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Thread: Dogmatism to the side: Science to the front...

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    Dr. of Physics, Prof. of Love BenTheMan's Avatar
    Wild is the world, and so is physics.
    Well, it is certainly wild if you learned all of your physics from comic books.

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    Another troll-like answer, from another dogmatic troll-like scientist... HAHAHAHAHA

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    Quote Originally Posted by BenTheMan View Post
    Well, I was skeptical of the Casimir force the first time I heard it. But then I learned how to derive it, and read papers where some people measured it. Now I am less skeptical.

    Ahh good. I will let yall entertain yourselves here with such wild speculations
    pseudo skepticism
    all things casimir moved from fiefdom to pseudo or cess
    ben, the arbiter of all that falls under the moniker of science

    disgusting really
    to be held hostage by one man
    dumbfuck sci


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    Tabula Rasa my friend gus.... don't ever whipe that comment from your mind... you where very correct!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    i like you tho, ben
    i will eat humble pie forever if you have been making the right calls
    i am fair like that
    logic not ad homs and ad hocs
    you distort with disingenuity, i never troll like that
    simply aint my style

    /ben sucks/big time

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    Wow... two compliments.... you're starting to sound sexy

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    Quote Originally Posted by Reiku View Post
    ..If you shoot it from a gun, it SHOULD drag the Quantum Aether with it..
    The Aether is not "quantum" by its true nature. The Aether is matter, which is heavily compressed, so that the vacuum is behaving like the foam inside of evacuated vessel.

    Inside of such foam, most of energy is spreading along surface gradients. Such system is nonlinear: the introduction of energy into foam (i.e. the shaking) leads to the condensation of foam bubbles like during soap foam shaking. The foam is of higher mass density, the higher is the energy density, like the quantum string, which gets dense at the place of vibration - from this the quantum mechanics equation follows. By such way, every wave spreads through vacuum like less ore more dense blob of Aether foam, i.e. like particle wave packet - from this behavior the particle wave duality follows and nothing miraculous is about it.

    But from casual point of view this rather complex behavior follows from simple rules of complex geometry (which is in turn formed by complex rules/parallelism inside of large particle system) - so that the inertial diffusion is more fundamental effect here, the quantum behavior is the derived one. The complete explanation of Aether doesn't require the ad-hoc Schrödinger equation, it's able to explain the quantum wave behavior instead - therefore the Aether isn't "quantum". The Aether is just an inertial matter and the AWT doesn't require some quantum mechanics for it's explanation at all. Instead of this, it explains the QM as an inertial deterministic interpretation of it. It doesn't uses the QM postulates, so that the Aether Wave Theory is not quantum field theory. It can describe even the relativistic systems, which cannot be described by QM without loss of information.

    Quote Originally Posted by BenTheMan View Post is certainly wild if you learned all of your physics from comic books...
    The QM is just a thin formal layer above QM postulates. It doesn't explain their physical motivation, the inertial consequences the less. This is why the Feynman had said before some time:

    "There was a time when the newspapers said that only twelve men understood the theory of relativity. I do not believe that there ever was such a time. There might have been a time when only one man did, because he was the only guy who caught on, before he wrote his paper. But after people read the paper a lot of people understood the theory of relativity in some way or other, certainly more than twelve. On the other hand, I think I can safely say that nobody understands quantum mechanics ."

    In fact, he was wrong even at the case of relativity theory, which is dual to quantum mechanics. So that if nobody understand the quantum mechanics, nobody can understand the relativity theory as well. The understanding is not the linear derivation of equations by predefined formal rules. The understanding is heavily parallelized process: i.e. the way, how from quantity derive the new quality by using of neural network foam simulation of Aether. It's phase transformation process of Aether foam, during which from large number of information pieces some new level of understanding appears. If the Aether foam is compressed, it condenses into new level of foam, filled by remnants of old bubbles. The gradients of information are condensed by passing through neural network foam like by passing through optical lens.
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    i know dumbfucksci
    they aint qualified to comment on this stuff
    just grunt

