9/11 conspiracies

Discussion in 'The Cesspool' started by madmax1981, Nov 13, 2016.

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  1. madmax1981 Banned Banned

    Well the aliens do the surprising element side of their mockery what earthlings have it as their commonest silliest stupidity. What we humans diversified civilizations do or were doing were calling them over some communication link since 1996 and then they just logged into earth zones. And some stand in as the interpreter between what they other planets say talk and what earth people understand. So CIA findings seems like coded messages like or some talks.

    U mean the 4th plane was downed by the crews/passengers who resisted the hijackers who didn't knew to fly these planes. (in our newspapers it was written f-16 had downed it). But if u see the ascend, descend and angle of the planes these only are known by real pilots. But i am still baffled as how they turned these planes to UFOs!! Or how the planes dissappeared and in their place UFOs appeared.

    Perhaps some encrypted decrypted messages had hit the twin towers computer earthlink satellite systems terminal transponders from the alien mother ship in 1999. But everyone denies it as they never knew or understand it.
    Perhaps the alien mother ship their energy beam over the twin towers buildings telekinesis in some souls in their sleeps and elevated them into the mother ship. And later brought them back at some other point of time in say 2006 2009 in some dessert isolated villages of america. Erased their memories that they never remember who they were or where they had been.
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  3. river

    The reality of 9/11 is hard to fathom because it's hard to think that people can be that cold .
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  5. FatFreddy Registered Senior Member

    The proof that 9/11 was an inside job is crushing. Here's some of it. If the links to the videos are dead, do YouTube searches on the titles.

    September 11 -- The New Pearl Harbor (FULL)

    Pilot Who Flew The Airplanes That Crashed on 9/11 Speaks Out!

    Explosives Technician - Loader - AE911Truth.orghttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u5IgqJXyLbg

    ARCHITECTS AND ENGINEERS FOR 911 TRUTH (full unreleased version)

    9/11: Explosive Evidence - Experts Speak Out (Free 1-hour version) AE911Truth.org

    https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=AE911Truth.org building 7

    Was the 9-11 Attack the 2001 Version of "Operation Northwoods"?

    Operation Northwoods document

    Painful Deceptions. 911 analysis by Eric Hufschmid

    This photo released by the government shows that the craft that hit the Pentagon was too small to be a 757 if there was indeed a craft there.

    There are plausible motives.

    9/11 False Flag Conspiracy - Finally Solved (Names, Connections, Motives)https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RAAztWC5sT8


    http://www.globalresearch.ca/search?q=iraq oil&x=13&y=15


    NEW 2015! Solving 9/11 Christopher Bollyn Live in Dallas TX Feb 12, 2015

    People who still believe the official story should check this info out.

    Why Can't They See The Truth? Psychologists Help 9 11 Truth Deniershttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Xzmprkpxac


    People who promote the no-plane theory or the mini-nuke theory are government plants trying to discredit the truth movement. Real truthers don't believe in those theories.

    provocateurs,shills and disinfo agentshttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HYedTmaHt1A
    (7:20 time mark)
    Remember that a lot of pro-official version posters know that 9/11 was an inside job as well as the truthers do.http://www.whale.to/m/disin.html

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  7. madmax1981 Banned Banned

    Whow, this too much documented stuff pertaining to that time, those emotions pouring in that time era its understable the state the america was in, I now after so many years understood what the meaning it meant 'spirit of freedom 9/11' it was for the daring guts the firefighters unit had shown who went up the building to rescue the people above and to distinguish the fires. There might had been some lifts which went from 10 to 37 and from 40th to 77th ...so others cable might had been damaged but some lifts were still operating. While all for these years i was thinking something else only 'spirits of 9/11 freedom'.
    perhaps the firefighters 345 still live transported teleported by the ufo to the mother ship to some other planet.

    So in the first video you presented....its says that the fourth plane was seen as a blip when the planes communication freq transponder was on on their radar screen of the traffic controller and the NSA. But infact if you see the maps, the plane had went away from the washington d.c. to some extent kilometers away. which was then brought down. So the blip was infact some other plane like interference such as to fool the intelligence such as a threat is coming at washington dc but it never came in the skies deception.
    Then it also says that the plane /ufo went spiral like as the crew passengers fought with the hijackers and but couldn't land the plane. Or perhaps the plane was shot down. But funny it landed nose dived upside down at some place and was found wreckage below the hard ground. like as if its a ufo crashsite...as if the aliens water borne opened a portal in the ground and then went in but at that presise moment the portal went closed they were stuck.

