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Thread: Bloom's Bouquet of Imaginary Words

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    Bloom's Bouquet of Imaginary Words

    I recently stumbled across a book called Bloom's Bouquet of Imaginary Words, a collection of phony words, along with their definitions, created by adding, sebstracting, or switching just one letter in as already existing word. Examples:

    Whinoceros: a thick-skinned, bitchy mammal
    Domasticated: a wild animal trained to chew politely
    Racoonteur: a small, bushy-tailed, anecdotal mammal
    Balonely: lunchmeat for singles
    Luftwaffle: German air force traditional breakfast
    Bracist: having an irrational hostility towardorthodontic appliances
    Sherpes: a skin disease common to Tibetan mountain-climbers
    Doledrums: a feeling of despondency after eating canned pineapple
    Princest: sexual relations with a royal-blood relative
    Sharem: a sultan's invitation to his friends
    Dicktator: unpopular national leader
    Pretaliation: offical justification for U.S. invasion of Iraq
    Polstergeist: Gallup's ghost
    Kohlrabbi: a kind of cabbage served at some synagogues
    Violince: a stringed instrument played with great passion
    Bungaloo: small, cozy bathroom
    Steamina: having the energy to keep ironing
    Castroturf: Cuban ground
    Tumblesweed: a Scandinavian gymnast
    Pillgrimage: a long drive to the pharmacy
    Cactush: accidentally sitting on a succulent
    Of course, there are many more in the book, those are just a few. See if you can come up with anymore

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