‘Spanish Sept 11th’

Discussion in 'World Events' started by weebee, Mar 12, 2004.

  1. guthrie paradox generator Registered Senior Member

    Cos you get more people killed? Whats a few hundred americans and a few thousand iraqis compared to hundreds of thousands? And after youve killed the hundreds of thousands, youd be compelled to come to a sensible solution due to the shock of world opinion. Moreover, you are suggesting killing people like the bishop of somewhere in the south of france did when suppressing the Albigensians, he said "kill them all, God will know his own." No concern over justice, rightness, any form of deserving it.

    You know, its funny how your talking about historical wars, when so many people like to say how this war on terrorism is without precedent and is new etc etc.
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  3. Undecided Banned Banned

    Tell me how that is worse than any war in history.

    Most wars in history have a reason for happening, not lies. This war will go down in the annals of history as one of the most vile and detestable abuses of power by a major world power. The US had no reason to be in Iraq, other then to stroke her ego and maintain power in the ME.
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  5. weebee Registered Senior Member

    Halliburton's Iraq role expands

    Halliburton could have more work
    Halliburton's role in post-war Iraq includes operating Iraqi oil fields, new documents have revealed.

    Previously, the US Army Corps of Engineers had described the contract given to Halliburton - run by US Vice President Dick Cheney between 1995 and 2000 - as putting out fires at oil wells during the conflict.

    The emergency contract for firefighting and capping Iraqi oil wells was awarded to Halliburton without a bidding process in March.

    Responding to questions from a US Congressman, the US Army Corps of Engineers has revealed that the contract included "operation of facilities and distribution of products".

    In a letter to senior Democrat Henry Waxman on Friday, Army Corps Lt. Gen. Robert Flowers added the contract with Halliburton's subsidiary KBR was a "bridge" to one that is open to other bidders.

    "We will limit orders under this contract to those services required prior to the availability of competitively awarded contracts," he wrote

    'Helping out'

    Halliburton said the wider role for its subsidiary KBR was announced on 24 March, when the deal was made public.

    "KBR's initial task involves hazard and operational assessment, extinguishing oil well fires, capping oil well blowouts, as well as responding to any oil spills," the original Halliburton statement said.

    "Following this task, KBR will perform emergency repair, as directed, to provide for the continuity of operations of the Iraqi oil infrastructure," it continued.

    The Halliburton spokeswoman said KBR was currently assisting Iraq's oil ministry.

    "Only now, over five weeks after the contract was first disclosed, are members of Congress and the public learning that Halliburton may be asked to pump and distribute Iraqi oil under the contract," said senior Democrat Henry Waxman, who received the confirmation from the US Army.

    New deal

    Mr Waxman sits on the House of Representatives' committee on government reform.

    Mr Cheney's office has repeatedly denied the vice president had a role in awarding the contract.

    The US government has been criticised for its handling of the reconstruction of Iraq because only a select group of US companies have been invited to bid for the contracts.

    The US Army Corps of Engineers said the Halliburton deal was a temporary measure before a contract was put out to tender in the coming months.

    It expects a replacement contract to be signed by the end of August.

    The US Army said in early April that Halliburton had been paid $50.3m out of the contract that could be worth up to $7bn over two years.


    i think Bush is too intelligent to bring a country to war because of some emotion....
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  7. guthrie paradox generator Registered Senior Member

    "Tell me how that is worse than any war in history. "

    Cos if you nuke people, it doesnt give time for the military industrial complex to make a killing.
    *takes off ultra cynical hat*
  8. Proud_Muslim Shield of Islam Registered Senior Member

    You cant defeat terrorism, none did and no one will do , terrorism stems from terror, instead of dealing with the symptoms, deal with the deep roots causes of terror, if so called Islamic terrorists were behind the attacks, the explanation is very easy:


    An unidentified Iraqi man holds an unidentified girl wounded after U.S.-led coalition air strikes over the southern Iraqi city of Basra, Saturday March 22, 2003







    Dont get me wrong, I am not trying to justify what happened in Spain, it was horrible crime, but what is the difference between those terrorists who placed the bombs and the other terrorists who drop the bombs from the safety of sky ??? both are killers and murderers.

    Indeed, this proverb suits the American led WAR OF TERROR against the Muslim world, they are frightened and they want to kill as much muslims as possible to reassure themselves they are still in charge !! very sad !

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  9. Proud_Muslim Shield of Islam Registered Senior Member

    Thoese terrorists are no difference than Bush, Blair and Aznar ( the real axis of evil ) who slaughtered more than 10,000 innocent Muslims since the aggression against Iraq started !
  10. Lemming3k Insanity Gone Mad Registered Senior Member

    PM am i wrong in saying that we went to war in afghanistan and iraq AFTER september the 11th? Bush, Blair and Aznar responded to a terrorist attack and went to war against the countries they believed responsible, innocent people have died on both sides, i'd say that their response was correct, but their reasons were wrong(ie the faking of claims for WMD in iraq) they want to catch the people in charge of terrorist attacks, i doubt we would have gone to afghanistan and subsequently iraq without september the 11th as we had no other reason to declare war. They dont want to kill as many muslims as possible, they want to catch the people responsible, I think your post can be turned around as Al Queda made the first attack on september 11th.
  11. Proud_Muslim Shield of Islam Registered Senior Member

    History does not start on 9/11, ever wondered why 9/11 took place in the first place ???

