A Simple Proof of Ghosts.

Discussion in 'Pseudoscience Archive' started by Hypercane, Jul 22, 2004.

  1. Hypercane Sustained Winds at Mach One Registered Senior Member

    Besides all the pictures wheter phony or not, there has been thousands of witnesses for last few thousand years. They couldnt all be hallucinating could they?
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  3. phlogistician Banned Banned

    Yes they could. The simple underlying similarity, is that they are all fallable human beings, prone to jumping to the same conclusions, and misreporting what they see.

    This is why cameras never capture ghosts, because cameras don't interpret the images they record. That's a human weakness.

    The real question, is why do the majority of people _not_ see ghosts? Why do people never see the ghosts of rats, mice, insects, or snakes? Why is it always humans, 'headless horsemen', or characters from near history? Why no ghost neanderthals or cavemen?
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  5. Tezcatlipoca's Hat Used Registrar Registered Senior Member

    Okay, this probably opens me up to harsh criticism (hooray!), but maybe (and this is, of course, pure conjecture, as ghosts have not been declared real by the scientific community) ghosts are composed of energy (what kind? I have no idea. This is why I make no claim at ghost expertise), and as they "age," they lose their charge, and eventually become totally invisible, thus explaining the abundance of dead presidents and shopkeeps and fishwives as well as the absence of cavemen and atlanteans and aztecs.

    As for the ghosts of other creatures, well, maybe they're only visible to their respective species? Although I do seem to recall hearing tales of phantom dogs, cats, <i>et hoc genus omne.</i>
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  7. BobG Registered Senior Member

    Why then is there a disproportionate amount of people seeing famous well known people such as presidents and kings rather than common people. Such a small percentage of people are kings or presidents yet so many are apparently seen.
  8. Tezcatlipoca's Hat Used Registrar Registered Senior Member

    Again, I must stress that my understanding of the paranormal is minimal at best. Since I operate on intuition a large part of the time and am an American (and therefore feel entitled to voice my opinion whenever I like

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    ), I will say this:

    I believe that the energy of which spirits are composed accumulates over time and is somehow (mystically speaking) connected to the relative "importance" of the person emitting it. It could also be tied to emotion, so anyone who is both powerful and in a position to make decisions that have major impact for many, many others on a daily basis would be pumping out SEUs (Spectral Energy Units) at a significant rate. Meanwhile, Bob McNobody experiences a few significant, defining moments over the course of his life, and if these are of sufficient emotional import, a residue is left behind, possibly bonded with the place in which the events occur.

    Again, this is based mostly on my own intuitive analysis of the unseen (or, as far as this thread is concerned, rarely seen) world and a respectable (but by no means comprehensive) bit of research.
  9. BobG Registered Senior Member

    So in other words your making this up as you go along when it can simply be explained by the fallibility of people and hearsay.
  10. Stryder Keeper of "good" ideas. Valued Senior Member

    I would suggest that "Ghosts" do not exist, but there are two derivatives that suggest what actually creates a ghost (other than imagination) one is "Pseudo-paradoxes", the other utilises technology.

    Imagine if two time points could see each other, but both see each other as a ghost. The older timepoint notes historically a ghost exists and the future time point people are looking for the ghost. The answer here is both spook each other, generating a Paradox which is refered to as a Ghost from both their perspectives. (Since originally neither were suppose to see each other from their relative positioning it would suggest that they would feel small universal changes, which might be like goosebumps rising up their spine).

    A Technological ghost is when systems that have currently been monitoring background frequency/noise in the universe, create a broadcast of pre-recorded noise back over the area it was recorded from. It means the interaction of a recorded pattern over a different algorythm however the outcome could be visual representations of people that were living their life the day before in a different location or even the potential to playback logicgate patterns to security doors to bypass them or open locks (of course this would require more frequency outputs to deal with the lack of moleculare structure manipulating the events).

