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Thread: UV-Transparent Fabric

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    UV-Transparent Fabric

    Hi. I've had an idea in my head for a while. Ultraviolet-transparent fabric. Who the hell likes tanlines? Can't say ive had too much luck though. I'm pretty sure acrylic glass lets quite a large range of wavelengths though, but not all.

    My goal is to find a material, neither too soft or hard to be suitable as fibre, preferably with at least minor elastic qualities (though there are weaves possible to create elasticity... i.e. the chevron weave present on most t-shirts, though they weaken the material significantly.
    The other problem is that if the material is transparent to both visible light and ultraviolet, to make it visible-light opaque, it must also be UV opaque

    The only solution i see is a material, transparent to basically all forms of ultra-visible lights that pass the ozone layer, suitable for extremely coarse fiber weaving (using only 1 to 5 fibers per thread) and dye it with anything that will allow UV to come through, but block visible, at least with combination. Might end up with some odd colors.

    Basically, the base material must be anything you can lie under and tan under.

    Lol, imagine though, a bikini made entirely out of fibred wood's glass. hahaha Cool dark purple color.

    But the internet sucks for resources. I don't frankly know where I'm going to find all this

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    Tan through?

    Have you also tried searching on the keyword "tan-through"? Seems to give al lot of hits. The idea is not quite new. I have no idea if there are really good solutions for this problem, however. Most seems a sort of compromise between see-through and tan-through.

    Also google this: Elastic tan-through garment - US Patent 5987933

    Good luck and Regards

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