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    anyone ever seen a necropsy? If I had to guess. I'd have to say Varda and Sam have. I've field dressed animals and helped butcher. Does that count?

    Do things like this get put on the sciforum calendar?

    Great White Shark 'Autopsy' to be Webcast Live

    The shark is dead, but the webcast of its necropsy, or animal autopsy, will be live.

    New Zealand researchers plan this week to cut open a 10-foot (3 meter) great white shark to see what's inside.

    The female shark was retrieved in the Kaipara Harbour last week, entangled and dead in a gill net. The fisherman notified the Department of Conservation Auckland Area staff, who recovered the shark, a step that's legal in the country.

    "This is a rare opportunity for people to get a close look at a great white, and to see how scientists find out more about the complexities of the natural world through their research," said Tom Trnski, Marine Curator of the Auckland Museum. "Little is known about the life history of these apex predators of the ocean, and we hope to learn more about the shark's recent past before it came into the harbour."...

    ...The webcast will be available at It is slated for 11 a.m. local time on Jan. 8, which is 5 p.m. ET on Jan. 7.

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    I've cut up dead animals with the purpose of looking at its guts. None of that CSI shit, though.

    "Cause of death: prematurely aborted and pickled in formalin."

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    So is it just a really long and boring butchering then?

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    I've never been in to anatomy. My gf took a human anatomy course this semester and was up to her elbows in human guts once a week. She thought it was cool, after she got over the initial "Omg, this is a corpse".

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