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Thread: Project Gutenberg

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    Project Gutenberg

    Collection of Free resources and Ebooks.

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    Also: - Has many books from Project Gutenberg and more. Let's you choose from different formats for books you download - HTML, PDF, PS, etc. - An extensive index of links to books ranging various subjects Advertising to Zoology, many free, some not. - Collection of eBooks. Mostly on computer-related subjects, but many on Mathematics, and some in Biology

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    a collection of, well, everything:

    a collection of articles concerning US national security:

    various ebooks:

    ERIC search engine:

    ADS abstracts:

    biology and genetics links:

    chemistry software and links:

    physics and math references:
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    do these references have a wiki page ?

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    religions and cultures.
    this is a 622 megabyte MPEG4 download in 15 parts.
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    I used to download and read books from project Gutenberg in the early 90s. We had a crappy modem based connection then and the internet was a quasi text style script with nothing resembling HTML. You could only see images by downloading and opening them in an image program like paintshop. Most of the stuff required winzip and took ages to download. The telephone bill was horrendous.

    Boy how things have changed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by S.A.M. View Post
    The telephone bill was horrendous.

    Boy how things have changed.
    The better or the worse? The nostalgia of retro computers runs within my veins...seeing dos-like screens excites me more than media rich windows vista

  11. #11, collection of many russian translated ebooks in russian language.

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    video documentaries available in streaming and downloadable formats
    there's some good stuff here:

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    a collection of stuff that's hard to categorize:

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    university of pennsylvania museum of Archaeology and Anthropology videos:
    the first page has mostly student committee meetings.

    in case the above link breaks go to:
    and search for university of pennsylvania selecting moving images from the drop down list box.
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    The site ( contains a list of links to free e-books and digital libraries such as Project Gutenberg and Internet Archive.

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