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Thread: Fasting

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    Ignorance killed the cat Randwolf's Avatar
    Neither here nor there, I have fasted for 5 (going on 6) days just to see what would happen, since my "friends" of the time said it was a cool thing to do. (Back in my late teens / early twenties, don't remember)

    What I do remember is a sense of "getting over it (hunger)" after about 3 days and some wonderful hallucinogenic experiences. Beyond that, it pretty much sucked. My advice, for what little it's worth, is don't try it...

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    yeah me too Randwolf, I had hallucinogenic experiences was like I was floating away into the wind outside the bed where I was sleeping into the wind of winter past the frozen icy roads of night above the trees of silence above the river Huron past the fields was wonderful.

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