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    wow Blue_Uk...why did she break up?

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    Quote Originally Posted by draqon View Post
    wow Blue_Uk...why did she break up?
    I was cancelling on her quite a bit and when we did do things she'd complain that it "was always on my terms and never on hers"!

    I cancelled going shopping with her this weekend because I have a serious deadline on Monday and need to work (yes, I shouldn't be on Internet forums). She's quite emotional and gets upset easily... I don't blame myself and I'd have broken up anyway when I relocate in a few months.

    I'm sure I'll find others to bestow my affection upon!

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    well if you dont find a girlfriend soon you will suffer greatly

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    oh yeah? what you gonna do to me that's so bad?!
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    O͓͍̯̬̯̙͈̟̥̳̩͒̆̿ͬ̑̀̓̿͋ͬ ̙̳ͅ ̫̪̳͔O Steve100's Avatar
    AHHHH, there's a pic of me with my fro.

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    Hey Inzomnia, thanks for taking my damn pics, jk. Better pics here if you need any more for the sciforums page.
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    solanaceous common tater Spud Emperor's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Steve100 View Post
    AHHHH, there's a pic of me with my fro.
    Imposter, that's Danny Bonaduce.

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    You might like to know that perhaps in the very near future the Sciforum's forum software will allow users to create "Albums" and share them both publically and/or privately (With people on your friends list). Obviously it means those you really don't want to see things you should add to your ignore lists promptly .

    I can't give you a date of implementation but it's in the pipelines, stay tuned.

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    It's an animal thing EmmZ's Avatar
    Here's a pic of my gorgeous little Zoom

    Aint he the Brad Pitt of molluscs?

  10. #370 huge is that thing?!! were can I get one?

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    It's an animal thing EmmZ's Avatar
    I'm not sure, pet shops I assume. He was a gift because I love snailZ. He's so cute, he poos whatever colour food he eats. You feed him carrots he poos orange, feed him cucumbers and it's green. You can see the food move inside him too. Not to mention he's UBER cute, I mean, he actually posed for that pic as soon as he saw the camera. OMG I'm gushing.

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    hehe EmmZ...sounds like ur in love with Zoom'y

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    looks tasty

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    Quote Originally Posted by Varda View Post
    looks tasty
    Well, it IS a Gastropod..

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    It's an animal thing EmmZ's Avatar
    Who didn't see that one coming from a mile away? Yeah I tell him if he pisses me off it's onions, garlic and a nice glass of Chardonay to wash him down. That shuts him up. You wouldn't think so but he's a cheeky bugger. And he's a dirty stop-out. And I think he's gay too but he aint talkin'.

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    he's a tranny!

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    does 'he' have a mouth EmmZ?

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    Heute der Enteteich... Oli's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by EmmZ View Post
    And I think he's gay too but he aint talkin'.
    Aren't snails hermaphroditic?

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    It's an animal thing EmmZ's Avatar
    He's more than just a tranny. I think he's had a Swapshop/Cut-and-shut done. I don't know what's going on but I know all there is to know - about the crying game.

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    It's an animal thing EmmZ's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by John99 View Post
    does 'he' have a mouth EmmZ?
    "He" does.

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