[adults only strong language warning] irl Complaints Department


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i need to pull a barbed wire candelabra out of my ass
but no one will let me stand up first

tell me/us one of your complaints about people or your struggles that is really annoying you

buyer beware ass is where is
im trying to get through to a government department

but they have a 46, 39, 48, 48 minute call wait time listed electronically
4 times i called over 4 hours

& when you add on call drop outs
& the staff dumping calls

(call dumping to increase personal kpi's, they just disconnect you immediately after they pick up the call & hang up on you without saying anything immediately & it bumps down their cal time average & increases their call volume stats so they get better sales statistics & meet their KPI's and get their bonuses)

they don't like the number of because they have no pre validation process & they can dump the call & increase their KPI call time values to game better sales KPI incentives
its almost 100% guarantee i will never get through to anyone

i cant change it
its been set up that way
bi-partisan bullshit
on one side job protectionism
on the other beating up on people calling them scammers & criminals as a filter

hen claiming they are the victim & cant change anything
when they have all the power & money
does anyone have any complaints they want to share ?

note this is not a serious thread it is one to vent & laugh at the things that annoy you while also being a bit serious but also a bit silly