A real hoverboard (patents filed, need help building)

Discussion in 'The Cesspool' started by mackmack, Feb 25, 2017.

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  1. gmilam Valued Senior Member

    No prototype has been built... why am I not surprised?
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  3. billvon Valued Senior Member

    Other than gyrostabilized quadrotors. Or the SABRE engine. Or the VASIMR engine. Or fly by wire.

    A bunch of atoms (or anything) bouncing around in a bounded volume cannot create force.
    That's what aerodynamics is.
    Atoms are governed by math equations. If you can simulate any group of atoms, you can simulate what they will do in the future. People are groups of atoms. If you can simulate the group of atoms that make up a human, you can simulate what they will do in the future.

    "But that would be incredibly hard!" you protest. That's right! Now you're getting it.
    You realize patents are only good for 20 years, right?
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  5. Nacho Registered Senior Member

    Ahh! I see that there is no way to get it "primed", or initially off of the ground. Surely when it is on the ground there is no air underneath it for the computer/laser to target -- thus it will never be able to get off of the ground and thus never under locomotion.

    I have a method though! You can add it to your patent, and I don't even want anything for the idea either! Here it is:

    You need to put a "primer" button on the board. When you punch it, it initiates claw-type clasps to come up from the board to grab a hold of your shoes (*1). At the same time it will activate the electronics of the board, with a delay-hold on them. Then you simply jump into the air! The board will arise with you as it is clamped to your shoes. The electronics of the board will need a special sensor to detect when you are at the top-height of your jump, and at that time activate the lasers. Then it will need a few-seconds delay to release the claw-type clasps from your shoes. Viola! A primer for your hoverboard to get it started off of the ground!

    (*1) You do not want to do this barefoot now lest you lose a toenail! You need to make sure you put a disclaimer-type sticker on the hoverboard warning purchasers not to do this so that they can't sue you later.
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  7. mackmack Registered Senior Member

    fantasy?? the patent office didn't receive new technology for aviation for the past 60 years. spinning turbines and burning fossil fuel is the only thing they got so far.

    How hard is it to believe the propulsion systems of the future uses a computer to track atoms and control sound in such a precise manner to generate artificial pressure. sound is made simply by pushing and bouncing air around. everything that we do today is based on chaotic physics. I'm simply adding in the computer and creating a new field called intelligent physics.

    boiling water or microwaving food is another example. Both uses chaotic physics. in the future these machines will be controlled by computers.
  8. Dywyddyr Penguinaciously duckalicious. Valued Senior Member

    That is not only false it's stupidly so. (Especially given that at least two posters - one of them being me - have listed such things).

    Because it's a ridiculous notion.


    There's nothing intelligent about your posts, your claims or your speculation.

    Pure boll*cks.
    Last edited: Feb 28, 2017
  9. billvon Valued Senior Member

    1994 - Northrup Grumman patent on unmanned aerial vehicles
    1998 - Boeing patent for forward swept wings
    2015 - Boeing patent for laser-ignition fusion pulse jet engine
    You were saying?
    Tracking atoms and controlling sound does not result in thrust. So that's a pretty basic problem.
    Microwaves already are controlled by computers.
  10. mackmack Registered Senior Member

    not atom by atom or approximation.

    also the inventions you mentioned are still jets and propellers. i said "new" technology. autonomous planes isn't a new propulsion system. its part of AI.

    you (billvon) have been against me in almost every post and comment i made. is this some kind of personal attack????

    If the united states thought like you, they would lose out in future technology. you stick with your spinning turbines and jets. me, i'm more optimistic and i stand by my inventions. Time will tell wither i'm right or wrong. i refuse to beleive this universe is so fragile we can't build a computer to track atoms around a board and to generate intelligent pressure.

    one more thing. the hoverboard is a machine that manipulates air particles, the time machine is a machine that manipulates water molecules. cremation breaks up a human being atom by atom (almost). clouds put gases together to form water molecules. so naturally our world can form and break up water molecules, chaotically. what i'm trying to do is build a machine (the time machine) that tracks and manipulate water molecules in an intelligent manner. A dead person can be ripped up atom-by-atom and put back together again in a different time state.

    hoverboard= manipulate air particles (very easy to do)
    time machine = manipulate water molecules (very complex) think of this as 3-d printing of atoms.
    harder task and might be impossible = turning rock into gold. (manipulation of protons and neutrons in individual atoms).

    reactors are used to create artificial atoms. why not include a computer that does things in precision.
  11. ElectricFetus Sanity going, going, gone Valued Senior Member

    Here is a real "hover" board:
    Last edited: Mar 5, 2017
  12. billvon Valued Senior Member

    Airfoils move atoms by approximation. In fact, that's what fluid dynamics is.
    Nope. The fusion engine is a nuclear fusion rocket.
    No, it's just a voice of reality.
    I am willing to bet I am contributing more to future technology in the US than you are.
    Very true!
    Ah. Did you describe your time machine previously?
    Reactors do not create "artificial atoms." They are created in the same way that they are in stars and supernovas.
  13. mackmack Registered Senior Member

    i'm talking to a brick wall.

    all i'm going to say is to watch out for googles 3-d street view. they actually named it time machine. my patents were filed long before 3-d streetview.

    i just took it a step further and said, the machine tracks every atom, electron, and em radiation on earth for the present, past and future. super robots take currently tracked atoms and predict past events, tracking where every atom were in the past (for Earth). if you want to know if jesus existed or every microscopic event in the oj simpson case, this is the technology to focus on.

