8-Years of Civilization Remaining

Discussion in 'Earth Science' started by Success_Machine, Jun 7, 2002.

  1. Gifted World Wanderer Registered Senior Member

    I would like to note that the reactors on space probes use a device called a thermocouple to generate the electricity. These are not much better that photovoltiac cells in efficiency. Where is geothermal? Much more practical.
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  3. Edufer Tired warrior Registered Senior Member

    Geothermal power

    Never mind trying to harness volcanos, so let's go to "practical". What is practical? Practical things are those with a good cost/benefit balance. The difficulties for making utilities or devices capable of using geothermal power, and the costs involved makes this alternative not practical.

    As with wind, solar or tide power, they are limited only to very specific uses. Really that's too bad. Nothing could be better to profit from solar power, or winds, or "solfataras".

    But, alas, that seems to be impossible, until now I mean. (try to harness Old Faithfull in Yellowstone and see what happens). So until technologies give us something better, the urgencies nowadays point us to one direction: Nuclear.
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  5. kmguru Staff Member

    Thanks Edufer.

    Everybody is a power engineer thesedays....the word is, if you can change the car battery, you are one...and if you can change the alternator - you are an expert....ready to make the policy decision of the planet....right?

    Talk about the fate of 6 billion people residing on a few backyard mechanics....
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  7. Edufer Tired warrior Registered Senior Member

    You are welcomed, kmguru. This thing of people with nothing more than a 6th grade education thinking they can "save the planet" would be ridiculous --<b>if it were not tragic</b>. Billions of lives depend on the right decisions when it comes to pass laws and regultations trying to achive the utopical "zero risk".

    And this is worsened by many scientists that can never simply say: "I don't know". And the worst of all is the fact that politicians think scientists can always give accurate answers to any scientific matter.

    By the way, have you visited our website at http://mitosyfraudes.8k.com/ENGLISH.html ? I have been giving it a new face, adding some "Flash" features that makes loading much faster. In the next days I'll be inaugurating a new page about the Amazon jungle with many pictures. I've upgraded the site to 100 Mbytes (with satitistics that show a rate of 4,700 unique visitors every month since January) Nor bad for a $10 website.

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  8. kmguru Staff Member

    Edufer, I have not visited your site recently...but will do so after my posts. I think, you have a gold mine there with your website. Now, you need to promote that within your country (among media and politics) to solve some problems that your country faces. I will be happy to contribute how a system and infrastructure can be setup to improve the economy. But it will be in English and you or some one has to translate it into your language.

    Anyway, people do not realize that the Nobel Prize winner in literature commenting as an expert (perception) on movement of nuclear materials to Nevada.
  9. Edufer Tired warrior Registered Senior Member

    Kmguru, I was the head of the Technical Translations Department at AECL (Atomic Energy of Canada LTD) in 1983-84 while building and commissioning of our nuclear reactor at Embalse, province of Cordoba. After the Canadians went home, I refused to accept a position at the building of the Mesa Verde Nuclear station in Mexico. (I regret it, now).

    Instead I was trasferred to CONARCAN. a Canadian-Argentinean consortium that built the hydrological complex of Piedra del Aguila and Michihuao dams in Patagonia. My interest in the environment and all the scientific frauds around it date from that time, when I was dealing with facts and real world situations and confronting them against all the hype about the environment. Once you start your journey down the quest for scientific proofs and truths, there is no going back.

    I 'll be waiting for your ideas. Thanks you, very much.
  10. Success_Machine Impossible? I can do that Registered Senior Member

    Smart People Make Connections Between Diverse Subjects

    No one can be an expert in every subject, rather no one can have esoteric (rare) knowledge of many different subjects. And yet someone has to pull it all together. Fortunately most things do not require esoteric knowledge, and knowledge of science & math can act as a useful BS filter.

    Math is really important too, consider the most recent BS I've uncovered.... this article on quantum computing is an example of science being used to promote certain types of research, when there is no foundation to support it:


    A related site gives a description of the mathematics:


    I am not an expert in either physics, computer science, or math but I was able to figure out that they needed 12-13 qubits to do what they claimed to have achieved with just 7 qubits. This is an example where almost no one would question the experts, especially since it was confirmed by experiment !!! And yet it is obvious to me that the results were fabricated. I have suspicions as to how this might happen too, but these publications are really a means to an end for an aspiring PhD candidate, rather than a real source of knowledge. And if they can get away with it in a respected peer-reviewed scientific journal like Nature, imagine what crap gets into the newspapers these days!

    I'm smart, I'm representative, and I have dreams and goals to pursue. Someone has to pull it all together. If the experts won't do it, then why not me ?

    I'll tell you what else I see: I see oil reserves running out, based on 95% probabilities, NOT the 5% probabilities of recoverable oil that experts use. More than that I see a likely solution to the problem, but people with money are "keepin the funk alive" so to speak, driving cars that get less than 200 mpg fuel economy. Non-renewable MEANS non-renewable. Like a non-renewable club membership, or $20 prepaid debit card, when the expiration date comes, that's all folks! When the Hubbert Peak comes it's gonna get nasty on the highways, cause there's going to be people who still have money who want to drive their big autos, while everyone else switches to cargo-proportional transportation, like motorized bicycles & tricycles with airflow fairings, and maybe two-wheeled trailers for cargo.
  11. Edufer Tired warrior Registered Senior Member

    I was subscribed to both online newsletters by <B>Nature</B> magazine and <B>Science</B> magazine. I have cancelled them because I have not found there nothing really interesting to me. Of course there is a lot of good material on bioloogy and medicine that is useful for scientists in deep research.

    But for general matters, the news that are published there are mostly following the political agenda of globalization. I could be wrong, of course, but that has been my impression for the last two or three years.
  12. BatM Member At Large Registered Senior Member

    A single oil platform can cost up to 1 billion to build and untold millions to run over it's lifetime. However, it is expected to return 10 times that cost in revenue and, so, is deemed worth it.

    The cost of the project is not the issue -- it's a question of return on investment. If the ROI is big enough, the project would be funded.

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