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Thread: Best Classic Sci-Fi Film & TV Series

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    Best Classic Sci-Fi Film & TV Series

    You have opened me... I am seeing you right now :L hi.

    Pick 1 classic film to label the best, pick 1 classic tv series to label the best. Explain why and post images of them here + links to full synopsis / ep listing. Thanks.

    Sincerely darksidZz

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    Blakes 7's_7

    amazing choreography, awesomeness of adventure, scintillating, emotionally upscaling, timeley masterpiece of science fiction

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    Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy Series (

    So extravagant your tastebuds will literally melt, science fiction is truly in the eyes of the beholder of the eyes...whatever that means don't panic!

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    Red Dwarf

    Its a comedy like no else...a true comfort in the travel of a hologram man, a janitor dude, a robot, and an actual real man! hahaha

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    But hey...use this science fiction timeline:

    and pick which one u like

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    Star Cops was a particular favourite of mine
    A realistic account of police procedures in the early days of space colonisation; microgravity, good science, computer viruses- excellent stuff.

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    Be kind to yourself always. cosmictraveler's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by darksidZz View Post
    You have opened me... I am seeing you right now :L hi.

    Pick 1 classic film to label the best, pick 1 classic tv series to label the best. Explain why and post images of them here + links to full synopsis / ep listing. Thanks.

    Why aren't you at work??

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    Movie: Well I haven't seen too many sci fi movies that I'd actually call "great." Sure, "Star Wars" but everybody loved that one. I also liked the very first Star Trek Movie, but part of that was just seeing the Star Trek universe done with high-budget modern technology. So I'll vote for "Galaxy Quest." It was very amusing, very nicely done, and it struck a very difficult balance between taking itself too seriously and descending into self-parody.

    TV show: On the other hand there have been too many great sci fi TV shows. On a different day I'd be just as likely to vote for Star Trek:TNG or Farscape, but today it's Babylon 5. They did such a great job with emotional issues. I'll never forget the episode when that entire planet's population was dying off because of an AIDS-like epidemic that they couldn't bring themselves to talk about until it was too late. Dr. Franklin worked feverishly and finally came up with the cure and they RAN back to the cargo hold where the people were being cared for by the Minbari... and every single one of them had died. And that tug on our heartstrings wasn't bad enough, we had to deal with the heartbroken Minbari.

    It's so nice to see Mira Furlan on "Lost." I think she really is a Minbari.

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    The best classic sci fi movie to me would have to be The Day The Earth Stood Still almost tied but in second place would be War Of The Worlds with Gene Barry . The best classic sci fi tv show for me would be the original Outer Limits . There was a very short lived show that starred Joe Morton as the head surgeon of a hospital in space . It was called Mercy Point and it was like a combination of ER and Babylon 5 . It only aired about six or eight shows but I thought it was an excellent show . I'm surprised that the Sci Fi channel hasn't aired the show . Does anyone besides me remember Mercy Point ?

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    Registered Senior Member redarmy11's Avatar
    Good choices, draqon. They're my favourites too.

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    TV series:

    For younger "TerraHawks"
    For little older "Blake's 7", "Battlestar Galactica" (original), "Planet of the Apes", "Logan's Run" and "Dr. Who"


    "Alien", "WestWorld", "Flash Gordon" (don't laugh), "The War of the Worlds" (original)


    "Heavy Metal"

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    same shit, differant day!! lucifers angel's Avatar

    red dwarf all the way!! it is funny, well made, well acted, and its so brilliant, i love it, i watch it whenever ita on, and i have all the dvd's. i also have the books signed by robert grant and doug naylor!! excellent!!

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    Well, that never happened.
    Dwarf was brilliant, though.

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