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Discussion in 'Art & Culture' started by Angelus, Nov 9, 2002.

  1. Angelus

    Angelus Son Of House Ravenhearte

    Come one come all, hey you! Stop jerking off, that's not what I meant, this isn't the big penis thread, wrap that around your leg or something. Anyway, bring you masterpieces or you apprenticepieces or you notevenqualifiedfortoiletpaperpieces and share with the world. Err, the world of Sciforums anyway. I'll start off.

    Untitled(no that's not a clever title, it just doesn't have one)

    Edge so sharp it frees me
    and I think not as I settle to my knees
    and my blood comes forth
    take a sip
    we share and we are one
    coppery taste so sweet
    I kiss your lips
    and drink deeply of your soul
    as you drink of mine
    and we are one
    and we are alone
    together and alone
    two souls lost in identical mazes
    and we try to help each other
    but only sink deeper
    and I know what it's like to feel inside you
    and though we are joined
    we are alone
    and I don't return your phone calls
    we tried and failed
    because though we were together
    we've always been alone.
  2. Angelus

    Angelus Son Of House Ravenhearte

    Damn, and I thought I was being original cause i never visit the Art & Culture forum. Oh well.

    PS. this was moved from the Free Thoughts forum so when I followed it in here i saw there was a thread just like it.
  3. Congrats

    Congrats Bartok Fiend

    It's okay.

    We can have competing poem threads and still be friends.
  4. pumpkinsaren'torange

    pumpkinsaren'torange Registered Senior Member

    ..tattered gauze curtains billow and sigh in the sultry sea-laced breeze .. green winds and southern songs...wisteria-laced inspirations of long ago...now..hollowed-out thoughts have left me tracing/carving love lost on the frosty windowpanes ~ i gaze out at a livid rain while you sit & speak to me in sad refrains. turning momentarily from my winter white whims .....i tell you life's a pain...yeah, right..but, it goes on... just keep on dreaming of those soft, stolen summer nights...it'll be alright.
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  5. grazzhoppa

    grazzhoppa yawwn

    carry me to the heavens
    hold me in your tender touch
    rest your sweet head on my shoulder
    run to the depths of the passive sea
    swim towards the blue light in the sky
    and rest your sweet head on me.

    a cave, a bear waits for you
    under the blanket of wishes made for you
    troubled sleep never interupts our love
    our binding strengths hold us together
    a cat mews softly against a cold window
    baring down on the Mother Earth, the Father
    waiting for you, under a cast of lights.

    some flying question goes through a blur
    waiting, for no one, something for itself
    wanting something unknown to itself,
    carrying a blessing for the world,
    something to share, something to hold
    a clay basset carries the mold.

    A bird, wanting nothing of itself,
    carries the word of something wanted
    Listening to no one, but carrying on to the end.
    Ever caught, ever seen, it will call the phrase of the free

    a sea envelopes a wicked source
    carried by the dark man himself,
    who possesses the cane of heaven.
    silence takes precedence, carried over to one of the best.
    Never thought of whats rest in some charm.

    err..... Copyright 2001 by me.
    I dunno, the other poetry thread someone said to put the copyright thing.
  6. Angelus

    Angelus Son Of House Ravenhearte

    Russian Roulette

    Let's play a game of Russian roulette,
    you spin the revolver and I'll make you a bet.
    I'll bet you a million that god loves me more.
    Cash up front only, and please close the door.

    Now here are the terms of our gentlemanly wager.
    Ah, first turn off your cell phone, and pager.
    Now we can finish with no interruptions,
    the wager's a million I have less sins and corruptions.

    We'll take the pistol and place it to our heads,
    whoever god loves most will live and the other is dead,
    I'll go first to prove I'm not lying.
    (click) (sigh) Good, I didn't feel like dying.

    Now you take the pistol and give it a whirl.
    Easy, it's antique, just a light little twirl.
    Now place it to your temple and pull the trigger
    (click) (bang) Guess god's love for me was bigger.
  7. Angelus

    Angelus Son Of House Ravenhearte

    ahh! my threads dying!

    i'll revive it with another poem.