    Then there is a envelope of air pressure around the surface of the twin towers high altitude buildings also there is air pressure surrounding the surface of the airplane /ufo. So if i was the pilot, in nerve jittery i had swayed the plane around tipsy topsy closed my eyes and when i woke up i again saw that i just grazed the building. Like with the air pressure envelope the plane actually rebounds at even high speeds aviation. Or if it were slow then it could be a possibility to have a hit against its own weight.

    Also as in the first video it says that in the debris nothing was found and everything seemed like vanished.
    Some white particulate matter was found everywhere around the 9/11 buildings like some white wash layers pieces were everywhere around the building. Or perhaps it fell from some height of the impact or was it alien residue? it was even spread inside lobbies.
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  8. madmax1981 Banned Banned


    here one can see the collapse of the buildings just as the firefighters starting to run....as when the buildings twin towers were charged by a beam energy directed by the ufo towards the sky.

    and...japanese media group who said they wanted to land their helicopter over the roof top for rescue. But they later changed their minds.

    While indian media and newspapers don't document and present the stuff well. I never had understood well at that time what was going on....even in newspapers. It was written only 25 to 35 firefighters were already in the building as it said was a fire drill.
    I was also a ufo abductee once, so i know that ufo energy beam light levitation energy and ground portal systems. But i didn't knew who from where it was channelizing the energy towards the earth, i mean the mother ship in deep space.
    Perhaps the ufo or the mothership creates hollograms, or energy concentric beams portals openings into earth.
    But why would ufo makers use aeroplanes tyres for?
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  9. madmax1981 Banned Banned

    Suppose as these soul grazing techniques as is done by these supernatural aliens above to hinder our earth's humans karmic laws and time gap.
    So i am thinking where were they ought to have 'taken' the souls of the 9/11 2690 as well as 345 firefighters and others. What i think is they aliens took some of their souls to some three dimensional space vortex where they got confused mindset and they mistook it for a second holographic earth system, but were like zombies mindless doing their things perhaps. Like a space triangle 3d.
    Then lets depict the 9/11 and pentagon again, suppose there in above space there is a dead zone which infact seems a flat uneven ground of dark different planet upside down looking towards earth which infact is the mother ship. Then there exists another ship which harnesses five UFOs one of them silver, which brought down to earth's atmosphere in speed time. This perhaps gone invisible and directed the 9/11 and pentagon bombings by varying the ships ufos to different places designation. And from the mother ship some antennaes beamed the energy fields towards earth.
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  10. paddoboy Valued Senior Member

  11. Kristoffer Giant Hyrax Valued Senior Member

    I think a pad on the head is a bit too nice.
  12. birch Valued Senior Member

    What the hell is wrong with these people? They are inhumane and illogical to boot. Of course they didn't really commit suicide. It was either burn or jump or they were forced out by impact or smoke etc. How could they possibly judge them, even if they chose to jump rather than burn up. How could any decent human being and especially a family member not be at least have a twinge of comfort that your loved one at least did not suffer a more horrible fate by burning and rather jump? I cannot stand these people. They are the ones who are selfish as well as bizarre as hell. And even if a person chooses suicide period, that's their life and not anyone's place to judge. WTF

    He is sane.

    Those twists of life. Fortunately and unfortunately, these jumpers alerted people that it was time to move fast and get out.
  13. madmax1981 Banned Banned


    Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!

    post a picture

    This is the picture in my mind of the mother ship above the earth invisible mistaken as a dark planet and another plane carrying the four ufos plus the silver ufo which came down to earth.

    There must had been panic, distrust, unexplained things. The firefighters 345 never reached above 45 floors.
    The twin towers makers japanese steel shafts were used to the inner core and exterior surface to withstand earthquakes, fires..etc So the jumpers who in panic stricken say they jumped from the vents of the plane attacks or they jumped from the 50th floors. Or they all ran down from 70th to 50th floor and again ran up to the vent? Or if even the survivors at the 73rd floors were blocked perhaps of the carnage till the 65 th floor perhaps.
    I was also seeing the pictures video feed live in 2001, i thought one building won't had collapsed.
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  14. madmax1981 Banned Banned

    If i had dived through a c-130 hercules plane into the 9/11 still it had just rebounded and fallen from the twin towers.
  15. madmax1981 Banned Banned

