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Thread: Muhammad's child bride Aisha, the book is on hold in the UK!!!!!!!

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    Actually what was implied in post #211 was that it would be weird for Muhammad (pbuh) to have a wife of similar age as his children from his previous marriage the question is what is weird but I understand that you're intent on sidetracking.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AlexG View Post
    No, it was implied.

    Now it's been mentioned.

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    I wonder if he ever fucked a granddaughter by mistake.

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    For deep down Janaba Stains, Aisha uses Omo

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    Cool Mod Hat — Closure and Redirect

    Mod Hat — Closure and Redirect

    Briefly, a note to our anti-Islamic bigots: You are an embarrassment to this community.

    Closed and filed accordingly.

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