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Thread: how sensitive are blind peoples palms??

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    how sensitive are blind peoples palms??

    I am final year Electronic Engineering and for a project, perhaps make a little device that sits in someones palm.. You point your palm and a digital camera films whats in front, and converts the image into a grid of pressure pins that press against the palm

    think it can be used to "see"?

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    good idea. but i think the feedback would be too limited, the area sensitivity of the palm would be too low. even taking a picture at an angle would make it difficult as well. it would also be so slow and taxing you might as well go over and touch what ever is in the photo.

    However, great idea and it would be very interesting to see what progressed.

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    Thanks i hope my tutor think its doable as well. I wanted a constant updating thing, but maybe you could have the contrast blown way up so you can just see the edges of rooms/stairs etc for orientation

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