    If i were in that building say where the first attack was done, then there was a shudder, as i am sitting in the office of 66th floor and the fire vent plane ufo crash at 80th floor. So for the first ten to twenty minutes i could see on my monitor pc news flashed that some fire system got wrong and some attacks were at some white house something. Then my secretary just called me on the phone- that why is there panic at the floors 80th floors and above? Then after 10 minutes the second plane strikes the second building and on tv the news feed just aired again as 'america under attack 9/11'. But still i am in my office. I stood up went some office spaces towards the window glass to see the smoke vent caused in the other tower. And the secretary also arrives at my office as all people are in state of panic and all were leaving office. So i too pack up my suitcase gather up my papers. As i hear all the other panicky office goers footsteps down the stairs. Just then the lights, pc systems and cable news all went off. I can see from the window many firefighters entering the building with big tanks and secret service agents. But somehow the generators backup power system were up and some lifts going up were still operating. While the other going down were cable damaged. So i managed to walk down stairs reaching exhausting to 50th floor. Perhaps the panic attack had stricken the brains of the office goers so they boarded the lift and went from 50th 66th to 80th 110th....!!
    So was there some alien activity at the 50th floors or someone blew off the exits and the lifts cables? Then the firemen walked the stairs or took lift to 46th...and they were stuck their only.
    I somehow managed to go down from lift to 15th floor. And there is an empty banquet with chairs tables but darkness and outside the window i can see very nearby the fireman stationed there like just 35 to 40 meters away, discussing something. Just when the upper floors debris collapsed to the sides. If i had been with the others panickers survivors running upwards to the lift towards the 80th floor...then i would had at 79th floor checking where is everyone? At 200 degree celcius i would even dared to near the vents with like all the fumes, smell....or some UFO stationed above at 80th. Or the UFOs perhaps acted as lifting people across various time events and putting them landing them at the 80th and the 73rd floor of the twin towers.
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  16. FatFreddy Registered Senior Member

    I'd better post this video again in case anybody missed it.

    provocateurs,shills and disinfo agents

    I think everybody knows what I mean here.
  17. madmax1981 Banned Banned

    If there was a cattle inside one of the vents visible to the media helicopters recorded then it would had been true findings that aliens ufo were actually just shipping people abducted brain hampered to the building. So like a cattle too was levitated into the small ufo. And cow mewed, but really these ufos have aliens supernatural things have pilots or not that also is a question. So one can make up the mind that the cow didn't belonged to the 73rd floor of the 9/11 building office.
    But then the aliens or the usa secret agents themselves blew up the lifts of the 50th floors or blockaded the staircase. That perhaps if it won't had happened, or the aliens abductees were taken down as survivors then it would had been a different thing.
    Or perhaps there were some floors of the twin towers with important papers of some offices, platinium gold bricks banking vaults of bankers, or food making big utensils....were the firefighters or people assigned were seen taking these things down and saving it?
    Still i would like to see the place where the 4th plane ufo crash site? see if i can unearthed some findings of my own, paranormal dpt.
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  18. paddoboy Valued Senior Member


    Six really stupid 9/11 conspiracies debunked in about six seconds

    Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!

    Nah, that's just a missile. And Santa Claus is the pilot. (AP Photo/Carmen Taylor, File) Source: AP

    • that's just a missile. And Santa Claus is the pilot. (AP Photo/Carmen Taylor, File) Source: AP

    PSYCHOLOGISTS will tell you that even perfectly sane people have the ability to accept wild conspiracy theories. The more powerless or alone we feel, the more likely we are to develop such theories.

    It's all linked to self-esteem. If you're the sort of person who feels isolated or disenfranchised, you're much more likely to develop wild theories as a way of making you seem more knowledgeable, more powerful, more special.

    That might help explain why many Americans are into conspiracies. The irony of our technologically over-connected age is that there are scores of socially disconnected people sitting in dark rooms extrapolating all sorts of crap from factoids they find online. Here are six of the worst:

    STUPID THEORY 1: The US government did it

    SIMPLE REBUTTAL: People who say it was an inside job are split into two camps. There are those who say the US government cooked up and enacted the whole crazy plot, and those who say they let it happen without intervention. In both cases, conspiracists generally claim that the aim was to give the Bush government an excuse to wage war on the Islamic world.

    So here's your simple rebuttal. US governments have shown for decades that they will intervene when and where it suits them. The last thing they need to do to justify any foreign policy is kill 3000 of their own citizens.

    STUPID THEORY 2: The twin towers did not collapse. They were demolished.

    SIMPLE REBUTTAL: 9/11 "truthers", who would perhaps be more accurately described as 9/11 "liars", like to rope in an expert to tell you that no office fire ever made a building topple. Well, that'd be because no office fire was ever as big as these two, with as much jet fuel to help it along.

    But the real reason the twin towers collapsed was structural. Most buildings have their core structural supports at the centre. The towers had some major central steel columns, but that elegant exterior steel shell was also crucial in providing perimeter support. Also, the perimeter columns supported massive steel trusses which supported each floor.