    So, if people are wondering where the genesis of this technology comes from, it will come from google's 3-d streetview. this is what i stated in the patents. first, a perfect timeline of earth is created. then scientists need to build atom manipulators to manipulate real atoms in the real world. (so, people should pay close attention to 3-d streetview). i'm the patent holder by the way... tracking of the atoms and the perfect timeline of earth via intelligence from real and virtual robots, super intelligent robots.

    i got a question for billvon. what do you think about the stuff ray kurzweil is saying? he claims 2045 will be the year human immortality will arrive. he also stated human level ai will be created by 2029? what is your opinion about his claims. by the way, his stuff is more drastic than mine.

    so 3-d streetview watch what they will say in the future about that technology. once the perfect timeline is created then they will move towards atom manipulators.
  14. Nacho Registered Senior Member

    What kind of a computer are you going to use to track "every atom, electron, and em radiation on earth" so that you can play it back at any instant? Are you aware you are suggesting computational power and storage that would exceed the capabilities on the stuff you are tracking if they themselves were used purely for computation and/or storage?? You would need [[call them sub-particles]] that are way more numerous than these particles you are tracking. Where are these sub-particles to come from or be discovered? Maybe use neutrinos?? Good luck, and until it was found that the neutrinos you are using also have effects against the particles that you are tracking. What type of energy or device are you going to use to communicate this information with processors and other sub-particles?? You are also tracking "em radiation", so you can't expect to track that and still use it for your devices' needs. You're going to need something that travels faster than the speed-of-light to be able to track the "em radiation".

    Good luck with all of this.
    Last edited: Mar 6, 2017
  15. mackmack Registered Senior Member

    the perfect timeline of earth will require many computers to create (not one computer). right now 3-d streetview tracks people, places and things, in the future it will track atoms. they call it a time machine for a reason. in the future, you can scroll through timelines and events in earth's past. the oj simpson case is a good example because people want to know what really happened atom by atom, event by event, every nanosecond.

    go ask google for clarifications. they didn't go public yet, but that is my guess as to where 3-d streetview is going.

    and it is reasonable to say, if their computers can track all the atoms on earth, they will proceed with a method to manipulate these atoms. things like controlling the weather, atom 3-d printing, creating artificial pressure, etc. stuff that you see in star wars can be had, like waving your hand to turn off the lights or fly?? the truth is my hoverboard don't require the board to fly. the machine can make a person fly from a distance.

    watch out for google's 3-d streetview and their "time machine".
  16. Nacho Registered Senior Member

    You didn't answer any of the concerns I brought up. And a timeline of earth would require more mass/matter/energy than is present on Earth. Where you going to keep this? You can't keep it on Earth, it would (probably) interact with the stuff on Earth that was being tracked.

    You can't just throw this on google's back to be done, or my back to get a clarification. It is your idea. Their 3d or even 2d views don't come within many magnitudes of order having the resolution to map out atoms, electrons, and em radiation.
  17. Michael 345 New year. PRESENT is 69 years old Valued Senior Member

    So the time machine will be able to go to the future and view the Rapture?

    Then return and covert everyone into believers so we all go upstairs

    Good one

    By the by I am putting up Ayers Rock on Gumtree next week to raise money to TerraForm Mars and Venus

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  18. origin In a democracy you deserve the leaders you elect. Valued Senior Member

    Well it looks like this thread took a hard right to crazy land. I am requesting that the mods move this out of the science section.
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  19. billvon Valued Senior Member

    OK. 3D street view isn't really a time machine.
    You can't do that. Not because it's hard, because it is impossible. Quantum effects mean that there is a resolution you simply can't get beyond.

    Here's an example. Let's say you want to balance a pencil with an infinitely sharp point on a perfectly flat plane. No matter how much you line it up perfectly, you simply can't balance it more than about 4 seconds on average. Not because it's hard, but because quantum mechanics gets in your way; there is no way to know both the position and energy of every particle in that pencil, or even the sum of them all. That means that no matter how careful you are the pencil is going to fall. For details check out http://thevirtuosi.blogspot.com/2010/06/how-long-can-you-balance-quantum-pencil.html

    What does this have to do with examining the past? That means that if you see a pencil falling towards one side of the table, you could with some accuracy predict where it was up to about 4 seconds ago by examining its speed and position. Beyond that point you cannot. Again, not because it's hard, but because quantum effects make it impossible.

    This basic phenomenon (that effects die off with time, and that beyond a certain point there's no way that a spurious past event can effect a present event) makes science possible. Imagine a world where every experiment you did was affected by everything that happened to every atom in that experiment back to the beginning of time. There would be no such thing as a repeatable experiment; every experiment, no matter how carefully contrived and controlled, would have random outcomes that depended on what the atoms in the apparatus were doing ten million years ago. Fortunately that's not the case, and by allowing enough time, effects in the past become indistinguishable from noise - and repeatable experiments are possible.
    We have atom manipulators that manipulate real atoms in the real world. Google "atomic force microscopy."
    OK. What's the patent #?
    He's a very smart guy, and I suspect some of his claims will come to pass. He operates within the realm of reality, though; nothing he says contradicts basic physics.
    We have atom manipulators.
  20. exchemist Valued Senior Member

    The patent number you quote is not a US patent number. It is a number for a patent application. Has this application been published (or even granted)?

    Or was it rejected?
  21. origin In a democracy you deserve the leaders you elect. Valued Senior Member

    Absurd gibberish.
    Cremation does not do that.
    Clouds do not form water molecules.
    Absurd. That does not make the slightest bit of sense. You might as well try to build a time machine that tracks and manipulates aardvarks.
    Absurd fantasy.
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