10 Most Important Events Of Human History

Discussion in 'History' started by Athena, Sep 8, 2005.

  1. Me-Ki-Gal Banned Banned

    It is hard to pick out 10 with so many event changing things already posted . I would say Peace of Westphalia rates at the top , For I believe it set the stage for extreme expansionism in the America's . The number one thing I think comes from before the parameters of the thread . Agriculture and animal husbandry by far changed everything and displaced many at the same time. Yeah way!!
    I found that very interesting what Fraggle said about dogs . That may be true if you think about how a dog acts . You all know what dog spells backwards ? Hum . You know how it says the rejected stone will be the cornerstone . Hmmm. Is dog smarter than Man? Hum ? Free food, free place to sleep , Can poop and pee in public with out getting arrested. Can dry hump a persons leg and people will laugh and say " How cute is that " I think they out smarted us
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  3. awesomeppl Registered Member


    Ok so here's the dealyoh... I needed 10 "important time event things" for my World History class and here's what i got....

    10.)Writing- ok i totally agree on that one it is pretty dang important.
    9.)Nukes invented- ok so it helped out in WWII so i still agree.
    8.)Farmin-ok so yeah we need food so thats good.
    7.)Fire- great idea!
    6.)Wheels!!- ok im a lazy person so yea i need another way then just walkin
    5.)The toilet!- um i would not be going around in the middle of the night to take a pee! in the grass...so thank you!
    4.)9-11- i dont know what to say but it's deffinetly important!
    3.)Cell phones!!- where would i be today with out my cell phone!!??
    2.) eurpean settlement of th enew world- where would we be? thats supper important!
    and last and my least favorite thing....
    1.)Mathmatics- ok so we need it big deal...i still hate it but just so you all know.....you will be usin it at somepoint in time....

    I'm bored now so ill sign of....BYE!!!!
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