    So basically, when the exterior of the building was penetrated so devastatingly by the planes, the structure's ability to hold itself up was threatened. So when one floor went, the combined weight meant they all went.

    Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!

    Pretend the towers were a conspiracy theory. Then pretend they were subjected to the force of logic. Here’s your result. 11/09/2001. Source: AFP

    STUPID THEORY 3: World Trade Center 7 did not collapse. It was demolished.

    SIMPLE REBUTTAL: Riiiight, so the world's tallest tower collapses on its neighbour less than 200m across the road. You've got 110 storeys of rubble pummelling a 47-storey building, setting it on fire, covering it in untold extra weight and inflicted untold stresses. And later that day, when the smaller building collapses, it's obvious the CIA did it with explosives. And Elvis left the building right before it happened.

    Oh, and if you want a secondary explanation of why the building really wasn't toppled by mysterious people with explosives, try googling any of the so-called architects or engineers in the wacky YouTube vids. Almost none of them appear to be either a) currently employed or b) affiliated with any group other than 9/11 conspiracy groups.

    STUPID THEORY 4: FLIGHT 93 was shot down in Pennsylvania and the people who were supposedly on it were murdered or relocated.

    SIMPLE REBUTTAL: The small jet flying low in the area, which some believe shot down Flight 93, was in fact a business jet which had been instructed to fly low to inspect the wreckage. Also, the log of calls made from Flight 93 is pretty compelling evidence that those were real people aboard a hijacked jet. If these people are actors who are actually still alive somewhere, the real mystery is why they haven't made squillions in Hollywood. Because they were seriously convincing.

    Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!

    And they’re fake trees and that’s a fake wall and Gilligan is still stuck on Gilligan’s Island. Picture: Jeff Swensen/Getty Images/AFP Source: AFP

    STUPID THEORY 5: There was no "stand down" order, which proves the US government dunnit.

    SIMPLE REBUTTAL: A stand down order is an order from the North American Aerospace Defence Command (NORAD) to scramble fighter jets. This didn't happen until too late on September 11, prompting conspiracists to say the government deliberately held off to let the carnage unfold.

    But NORAD didn't actually track flights within America prior to 9/11. Also, the hijackers turned off the transponders on their planes, which meant Air Traffic Control couldn't track them. And NORAD needed an alert from Air Traffic Control to act. So basically, you had a system which ensured bureaucratic bungles, but that's a far cry from complicit officials.

    STUPID THEORY 6: They weren't planes, they were missiles.

    SIMPLE REBUTTAL: Some of the worst nutters claim that the original planes which struck the twin towers weren't planes but missiles. This was fuelled by an early eyewitness account broadcast on live TV from a journalist who said he thought the first plane had no windows. But the journalist saw the plane in a blink of his eye - a fact ignored by conspiracists who have seized on this statement.

    The obvious plane-sized holes in the buildings are a bit of a giveaway too. But you know, maybe they were just caused by Batman or something.
  19. madmax1981 Banned Banned

  20. madmax1981 Banned Banned

    perhaps the mother ship which is dark in color has liquidized lands, and antennaes for the energy beams are big craters which act as portals. So the alien mother ship secondary aircraft harnessing the five ufos took the aircrafts and its passengers into a space ride and submerged into the mother ship surface. Just as the fourth flight which crashed into the ground. So the variable climate properties of earth can be activated as the mother ship...like earth is also some kind of alien sister planet. The think tank and the mass energy controls lie inside the mother ship or the inhabitants there in. Through there mind power the airplanes were replaced by ufos.
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  21. Russ_Watters Not a Trump supporter... Valued Senior Member

    Can't tell if mentally ill or trolling.
  22. James R Just this guy, you know? Staff Member

    This thread is certainly a poor attempt at making a convincing conspiracy theory.

    Does it deserve its place in the Conspiracies forum, or do our resident conspiracists want better than this?
  23. madmax1981 Banned Banned

    What you want a larger discussing audience like people seeing upwards "chanting slogans" with placards" we believe in ufos"....!!!
    What i think is that one can somehow lure the aliens or UFOs into the earth, then take a small plane jet through the beam portal as to where the antennae is located or taking them, as any normal nasa cosmic pilots would argue i never saw anything up there other than stars and planets. So when i take the plane jet to some how manage at speeds to get into the antennaes portals of the mother alien ship somewhere in the dark space, there i can see some perhaps 9/11 plane ruins, some magazines pertaining to july 2001 and some bullion bricks hutments where inside the aliens now enjoy in peace over their lands. Some bricks i can bring back to earth as in space entry they might get burnt up.
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