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Thread: Anti-Copy Bill, good or sheer idiocy?

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    Anti-Copy Bill, good or sheer idiocy?

    This is somewhat related to goofyfish's post on the rights to individual's software.,00.html

    Personally, I think this is the stupidest bill they've thought up in a while. For example:

    "If you give it away on a site that has ads, or if you're doing it for reputational value, you're probably still falling in the commercial category."
    Yeah, because we all know how much money a guy can make off the manditory ads on a geocities page.

    In a worst-case interpretation, for instance, the CBDTPA means that only pre-ban versions of the Linux operating system could legally be sold inside U.S. borders.
    Yes, lets just help Microsoft tighten it's grip on the software industry that much more.


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