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    But Zeph... i have to disagree my friend. The Aether and matter indeed are the same, but a matter in motion must move through a static field, such as an Aether.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Reiku View Post
    ..But Zeph... i have to disagree my friend. The Aether and matter indeed are the same, but a matter in motion must move through a static field, such as an Aether.
    But the matter is mostly the effect of standing wave at place. Such wave affects the environment quite slightly at the case, it affects just the subtle surface gradient, like the tiny capillary wave at the water surface. The motion of such waves doesn't affect the motion of underwater and vice-versa. Therefore the effects of statical field are quite diminished here. The somewhat mysterious behavior of Aether is mostly the result of its incredible mass/energy density. The problem is, the people haven't good imagination of behavior of very dense environment in general. We are subtle, "low energy" creatures. Even the geometry of quite common phenomena, like the condensation patterns inside of condensing supercritical vapor wasn't studied very thoroughly till now.

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    Where are we all heading anyway?

    Quote Originally Posted by BenTheMan View Post
    I have a theory which predicts pixies that live on electrons, except that the pixies are too small to be observed and have no other experimental consequences.
    What Michelson and Morrely showed is that if there is an aether, then it doesn't have a preferred reference frame. This means that it has no consequences for experiment.

    Just like my pixies.

    I was following this highly rapturing thread until got this statement, The MM experiment was not "null". The MM experiment was reproduced 300,000 times years later by Miller. Moth MM "and Miller found a residual ether drift of approximately, 8.5 km/sec, which was slightly greater than 1/4 the supposed earth-sun orbit velocity of 30 km/sec. Your statement that MM found no preferred reference frame is not consistent with the results of MM.

    A very important physics parameter not considered by MM or Miller, or those discussing the results, is the fact of the sun's velocity estimated at approximately 210 km/sec drags the entire solar system along with it. Now, in one day, with a stationary sun, the earth center of mass would travel in 24x3600 = 86400 sec, 86400x30 = 2,592,000 assuming an orbital velocity of 30 km/sec.

    In one day the sun would move 210x86400 = 18,144,000 km which must be added to the 2,592,000 + 20,736,000 km which is significantly greater than assumed.

    Any experiment of light measurement around the earth at the equator that assume a point on the equator moves a distance of .5x86400 =43200 km is in error by by a sorely mistaken factor of 480.

    Likewise, the scientific discussions that assume some more or less flat, spatially speaking, trajectory in the solar plane of the solar system must be revised. The sun drags the solar system along where the solar plane moves parallel to the axle of a wheel, where the axle is the motion of the sun.

    The net velocity vector for a point on the surface of the earth is generally in a precessing southerly direction. There the .5 km/sec vector more or less parallel to the earth-sun direction, but adding the 210 km/sec velocity vector 90 degrees swamps the lesser motion vectors.

    The solar system's planets does not move in a plane, as each of the planets move in a unique helical pattern. Get out out your sliding bamboo sticks pilgrims, its going to be a long cold winter.

    Notice how the smilies motion below is coordinated? How do they do that?

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    Quote Originally Posted by geistkiesel View Post
    ...MM "and Miller found a residual ether drift of approximately, 8.5 km/sec, which was slightly greater than 1/4 the supposed earth-sun orbit velocity of 30 km/sec. Your statement that MM found no preferred reference frame is not consistent with the results of MM...
    The AWT model compares the MM experiment result to the attempt to measure the surface wave speed dependence to the underwater motion (so called the celerity curve). The motion of large waves truly depends on the motion of underwater significantly, so that the reference frame of wave environment is well pronounced here.

    Surprisingly, for so called the capillary waves (i.e. the surface waves below 1,7 cm) the water surface is behaving like thin elastic membrane, the undulation of which doesn't affect the underwater at all. By AWT it's not random coincidence, the observations of Doppler shift of microwave background of Universe are related to the same range of wavelength. Because the water waves are the very same transversal waves of Aether, like the light waves.

    Therefore, the Aether Wave Theory predict, the M-M experiment should supply the more pronounced reference frame dependence, the lower frequency of light will be used in experiment. Surprisingly enough, no variant of M-M experiment with microwaves was done so far, if we omit the Thim's experiments done recently, which were ignored by mainstream physics completely. By such way, the experimental verification of Aether concept can be quite simple and it can be done by comparison of the M-M drift frequency dependence with those of surface water waves. This dependence can be derived from dispersion curve of Navier-Stokes equation.
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