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Thread: Star Wars vs Star Trek

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    Talking Star Wars vs Star Trek

    So if the two universes collided and had to do battle with each other (I mean like Klingons, Borg, Feds vs New Republic, Imperials, Hapes Cluster, Hutts, Jedi, you get the idea...) who would emerge victorious? This is the type of conversation we all have as little children, so enjoy!

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    Hey, this is like Comic Book Battles. Well it depends on who was fighting who? Like if it was the Borg vs the Ewoks, it would be an easy fight for the Borg, but then if it was the Jedi vs Bajorans, then the Jedi would trounce them.
    Have to think of some situations. Death Star Vs Borg Cube, Princess Leia Vs Captain Janeway. Darth Maul Vs Worf. X Wing vs Shuttlecraft etc etc.

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    This is the point where I should jump in and say, “dude, relax… it’s fiction…”

    BUT ----

    In the Star Trek, the Enterprise is a pretty poor warship. It looses most of the fights it gets in to, usually having to resort to diplomacy or techno-babble trickery in the end. And the Starfleet security officers regularly get beaten up by the alien of the week. Very few times has the Enterprise won a straight fight on the TV show. In the Star Wars universe, the Imperial Star Destroyer is a big mean effective killing machine. Not fancy, not subtle, but it blows stuff up really well. The rebels spend the first two movies running and hiding rather than face imperial fleet ships in a straight fight.

    While you are using your phasers to knock out TIE's, I have set flank speed and am closing fast. Don't bore me with photon torpedoes. They are merely souped-up cruise missles that I should be able to knock down with my close quarter weapons designed to deal with small, fast-moving targets. One pissed off ISD with a surly commander is closing fast.

    Seems to me it would be a battle between a fancy yacht with some neat weapons and an industrial strength can of whoop ass.

    BUT ----

    “dude, relax… it’s fiction…”


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    Yeah, Strategy is important too. The Borg are really powerful but their strategy can be really poor when fighting starfleet officers, let alone fighting the Sith.

    I think this subject might have been on here before, but what would happen if a borg cube came across the death star? The Borg only ever attack earth with 1 cube at a time, and even then they have only ever attacked earth directly a handful of times. Chances are they would detect the death star and treat it as an inferior space vehicle that could provide a few hapless drones. The Borg Cube drops out of trans warp to assimilate the Death Star, though Darth Vader and the Emperor happen to be onboard, and detect a disturbance in the force. The Borg transmit the usual "Resistance is futile", by which time, the Death Star's superlaser is powered up and ready to blow.
    I've never seen the Borg attempt to evade firepower, they usually just stand in the way and let themselves get shot until they can adapt to the frequency, so the Borg cruise towards the Death Star, they detect an energy surge, and Boom! they've been blown out of the sky.

    Unfortunately they managed to beam a couple of Drones onboard, which start to assimilate a few stormtroopers. Vader and Palpatine detect their presence and personally dispose of the few drones with some force power (which the Borg cant repel) and perhaps their lightsabers. Now I'll let everyone else make up the rest. Do Vader and Palpatine dispose of the Borg drones and send the dead bodies off to coruscant to be studied by their scientists, or would the Borg gradually assimilate the entire Death Star? Perhaps Vader and Palpatine would activate the self destruct and bail out in a Star Destroyer, who knows

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    Rejoice, fellow nerds, our thread HAS ARRIVED!! We have to wait for cactus to get here, whenever he does, he's definitely going to say Star Trek. Cactus if you're listening make sure you put up a damn good fight!

    Anyway I was talking about EVERYONE from each universe coming together at one huge battle, everyone from every point in time, from the original Enterprise and the Phoenix to the Enterprise F and the big hulking klingon warships AS WELL as all three Death Stars (anyone ever read Darksaber?), the hundreds of thousands of imperial battleships, hapan battle dragons, the chu-unthor, calamari warships, ohhh there's just so much more to star wars, they have so many more numbers!!

    But before I heard the argument that phasers were better than lasers (giggles), that the Enterprise E and D and F could just slice holes through the enemy warships. I voted for star wars I think for sheer numbers, I'm not sure but there really aren't supposed to be too many federation starships at any point in star trek history while the imperials at the height of their reign had hundreds of thousands of star destroyers. In one climactic battle star wars would emerge victorious!!

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    I would LOVE to see just the jedi take ANYONE

    They would just kick ass

    oh and i would just send A-wings and tie-defenders against the entiprise

    they would NEVER hit them, to fast

    star trek has no speed, only shields

    starwars has BOTH

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    i would love to see the whole fed's vs the first death star

    They would be dead

    could you imagin riker polioting the x-wing insted of Skywalker?

    the death star would just pick them off one after another

    Then take earth to boot

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    Recovering christian bbcboy's Avatar

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    Prepare for primary ingnition on that idiot in the tiny little space ship

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    On technology alone, Star Trek would kick arse. The SW tech is really rather backward and basic in this sort of genre. However, you must keep in mind that "The power to destroy planets is nothing compared tot he power of the Force" or whatever. The Force makes all the diference.