    Lastly there is the normal answer that some give, the ghost is mearly the extent to which an individual want's to believe, or sub-consciously has been conditioned to by hearing of ghost stories. The next thing you know a sudden gust of wind, the creek of a tree and a spirits upon you.
  11. kmguru Staff Member

    I think, Ghosts are beings in another space time or in a parallel time line. Another possibility is that as people die, their consciousness somehow transfers to the planetary consciousness where they may be aware of the environment but can not physically interact.

    With our present understanding of electromagnetic activity of a human brain says, it is isolated from any known device, natural or artificial. But what if there is a natural field that surrounds us and gets recorded somehow?

    Are our red blood cells isolated from our body and organized activity? There are not....so, who knows....mysteries of matter and energy....
  12. vslayer Registered Senior Member

    i think that when people see something shocking or horrifiing there brain sends out a signal which lingers in that area eventually dissipating, the more horrifiing it was(eg. someone witnesses a murder and send a signal subconciously) the longer it lingers, and te more receptive you are(because you have a similar brain freq) the better you see it

    i guess that this may have long a go been a mechanism to alert us to... lets say a giant snake thats eats people.
    when the person got that scared by the giant snake they sent a signal so that others will pick it up and be scared away from the snakes house

    i would go into more detail but i am sore and need to go to bed
  13. vslayer Registered Senior Member

    anyone going to argue or find probs with my theory...?

    *hears an echo*
  14. Rubiks Registered Senior Member

    How can you say it's one of our weakness? It could might as well be an Ability that we have.
  15. phlogistician Banned Banned

    It's a weakness because the fallability of eye witnesses has been well tested and documented. It is well established that if a bunch of people witness the same event the reports can vary quite widely.

    Misreporting the truth therefore, is not an 'ability'!
  16. Rubiks Registered Senior Member

    Hey, would you take that again in english ;-)
  17. skydancer Registered Member

    actually there are ghosts being caught on videotape with monotonous regularity...seen them....analysed them....and have no explanation as to why I have video'd an empty room and seen through the lens the translucent image of a human form wandering around.
  18. GuessWho A Californian Registered Senior Member

    Did you mean you actually videotaped a ghost? I am guessing that you did not see it with your eyes but your camera picked it up.

    Is there a way that you can make this video clip available so we can see it?
  19. craterchains (Norval What will you know tomorrow? Registered Senior Member

    Many things have been imaged that were not in the photos when taken.

    It is often fun to try and figure them all out.Take your time.
  20. stew2yk Registered Member

    How come you never see disabled ghosts, ghosts in weelchairs ect. Small ghosts i.e from over 100 years ago when generaly people were alot smaller. The eye tricks us all the time! Has anyone tried the mask trick, where you turn it upside down and all the features of the nose, face etc apper 3D. Thats because we have been looking at people faces for a long time and brain has never seen an inveloped (excuse spelling) face. THE BRAIN PLAY TRICKS, our eyes are not cameras.
  21. Gwynt Registered Member

    of course, your eyes can decieve you, if you're not careful. That still doesn't explain why we have these fears, illusions, and 'hallucinations' in the first place. And Ghosts with a capital G may not exist, but memories do, and quite vividly so. Whether or not you can see ghosts is a simple matter of how you see the uinverse itself. So who, exactly, is fooling themselves? Camera's may be able to capture light effectively, but they do not have a brain as complex and powerful as we do. So is it a weakness, or an unexplored part of our minds that we avoid because we fear it?
  22. bigal Registered Senior Member

    To be honest, you'll never believe in ghosts until you see them.

    "What? a metal vessel on water? hahaha, surely it'll sink! You're mad!"

    Me and my woman seen two child ghosts and my grandmother has also seen two child ghosts. Ours were in a bright white apperance, hers were in colour, as distinguished as any human in front of you.
  23. cosmictraveler Be kind to yourself always. Valued Senior Member

    I ask "why are there ghosts to begin with?" Looking back through history only a "select" few people say they saw "something" that wasn't "normal" and someone called them a ghost. It could have been anything but the name stuck and today, I've never sen a ghost, many people 'claim' to have seen a ghost. I wonder what it was they saw?

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