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  1. I know it’s just a series on TV, but I was thinking about the episode of ‘Enterprise’ where T’Pol had sex with Tucker. And to me, that was not logical for a Vulcan to have a fling, even for scientific reasons. Because of the body-to-body contact, the smells, the sounds, and touching that she would have with humans.

    In human life, there is nothing we do that is more intimate than sex, where we are both ‘in’ each other, you can’t be more ‘naked’, both body & soul, or more ‘exposed’, weaknesses, lies, frailties, egos, than when you are having sex. The Bible says that the ‘two become one’ in Matthew 19:5, I think that is what it means, we are bonded together.

    For T’Pol to abandon her Vulcan resolve, means that she either really likes Tucker or that the writers threw that in for ‘Ratings Week’.

    Now here are some really serious questions: Do Vulcans have the concept of ‘virginity’? Does the female of their species have a hymen? Would she also have a clitoris? Would she experience the ‘Big O’? How human are they?

    Then the next question is more philosophical: Why do human females have hymens and clitorises? What biological advantage does it infer? What reason would they evolve? Not being a farm boy or veterinarian to know, do other female primates & mammals have them too?

    Anyway, just asking.
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  3. Zik Registered Member

    Hymen- I've heard to protect from certain diseases. Also, perhaps a form of protection from weak protrusions of blunt objects when the vagina is still developing?

    Clitoris- If you're pleasured, then you'll do it again. And again. And again. The whole idea of being an animal is to copulate and reproduce.
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  5. Zik Registered Member


    On a different note- you'd have to ask some StarTrek fanatic. Also, I believe most animals have a clitoris, not sure on hymen. Though lack of intelligence and whatnot could more than supply for lack of clitoris .. still pretty sure they have one however.
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  7. I work in a health care setting, so I know many medical personnel, so I asked 2 nurses ( NP & PA) that I know, (that work in an STD clinic) that question, they didn't know why humans have hymens, the female nurse thought it was possibly to protect from infection? But wasn't sure.

    Up until bathing became a habit, I don't think our ancestors did much but grunt & it was over, so you're saying that women were left to their own devices, so to speak?
  8. I know someone that worked in a veterinary clinic who's now a nurse, I'll ask her that question, I am curious about it for 3 reasons;
    1) I don't think that the writers of Star Trek pay attention to what the characters should be doing ( Vulcans in particular ),
    2) the idea that a person would presumably give up her virginity for scientific reasons, is absurd &
    3) the possibility that humans are different than our earthly brethren, makes me think that we are part of a special creation (Genesis, "God created man").

    Why would T’Pol give up her virginity?

    Just wondering.
  9. Q25 Registered Senior Member

    to experience sex,I suppose?

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    virginity is like a bubble,one prick and its gone!

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  10. Supposedly Vulcans are very logical, so would that be logical for a Vulcan to do?
    BTW, I am of the opinion that the writers of 'Enterprise' are anti-Vulcan, anti-Star Trek or Trekker (as not taking all the previous written history seriously, that's called continuity)

  11. Silverback Registered Senior Member

    I didn't see the ep in question, I'm afraid I bailed on that series fairly early.

    Did they establish at the time of the act that T'pol was in fact a virgin?

    And mostly it does sound like a ratings stunt. Hell, I would have watched it for that one episode if I had known it was coming.
  12. yeah, many did, but I'll watch it to the end, I guess I'm a closet Trekker?

    No, but she never mentions any previous marriage, or ponn'far, I know, that's too personal to share, but so is sex

    I agree, but it made me think of some philosophical questions, unintended, but very interesting
  13. Silverback Registered Senior Member

    Oh, I agree. I arrived at this thread from your link you posted elsewhere. I was curious to see if anyone had addressed your questions and if so, what kind of answers you had received.

    Personally, I also have no background in medicine, veteranary or otherwise, so I couldn't address the specifics. And anything about Vulcan sex outside of ponn'far would be just personal speculation. But if you want that, here goes.

    Vulcans would never have sex outside of ponn'far. They suppress all emotion, including biologically driven instinct. That would seem to include the pleasure of sex. Hence they would only do this when they had no choice at all, the ponn'far. Any other reason for sex would have to be an extrordinary circumstance, IMHO, beyond just "wanting to do it, uh-uh-uh-oh-baby". That is totally human, not Vulcan.

    Again, I didn't see the show, so I have no idea what led up to it other than "oh crap our ratings are still falling".
  14. I agree, the writers are not Trekkie enough.

    Anything that deals with our future, is or can be a grand panorama of hope, idealism, bravery, vision. Just like NASA, astronauts & shuttle crews. Challenger & Columbia just show us, that it won't be a picnic, that dangers are real & I think worth it, I want to go, heck I'm old enough that if I die in a blaze of glory, I had my life to live, did & experienced what I wanted, a full life, no regrets
  15. Silverback Registered Senior Member

    High five to that, Randolfo,

    You can have the pilot chair, just leave room for a big shaggy Silverback gorilla in the next seat over.
  16. cool, roger that
  17. one_raven God is a Chinese Whisper Valued Senior Member

    I didn't see it, but I would imagine that it would be logical to give to your partner what pleases them in order to keep them "happy" if they experience emotions.
    If she has a logical reason to want to have a partnership with a human (which I can't speak to without having seen the episode), then sexual intercourse would be a logical step in maintaining that partnership.
  18. Ok, I found that other animals have hymens, so it must serve a purpose other than proclaiming virginity, but what?

    The following is from a debate on human origins, at this site:


    I was wondering if humans were a "special" creation, having to prove their virginity? apparently they aren't the only ones
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