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    They have high med and sci tec but i have never seen ANYONE from startrek with the sort of pure destruction the empire has

    If you read the books there is an indestructable fighter that can cause a star to go Nova

    They have the Death Stars

    That virse that is created to destroy all non humans on corisant

    but come on they can blow up a PLANET

    STARWARS would kick ass

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    Recovering christian bbcboy's Avatar
    Let's not forget the genesis device. Even tho' it did the opposite of what it was designed for it still fucked up a whole planet.

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    Let us not launch the boat ... Tiassa's Avatar

    Cool If I recall

    If I recall, you can get a couple of shots in on the Borg before they modify to repel your weapons. How many shots from the Death Star do you really think one of those cubes could take?

    And Star Wars would win flat out. After disposing of the biggest threat--e.g. Borg--the Empire would have an advantage. Let's see the Enterprise knock down wave after wave of TIE fighter, or any large battleship get through the defenses of the Death Star.

    Or, better yet, invite the Sith Lords and the Jedi to a peace conference on the Enterprise and then beam them all onto the Borg cube. Now that would be a fight.

    No bargaining. Vader and Kenobi would have to stand back to back and settle everything else later.


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    Lets see the borg repel force lightning

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    You're right, but who voted for star trek??

    They have not participated in the conversation-they are weaklings!!

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    They all got taken out by the empora

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    I really guess that I should argue for the trekkies, then. I think that even though swarms of TIE fighters would be attacking these gigantic ships you have to realize that the fighters have no shields and that usually the phasers on the enterprise or any ship never miss. They also could fire very quickly if they used low energy bursts, because as both you and I can agree asguard it doesn't take much to take down a TIE Fighter, or an Interceptor. The Defenders are a whole other matter entirely, for those of you who never played TIE Fighter these babies are really, really amazing craft capable of incredible maneuvers and bombing runs.

    Plus even though the star wars universe has Sun Crushers you can't forget that Star Trek has Soran with his Trilithium and sun exploding equipment. It would be a fun battle to watch!!

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    but the jedi could kick ass

    plus i don't think i have ever seen a star trek vessle fire BEHIND

    The tie (or a-wings, x-wings) can get behind and destroy there warp core

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    Originally posted by Pollux V
    ...usually the phasers on the enterprise or any ship never miss.
    I wouldn't put too great a stock on your phasers, or even photon torpedoes. There appears to be some sort of inability to use them beyond visual range. Ships are always at grab-a-belt-loop-and-knife'em distances when they fight in the Star Trek universe. Sensors, too, appear to kick in shortly after a potential threat becomes visible.

    The one thing that matters above all others is that the Star Destroyer is a purpose-built warship. It exists solely to whack the snot out of anything it can catch, and it's designed specifically to take severe damage and keep fighting. Imperials don't like limiting themselves to a fair fight, either. Imperial tactics would dictate multiple Star Destroyers, Victory-class Destroyers, Corellian Corvettes, and Interdictors (whose effectiveness might be debatable against Star Trek's drive system). The Enterprise, on the other hand, would be negotiating alone right up to the point that the first wave of empire fighters and bombers fired.

    Star destroyers are also ready to be boarded - you could transport the entire yellow-shirt brigade to the SD's bridge, and I doubt that six half-interested stormtroopers would break a sweat blasting them to component atoms. Small unit tactics do not appear to exist in the Star Trek universe. There are no civilians aboard a Star Destroyer to get in the way, none of the holodecks, bars, and extravagant personal quarters that appear to be the whole of the Enterprise. ISDs are all muscle, where the Enterprise has a shocking amount of fat.

    It all boils down to purpose - giving diplomats guns does not make them soldiers. They fight reluctantly, and their tactics are extravagantly clever rather than doctrinally sound. Veteran soldiers, even if their equipment is slightly inferior, will make short work of them.

    BUT ----

    “dude, relax… it’s fiction…”


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    This is the fabled nerd conversation...

    You're right, the enterprise isn't built for fighting, but I do believe that there are ships in the fed's fleet that could do this. You're forgetting the Klingons, though, they really are fighters, at least hand to hand wise, and we all know how terrible stormtrooper's aim is.

    Plus if you've ever played Elite Force you'd know that voyager might stand a chance if they sent a guerilla boarding party.

    Asguard the ships can fire behind, you know what the little phaser gun things look like? They're like lines on the ship, well they're all over the place, even on the tail of at least the enterprise D.

    Plus we're forgetting the enterprise F's cloaking device, and that klingon warbird from ST 6 that can fire while cloaked. Ooooh.

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