1 Dimensional universe n1 to 2 Dimensional n7

Discussion in 'Pseudoscience' started by Henryk Szubinski, Dec 19, 2015.

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    by Henryk Szubinski

    This paper was also published on the "Galaxy zoo" ( classifying objects in space).

    Newtonian Integrals and the basic action reaction of the visualisation of a man walking with a mass at the size of a galaxy circumference as the =action. The reaction =Lifting mass objects while in zero gravity would tilt the mass to either of 2 sides. So that the brighter small objects such as star clusters (change) define the function of gravity that may be visualised. Suppose you lift an object and walk with it around the outline of a galaxy. At some point ,the mass object will have gained some extra Inertia and the resulting Inertial stream would attract smaller mass objects. The question of time as related to gravity and light at the size of the human scale with a 1 kg object could answer the scale of the atomic or subatomic as displacement of this type on the very large scale (the human walking with the mass object for about 100 billion years). This then, defines the total circmference of the galaxy; So how would a real human with a weight displace faster?. The basics of the 2 diemenional universe displaces faster. The faster it gets ,the larger the dimension (or n th Integral) ."That the diameters of every planet or star = the circumference as 2 Dimensional. The visualisation of the human making the walk would be 2 dimensional as light ,and + 2 dimensional gravity, as well as, 2 D+ center. In total then,= 6 D as the n6 Integral that moves faster but also attracts other mass objects related to the small 1Kg massin motion. So the n7 total -6n = 1n= 1 Dimensional universe or the begining of the universe.
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    Did you manage to write all of that rubbish on your own?
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  5. Fraggle Rocker Staff Member

    NOTE FROM THE MODERATORS: Please avoid using insulting language. Surely you could have made your point in such a way that it refers to a couple of points in the original post.
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