    Blind Faith

    Step out of the shadows,
    walk into the sun.
    Flee from your darkness
    that said it had won.

    Trust not your senses,
    for your faith is blind.
    Listen not to your heart
    for you know it's unkind.

    Your friends must be wrong
    for you know you are right.
    You have your values,
    you're holding them tight.

    So you trust your god
    and I'll trust my eyes,
    but when the time comes
    to say your goodbyes

    we'll see who was right
    and who was misguided.
  8. pcd2k

    pcd2k Registered Senior Member

    A 3D Escape

    fragmentary nonchalence
    to take a moment
    a spatio-temporal avalanche
  9. On Radioactive Waves

    On Radioactive Waves lost in the continuum

    studying math all night
    makes my head not right
    studying math all the time
    makes for an easy rhyme
    uh oh..fractal overload
    my head explodes
    i'd better ace that tomorrow
  10. EvilPoet

    EvilPoet I am what I am

    A dark shadowy figure looms in the dark corners fearing the light
    of day. seeking only to cause pain and get it's own way. It is
    crafty and covert, it’s skill unsurpassed. Praying on all your fears,
    all the negative of your past. It seeps in like insidious black goo.
    It is only seeking to destroy you. Its persistence never seems to
    dwindle or darkness fade away. Eating you up alive is its daily
    pay. It lives to hurt and strike fear in your heart. It's base of
    operation is evil, it thinks it's so smart.

    It knows all and sees all, or so it likes to think. It is the blood of
    the lighter side that are its 5 o'clock drinks. It is the ethereal
    terrorist, the taker of souls. Leaving you and I empty are it's only
    goals. The lower you go the higher it gets. The dark side of life is
    the only thing it protects. All else is of no interest, only honing its
    skill. The skill of disharmony and undermining your free will.

    With some the daggers are easy to see. But with this evil beast
    the daggers operate subconsciously. It scopes you out claiming
    to be a friend, when all of a sudden it is your life you are fighting
    to defend. You fight to break free but the stranglehold is firmly in
    place. You are off balance, severely displaced. It carves up your
    soul like a filleted fish. Gasping for air, you whisper, "What is

    It's hideous laugh cuts like a chill wind on a bleak winters day. It
    seems there is nothing to do, nothing to say. You look into its
    eyes and start to turn away. But no not this time, you will not
    win, it's my turn to play. So you spat in its face and pull out your
    sword of light. You are weak but determined to win this age old
    fight. It flinches for a moment then pretends to stand tall. You
    know deep down inside this time it will be the darkness that will

    ©1991 rev. 2001
  11. Nebula

    Nebula Occasionally Frequent

    Here's one I wrote about a year or two ago. It's kinda long, and vaugely RATM-esque....


    Something tells you something's going on
    you can't tell what
    ask a question, give an answer
    this silence must be cut
    with minds as keen as carving knives
    and hands that hold their very lives
    to unlock doors that have been shut
    to seize the reigns
    and tear them up

    A man is smart but men are dumb
    they give their lives to die in slums
    a woman cries while killers hum
    and sing outlawed songs to one another
    about their victims: sons and mothers
    or slaying lying lolling lovers
    inmates paddle bursting bellies
    and model modern Machiavelli
    as packs of children swarm the street
    and gnaw what Manson doesn’t eat

    Beyond the hazy grassy knoll
    Bellwethers look for our extol
    they close our eyes and feed us coal:
    Life in prison, no parole
    Christ is risen, say the polls
    He would’ve wanted it this way
    We don’t want these sheep to stray
    So let’s just tie them with some twine
    We’ll empty lives and fill their minds
    With beaming bombs and putrid palms
    And suffocating callous rind
    that will take the wind and make it calm
    apart from gales in Vietnam
    where tails of mankind kill the trees
    and jails of their kind quiet seas

    And as the curtain starts to fall
    with inflated bowing, they forestall
    a disenchanted audience
    they can’t resist, it makes so much cents
    to have them at their beck and call
    though thick and thin and all and all.