    Afghanistan and Iraq were NOT responsible for 9/11, in fact, not a single Afghani or Iraqi was involved, killing 12,000 afghani MUSLIMS and about 15,000 Iraqi Muslims is TERRORISM that will guarantte Islamic response.

    As I said, history DOES NOT start on 9/11, America committed horrible crimes against Muslims before 9/11, but of course your biased anti muslim media never tell you about such crimes:

    Chronology of American State Terrorism

    PALESTINE :1948 – Present

    American/Israeli State Terrorism of the Palestinian People

    Estimated civilian deaths: 100,000 Palestinian people

    The United States government gives billions of your tax dollars to the Israelis every year. And the U.S. government never pays people to do things it doesn’t want done. Israeli state terrorism is essentially American state terrorism.


    Picture of American financed Israeli massacres against innocent palestinean MUSLIMS:



    Libya 1981 – 1989

    American Terror-Campaign Against the Libyan People;
    Numerous CIA Assassination Attempts on Muammar Qadhafi

    Estimated civilian deaths from the April 1986 attack: over 100 people, including Qadhafi’s two-year-old daughter

    The official reason for the Reagan administration’s intense antipathy toward Moammar Qaddafi was that he supported terrorism. In actuality, the Libyan leader’s crime was not his support for terrorist groups per se, but that he was supporting the wrong terrorist groups; i.e., Qaddafi was not supporting the same terrorists that Reagan was, such as the Nicaraguan Contras, UNITA in Angola, Cuban exiles in Miami, the governments of El Salvador and Guatemala and the U.S. military in Grenada. The one band of terrorists the two men supported in common was the Moujahedeen in Afghanistan.


    Iran 1988:
    U.S. Navy Mass-Murder of Civilian Iranian Airline Passengers

    Known civilian deaths: 290 people

    On July 3, 1988 the U.S. Navy warship the Vincennes was operating within Iranian waters, providing military support for Iraq in the ongoing Iran/Iraq war. During a one-sided battle against a small number of lightly armed Iranian gunboats, the Vincennes fired two missiles at an [Iranian] Airbus, which was on a routine civilian flight. All 290 civilians onboard were killed.

    This act of mass murder by the U.S. has never resulted in any court case. The captain and crew of the Vincennes were militarily decorated. Attempts by relatives of the victims to bring legal action against the American government were rejected by the US Supreme Court in 1993. Despite the fact that the vast majority of victims were Iranian, the US paid $2.9 million in compensation only to non-Iranian victims of the shooting.

    ''I will never apologize for the United States of America — I don’t care what the facts are.”

    — President George Bush, Sr.
    referring to the mass-murder
    of Iranian civilian people
    by the U.S.S. Vincennes

    IRAQ: 1991 – Present

    American/British State Terrorism of the Iraqi People

    Estimated total civilian deaths: at least 200,000 people directly from the 1991 terror campaign;
    1,000,000 — 2,000,000 people since then from the combined effects of depleted uranium poisoning, polluted water and sanctions


    Warning: graphic pictures:




    And many more examples, I refer you to amazing book called Rouge State by William Blum:


    ''Why terrorists keep picking on the United States; * The numerous foreign leaders whose assassinations were plotted by the U.S.; * How the U.S. supported Pol Pot but helped incarcerate Nelson Mandela; * The U.S. government's extensive connection to torture; * How the U.S. has been a haven for foreign terrorists and human rights violators; * The War Crimes Tribunal that will never be: How the U.S. squelched the charges of war crimes against its own and NATO's leaders in 1999; * How the U.S. has perverted dozens of foreign elections; and much, much more.''


    And Finally, do you know IRONICALLY what happened on 9/11-1973 ????
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  12. Lemming3k Insanity Gone Mad Registered Senior Member

    Are you refering to the chilean president being killed in a military coup led by General Pinochet? How is this ironic? plz explain.
    Nice to see you claim our media is bias then make a long post about american terrorism completely disregarding any other terrorism against them,
    Im sorry its taken me half an hour to stop laughing at this, is osama bin laden not from afghanistan? I've not heard this claim before, care to elaborate?
    PALESTINE :1948 – Present
    Palestinians have been continuously bombing the israeli's, with probably the same deathtoll to israeli's as you provided for palestinians, you fail to grasp war has civilian casualties, and they have been fighting over a stupid piece of land for half a century(even though officially they havnt been at war the whole time the fighting has continued) and have come to the conclusion their best defence against palestine suicide bombers is a wall around their country.
    Perhaps you could elaborate this and all your other stories from a non-bias source, I have a feeling you arnt providing all the facts.
  13. Undecided Banned Banned

    Im sorry its taken me half an hour to stop laughing at this, is osama bin laden not from afghanistan? I've not heard this claim before, care to elaborate?

