialised jobs. But all in all, data technology is just one more tool. Remember when helicopters were invented? Some people thought we would all be zipping about in choppers from our back yards? No more cars? Didn't happen.
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  5. Rick Valued Senior Member


    Hey!are you out here to insult us?did you go through the posts in Life inside a computer thread?check it out...
    Things take time,hell lot of time than you in this technology you dont have Moore's law holding good,but in Computer technology and info tech we do have moore's law holding good,and in fact,right now the development is going even much faster than you can imagine.we are already begining to talk things like Nanocomputers,of which if you call a man in 60s wouldnt have even heard...

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