    They haven’t swayed quite everyone
    not the brain that bought a gun
    that’s filling up an empty head
    with bullets and igniting suns
    that take the knotted thoughts and shred
    to weave a notion finely spun
    that callous rinds have grown to dread

    I've got more if ya want em.
  12. pcd2k

    pcd2k Registered Senior Member

    Safety First

    Planes fall out of the sky
    Cars slide into fly
    Trains skid off the track
    Whereas Transrapid
    will always bring me back

    I've always wanted to call this poem Safety Thirst

    any comments
  13. pcd2k

    pcd2k Registered Senior Member

    Safety First

    Planes fall out of the sky
    Cars slide into fly
    Trains skid off the track
    Whereas Transrapid
    will always bring me back

    I've always wanted to call this poem Safety Thirst

    any comments
  14. pcd2k

    pcd2k Registered Senior Member

    Safety First

    Planes fall out of the sky
    Cars slide into fly
    Trains skid off the track
    Whereas Transrapid
    will always bring me back

    I've always wanted to call this poem Safety Thirst

    any comments
  15. %BlueSoulRobot%

    %BlueSoulRobot% Copyright! Copyright!!

    How come you posted it three times, pcd2k? Btw, what's the object of your poem? Is it an advertisement?
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  16. %BlueSoulRobot%

    %BlueSoulRobot% Copyright! Copyright!!


    When the morphine wore off
    All I could see
    Was the impenetrable silence
    That lived within me

    When the morphine wore off
    I fell forever
    Breath ripped out my lungs
    And I drowned in fear

    When the morphine wore off
    My face, my eyes, my hands
    Bled to feel
    The hourglass’s harsh sands

    When the morphine wore off
    I wept and I fought
    Until the nice men came again
    To give me another shot.
  17. EvilPoet

    EvilPoet I am what I am

    Hiding away, courting a darker side
    Was coasting before now I feel myself slide
    Stabbing demons in the dark with battle gear on
    Fear is waiting, don't know where I belong

    Out of control from the inside out
    Only a foundation of fear and doubt
    I have a voice but no words to speak
    I feel zapped, my spirit is weak

    I am terrified right down to the bone
    I walk the hallways of my darker side alone
    This shadow side comes from deep within
    Can't find the door to let the light in

  18. Angelus

    Angelus Son Of House Ravenhearte

    The Garden

    I'll meet you in the garden, by the apple tree.
    I'll pick for you a fruit so sweet, it's taste will set you free.
    And I'll drink in of you're beauty, as you drink in of me.
    And I'll get down on my knees, and kiss your lips gently.
    And I will feel inside of you, if you'll hold onto me.
    And we'll be joined together, for all the stars to see.
    In the garden of Eden, by the apple tree.
  19. EvilPoet

    EvilPoet I am what I am

    Conduct Unbecoming

    With that smile upon your face,
    you say you love the human race.
    Yet your actions speak loud and clear,
    you prey on the weak with fear.

    Conduct unbecoming a human.

    What is up with all this shit?
    You are nothing but a hypocrite!
    You look at them, smiles a plenty.
    The knife you hide is always ready.

    Conduct unbecoming a human.

    You are shallow not hallowed.
    Hanging souls from the gallows.
    You are beastly and cruel,
    selling souls your golden rule.

    Conduct unbecoming a human.

    You lurk in the shadows, laying in wait.
    False promises of heavenly gates.
    I tell you this and I mean what I say,
    you will reap what you have sown one day.

    Conduct unbecoming a human.

  20. EvilPoet

    EvilPoet I am what I am

    Martians have landed
    Babies with two heads
    Elvis is still living
    That's what the headline said

    Missing link found today
    Bigfoot had a child
    Losing sleep is good for you,
    The headlines are so wild

    Tabloid fantasies
    Reporter run amuck
    Telling tall tales
    just to make a buck

    Tabloid fantasies


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