    I don't know why you would laugh? OBL was from Saudi Arabia, and his family is originally from Yemen, he was based in Sudan then in Afghanistan. Afghanistan proper was not responsible for the attack on the WTC. Afghanistan which you are referring to was never the legitimate gov't of the country, only Pakistan recognized the Taliban as the leaders of Afghanistan. Officially the real gov't being up in the north supported the war against the Taliban. So in essence Afghanistan actually supported the war against the Taliban. The Taliban were nothing more then an illegal rebel group. Iraq had nothing to do with the attack, even the administration gave that one up.
    Last edited: Mar 16, 2004
  14. Proud_Muslim Shield of Islam Registered Senior Member

    Ironic because it happened on 9/11 and why I mentioned that ? it is because this military coup that led to the death of thousands of innocent chileans was AMERICAN initiated and backed !!

    Every action has reaction equal to it in its force and opposite to it in its direction, this is what my physics teacher taught me when I was 11 , dont you agree ???

    You are not only ignorant but pathetic, please go READ little bit about where Osama bin laden from and then come back here for the next lesson !!

    Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!

    Wrong, the palestineans have no army, no state, no apatchi, no F16s, no Abrams tanks, no nuclear submarines ...etc.

    here is more information about who is the real terrorist, it is written by an american journalist:


    Please make sure to read the above, it is crucial.

    You fail to understand that WAR involves 2 ARMIES fighting each other, the palestinean have NO army, they have nothing but their bodies to use as human bombs....and here I refer you to amazing article called:



    I dont see any difference between Palestinean suicide martyer using the ONLY mean available to him to deliver the bomb and an israeli pilot wrapping himself with an AMERICAN made and FREE-PROVIDED F16 to deliver the bomb ?

    And here I refer you to amazing website about America and Israel, called: IF AMERICANS KNEW:


    Isn't a fact that your country shot down an Iranian civil plane killing more than 200 innocent MUSLIMS !!!

    Isn't a fact that 1.5 million innocent Iraqi Muslims died because of the American-led sanctions against Iraq since 1991 ??



    -The Weapons of American Terrorism:Cluster Bombs


    Warning: graphic pictures of Muslim victims of American terrorism:

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  15. Proud_Muslim Shield of Islam Registered Senior Member

    Osama bin laden was NOT from Afghanistan, he is SAUDI national from Yemeni father and Syrian mother.
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 18, 2004
  16. spidergoat Venued Serial Membership Valued Senior Member

    Yes, but the point was that Afghanistan, in the hands of the Taliban, provided refuge and support for Bin Laden, that is why there is a war in Afghanistan now. "From" in this context means not where you were born, but where you operate from.
  17. spidergoat Venued Serial Membership Valued Senior Member

    an innocent mistake, not terrorism

    America is under no obligation to trade with everyone. What about Saddam's responsibility? He became a very rich man stealing from the Iraqis, and instead of building hospitals, he built lavish palaces for his own selfish pleasure, and mosques for public relations. If I barricade myself in the house for a month with 4 children because the police are after me for a crime, and they all die of starvation, do you blame the police?
  18. Proud_Muslim Shield of Islam Registered Senior Member

    It was not mistake, it was deliberate attack.

    Let us watch this 1 min video clip to see who was supporting Saddam Hussain:


    If the Police know you have 4 childern with you, they should be blamed for their death, after all, your childern did not committ any crime, why they should pay for their father crime !!
  19. Lemming3k Insanity Gone Mad Registered Senior Member

    I explained myself badly, i meant was osama not based in afghanistan? Also i didnt say iraq had anything to do with september 11th.(spidergoat understood my point)
    I never said they had any of those things, read more carefully next time.
    True and neither do I, both are killing innocent people, if that classes them as terrorists then both are terrorists.
    I was trying to get more information from you, but i can see thats not going to happen so i'll find it myself, i was trying to get at the point perhaps you arnt providing all information like an error of judgement on the part of the ships captain or a targetting malfunction, i was merely trying to find out if it could have been an accident. (also this helps prove your own ignorance, see bottom of post)
    That is tragically true, they put the sanctions in place because of saddam hussien and inevitably it affects the whole population, of course if saddam gave up power then the sanctions would have stopped.
    Now THATS funny, considering most of your ignorant posts.
    Also to further prove your ignorance, IM NOT AMERICAN, so kindly stop calling them my government as it isnt.
  20. Lemming3k Insanity Gone Mad Registered Senior Member

    If you can provide proof i might be tempted to believe you.
    You missed the point entirely, saddam hussein is partly to blame for the fate of his people.
  21. Proud_Muslim Shield of Islam Registered Senior Member

  22. spidergoat Venued Serial Membership Valued Senior Member

    ...all lies.
  23. Lemming3k Insanity Gone Mad Registered Senior Member

    PM This is off topic but i thought you might want to know about a thread in the religious section on the truth about islam, i thought you might like to join it and defend your faith as you would know more about islam than anyone on the post, im sure your input would be appreciated.

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    As for the links the top one didnt work for me, and the second one shows the other side to the story, the americans claimed they thought it was a military aircraft(of course they shouldnt have shot this down either as it was over iranian territory) other than that, it proves little, the confession of the captain would be interesting reading though if you can find that.

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