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    I'm interested in this and i wanted to see if it's really good.

    And in which people it works or works better, like fat people, people with fast metabolism, people that do sports and inumerous other factors.

    I don't know if this subject is already here but searched for it and nothing.

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    It's my thirty second day and my arsehole just closed over..the end is nigh!

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    Great, I just spit out my drink Spud.. ! LOL

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    I killed a guy once.
    Sewed up his arsehole and just kept feedin' im...kept feedin' 'im.

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    I fast frequently. It really isn't beneficial for losing weight, if anything it just decreases muscle mass. Unless you're working out during a fast (which is dangerous). It's not for the body.

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    I fast twice a year usually but three times if I feel I need to. I use to fast for 30 days drinking only fluids. Because I'm older I only fast 10 to 14 days now. It does help with my weight but it cleans me out as well. It also shows me what it is like to live in another country where they don't have enough food to eat and are starving to death.

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    'Fasting' ≡ mild anorexia?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blue_UK View Post
    'Fasting' ≡ mild anorexia?
    Depends upon the individual. I'm really a bit overweight and fasting helps control my weight gains over time.

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