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Thread: Iran Accuses America

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buffalo Roam View Post

    Yes we went through a down turn in 2001-02, but it wasn't sever, and the taxes cut brought the economy back before a recession could form, but if the U.S. economy would tank, you can bet the world will have it worse than the U.S. most countries in the world already have higher unemployment than the U.S., and their inflation rates are higher.

    I try and read the Bull Sh@t that Foley and TruthSeeker post, but they have nothing approaching reality in their analyses, so it is hard to respond. They have no real understanding of the way the national economy, or the world economy, operate, and the massive interdependence of the corporations in their dealing around the world.
    I'm sure if you keep spending hundreds of billions on a pointless war, giving tax breaks and increasing the minimum wage while ignoring the $9 trillion dollar consumer debt your economy will prosper for the rest of eternity.


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    Here's something that is a completely unrealistic analyses....


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    Quote Originally Posted by Brian Foley View Post
    All I can say is this and that is if I spout bullshit why is it posters such as yourself have a hard time disproving it .
    Brian, I've been observing your work on the forum, and it's clear that no matter what kind of evidence is presented you'd be unable to accept it. I don't think you can argue on your merit as a logical person.

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