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Thread: Do theists have a God complex?

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    Quote Originally Posted by NMSquirrel View Post
    this is cut and paste from the rules specific to the religious forum(but can be applied to other forums.)
    So, are you in need of some kind of accolades for your ability to cut and paste?

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    Quote Originally Posted by (Q) View Post
    So, are you in need of some kind of accolades for your ability to cut and paste?
    2. Personal comments

    Posts which attack a person rather than his or her views will be edited to remove the unnecessary personal remarks.

    Examples of acceptable posts include:
    • You are wrong to say that Islam is a violent religion, because ...
    • You obviously don't understand Christian beliefs, because ...
    • Saying what you said clearly displays your ignorance of ...

    Examples of unacceptable posts include:
    • You are a stupid hater of Muslims, because you say Islam is violent.
    • You're just another idiot who doesn't know anything about Christianity.
    • Anybody who'd write what you wrote must have severe psychological problems.

    3. Stereotyping and name-calling

    Be careful of assigning character features to another poster because of his or her membership of a group (such as a particular religious belief system). It is acceptable to point out similarities between members of groups, but only as long as this is backed up by some kind of argument or evidence. Posts which resort to name-calling will be edited or deleted. Unacceptable posts include:
    • Religious people like you are nothing more than blind followers of authority.
    • All Jews want to rid the world of the Palestinian people.
    • Muslims (like you) are mindless fools who don't believe in the real God.

    4. Goading, flaming and trolling

    Posts which, in the moderator's opinion, serve no purpose other than to attempt to provoke an angry reaction from another poster, will be deleted.

    Blanket statements made about the beliefs and/or characteristics of members of a particular religion, if posted without supporting evidence which is not propaganda (as defined below), may be deleted.

    It is not expected that members of one religious group or belief system will be friendly and receptive to contrary beliefs. However, this is not an excuse for the general disparagement of anybody who adheres to a belief system you personally find unpalatable or offensive. Posts that have the agenda of proclaiming one religion as better than another may be deleted.

    At the end of the day, this is a science forum and the scientific perspective and the reasoned perspective will generally be the status quo. This doesn’t, however, mean it is acceptable to refer to members who are religious and express their religious opinions as “nutjobs,” “nutters,” nutbars,” or more serious verbiage such as “idiot,” “moron,” etc.

    Posts and threads that are purely anti-science may be moderated.

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    Wow, you're really good with that mouse, Squirrel.

    Do squirrels have sex with mice?

    You realize, of course, that you are now spamming the forum and are breaking the rules yourself?

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