2050: end of earthly resources

Discussion in 'Earth Science' started by sunflow, Jul 20, 2002.

  1. Maharajah Registered Senior Member

    Hay there Pronatalist, can I write a book full of vague and easily misinterpreted scriptures and have you follow it as a creed of life? Or is it only those special prophets whom proclaim that god has spoken through them that you will believe? Religion is the ultimate form of control, in the same way that a heroin dealer has control over a junkie, control of their security and piece of mind. What a load of bullshit, think for yourself, not out of some book dipshits thousands of years ago dreamed up while stoned out of their minds.
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  3. the_greenvision (3,746,185 posts) Registered Senior Member

    If at all, the investments and research towards ALL our lofty space ambitions should be capped at ten percent! Haven't we seen enough space shuttles gotten blown into smithereens? And how many Mars-bound crafts must we lose? We're simply pushing our luck too far with these nascent space technologies that we've obtained for a mere four decades. The renewed emphasis placed in the NASA Mars Program - by the spectacularly misguided Bush Administration - is in fact a mad scramble to throw as many global resources as possible onto the surface of Mars. And hope that one lands safely. Which unfortunately did.

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    Nah. When we can't even predict our own climate accurately, what gives the impression that we'll succeed in terraforming the red planet with induced CO2? And hey... Mr. LowIQ/LowEQ Bush doesn't even see CO2 as a global warming gas.

    But hell, it'll be good if CO2 becomes more of an earthly resource - than earthly liability - by 2050. A terraforming resource. Wow.

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  5. sumpm1 Registered Member

    Everyone keeps spouting about FUEL and ENERGY. Man if you don't have any FOOD, you ain't gonna give a damn about some FUEL! If you can't see that if the population NEVER stops growing, that the earth is gonna be an ugly place, you are in DENIAL. Mine deeper in the earth... Do whats' ECONOMICALLY plausible. At some point, MONEY has no value! The earth can only sustain a certain population gracefully. And our glorious dreams of BUILD, BUILD, BUILD, and SELL, SELL, SELL, may make us happy in the short term, but it's like running up the total on your credit card, to leave the bill for your kids or future generations.

    Everybody keeps saying that TECHNOLOGY can save us. HA, technology is what's killing the earth. Mass production and farming techniques give us the means to populate in such quantities, and consume in such quantities. There is no technology that can make valuable resources APPEAR. We need to CUT BACK on technology to save the planet.
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  7. kmguru Staff Member

    No, you need to cutback on the population to save the planet....
  8. smile_on_a_rainyday Registered Senior Member

    yea the world pretty screwed really.

    on the whole fuel topic...most people are too lazy to switch of plugs to save electricity....and companies/governments are too tight to pay for renewable energie plants. or just decided to use nuclear power and test it in the south pacific...which as i have sed before is a ridiculous idea...

    but yea i dont think running out of oil will be the end of the world....because energy resources need to be changed pretty quickly anyway and this might finally get people doin more

    but about that article mentioned at the start....i think its really sad we've let it get this bad tbh and even it suddenly become possible to inhibit 'colonise two planets' (ha?!) whats the point because we'd just destroy that too???

    ahhhh i;m optimistic today ey?

    mel xxx
  9. phonetic stroking my banjo Registered Senior Member

    Well, they're pretty connected. We can still feed the world 'til oil runs out. Then, without petrochemicals to force food to grow on overused land, petrol and oil to transport the food/run the tractors and harvesters, oil to run factories, we're up shit creek. Hell, we can't do anything now without oil. Every single facet of our daily western lives relies on oil.

    When oil runs out so does food. Then a few billion people die and the rest struggle on, doing hard manual work every day to survive. Everybody feels sorry for Africa just now, but considering they've never had a chance to develop not much is going to change there.

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